Largest Selection of Cannabis

Ganja Express boasts the largest selection of cannabis products in Canada. Explore our extensive range, including marijuana flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, topicals, CBD oil, and more.


We’re aware that Canadian marijuana market is worth billions of dollars, which makes it a lucrative niche for new businesses offering mail order marijuana services. We’re not one of those hot shots

Lowest Bulk Prices

Whether you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, know one thing — buying weed shouldn’t be a privilege. At Ganja Express, we strive to make cannabis as accessible as possible, offering the lowest prices on bulk orders. Buying weed online in larger quantities to get yourself supplied for months to come? You won’t find lower prices for half lb or full lb anywhere else in Canada.


Having spent over 10 years in the cannabis industry, we’ve managed to get a good understanding of what top-shelf quality marijuana should look like. Don’t get us wrong — we don’t take anything at face value. We smoke-test every strain to make sure it has a rich flavor and gets you high just like decent pot should do.

Free Shipping

Enjoy your free shipping at Ganja Express on all orders over $99. You can order your favourite flowers in bulk or mix and match different strains to hit the free shipping.

Safe & Secure

There’s a good reason why we’re considered the best marijuana dispensary in Canada. Buying weed online with Ganja Express is not only easy but also safe and secure. Our in-house data protection system keeps your transaction information in one place, ensuring there are no leaks of your details and the order is discreetly packaged and doesn’t stand out from the rest of the mail.


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