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Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom: Everything you need to know

Ganja Express Golden Instructor Magic Mushroom is a mystical classic that has been there for decades. The bright yellow-gold caps and the sophisticated lectures give the name of this strain of mushrooms. With this psilocybe cubensis, a magic mushroom package may be predicted to be medium to big mushrooms with large caps, suitable for spore […]


In the weed universe, Ganja Express Honeydew is a super perfect hybrid strain considered a significant player. A very stable high-hitter that is enjoyed by new and seasoned users, this strain will make you feel comfortable and like you’re flying. Introduction Honeydew is a widely prescribed strain to help cure an array of illnesses due […]

Banana Sorbet

The GanjaExpress Banana Sorbet strain might sound like a delicious treat, but people say it packs a powerful punch and encourages imagination that brings you a feeling of peace and calmness. This strain is a healthy way to reduce insomnia, alleviate fatigue, and back pain. Introduction Banana Sorbet strain is a hybrid strain 70/30 Indica […]