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November 15, 2018
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November 15, 2018
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Haze Wreck

$35.00 - $1,850.00

Strain Highlights

You could call Haze Wreck the ?perfect storm? of sativas, as it unites the lineages of two legendary strains,?Haze?and?Trainwreck. Both of these strains descend from indigenous?landrace?sativas, whose ancient genetics are like diamonds to growers. As the legacy of these native strains, Haze Wreck has a strong tropical and fruity smell with notes of sweet, earthy pine. Its buds have a typical sativa appearance, with narrow pointed buds wrapped in vibrant orange hairs. The cerebral effects arrive quickly, facilitating creativity and relaxation. Stress relief and depression are no match for Haze Wreck?s euphoric qualities, and patients requiring a?high THC content?for their symptoms may find their relief in this powerful sativa. Haze Wreck also goes by the names?Trainwreck Haze and Hazy Train.


eighth = $35
quarter = $60
half ounce = $110
ounce = $200
1/4 lb = $500
1/2 lb = $950
1 lb = $1850


Earn up to 1,850 Points.


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