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LA Sunshine

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Strain Highlights

L.A Sunshine is a designer strain by Darkhorse Genetics crafted for the cannabis comedy duo Cheech & Chong. Its complex heritage is a grab bag of genetic crosses, including Chem Soda F1 x Starfighter (Tahoe phenotype) x (Coal Creek Kush x Strawberry Diesel). This hybrid blends active body effects with cerebral indicas to offer a bud that is functional (at smaller doses) but potent enough to satisfy seasoned consumers.

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1 review for LA Sunshine

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Keep in mind this my personal experience!

    The Scent
    – Closely resembles the fresh breath of air you get as soon as you walk on the beach.

    The Look
    – Visible trichomes with slight but multiple shades orange leaves

    The High
    – Very relaxing, helps with joint pain and playing smash bros lol
    – It smoked surprisingly smoooooth! And That’s weird considering I smoke via bong lol
    – Tasted very light, like a snow cone if that makes sense haha

    Overall a recommend! 9.7/10

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