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MOTA Lemon Bomb Pot Cookie

The “edibles” cannabis contains various forms of food items. When you are searching for simple, safe, and tasty medicinal benefits of THC and CBD, edibles would be the best option to choose.  More users, manufacturers, and retailers follow this path. Introduction Studies and observational findings have indicated that edible marijuana decreases diarrhea in chemo patients. […]

MK Ultra

It derives its name from its euphoric and fast-acting mental effects a strategy used by CIA MK Ultra Project during the cold war in the 1950s. Ganja Express MK Ultra is categorized as one of the Indica’s hybrids which is very heavy and induces very high and powerful hypnotic cerebral effects. Best medication for patients […]

Mystic Medibles THC Cookie

Edibles are marijuana-containing products such as baked goods, candies, chocolates, and drinks. Users can purchase or make their own edibles items, including sweets, butter, brownies, and hot chocolate. Introduction In general, edible marijuana products have the same benefits as other forms of marijuana. Many users of Buy Weed Online, the leading online dispensary, use edibles […]

Sugar Cookie

Most cannabis names reflect what users can expect from the strain, but many other strains surprise users with their incredible strength, which undermining their nice and innocent titles. Perhaps the saying that says “a book by its cover does not judge,” also applies to this strong, powerful cannabis strain called Sugar Cookie. Green Society Sugar […]


SFV OG Kush is an Indica dominant combination strain with a thick, pine-like fragrance with a high body buzz. It acquires the high THC rates from its parent plant OG Kush which, pairing it to powerful Indica effects makes this strain a real favorite among both medicinal and recreational consumers. Introduction When OG Kush hit […]

Feel the taste as you relieve away the Pain!

Twisted Extracts-CBD Cara-Melts (80mg CBD) is one of the most exciting cannabis products on BMWO at the moment. It is made up of sugars (fructose, corn syrup, sugar from cane), Cannabis extracts, milk, butter, soy lecithin, hydrogenated coconut oil, vanillin- artificial flavor, salt, mono-and triglycerides. The active ingredient in the product is CBD isolate. To […]