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Ganja express Romulan is a traditional Indica cannabis strain. The goofy, nearly sedative impact of this weed can make cannabis lovers feel sleepy, drowsy, and starving. Introduction Ganja express Romulan is a charismatic, powerful hybrid with a lot of brain-warping impacts. Although this strain is psychoactive and woozy, Romulan isn’t going to pull you out […]

Jedi Kush

​​Jedi Kush ​​According to, “BUY MORE, SAVE MORE,” several reports on the medical benefits of Jedi Kush strains are still in their infancy. ​​Introduction ​​Jedi Kush, grouped with Budget Buds,  is a dominant Indica strain that awakens both body and mind. The scent mixes salty skunk and light pine with tobacco undertones. When the […]

Online Cannabis Dispensary: GanjaExpress vs. Serene Farms

Whether you’re a new cannabis user or long-time connoisseur, it’s important to source your products from a reliable and trusted supplier. We know how daunting it can be to select the right online cannabis dispensary. Do you choose one with the best website and sleekest branding? A big name, a small local grower or a […]