Changes for the New Year ==> 2018

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January 23, 2017
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Changes for the New Year ==> 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thank you for supporting We are sorry to announce that we have been acquired by a undisclosed marijuana conglomerate for A LOT of money. We no longer can provide this service to all you wonderful people. NOT!

We will never sell out, so here we are getting ready for 2018 legalization and working hard getting your medication to your door 🙂

However, after listening to the suggestions of many of you, we are adjusting some of our policies, effective immediately.

  1. Minimum Order –  We have changed the minimum order from $200 to $100.
  2. No More Free Shipping – Shipping is now $10 flat for Canada xPress Post (2 days to most parts of Canada) for more details: XpressPost FAQs).

Additionally, we are now working with affiliates, for more info, please visit this post.

We at GE wish everyone a happy 2018 and look forward to serving you all!





  1. William Syrie says:

    U guys r great. Always enjoy the papers u send. Keep up the good work. Hurry up legalization

  2. Pamela Van Nest says:

    Is there a minimum order amount? I’m a new customer and want to try some but not in larger quantities. Anyone answer my question please. Thanks

    • tom ganja says:

      Hey Pamela, we are a minimum $100 order website with a wide variety of cannabis products you’ll love! Feel free to shoot me an email if you want any suggestions based on your medicinal needs ;).

  3. Leon Ferguson says:

    I’m interested plz

  4. PEI Gal says:

    Hi Tomm, Jay and gang,

    Thank you for sending my orders before Xmas, I know you had a lot on your plate.
    Thank you for the papers and blunt on my last order, it was a very nice touch.
    Happy New Year and we be in contact in 2018.
    “Keep up the great work”
    One very happy customer!

  5. Terri Deck says:

    So impressed by your products, love to be able to self medicate with different products all the time 🙂 oh and I would love to become an affiliate to help others not struggle to go to a dispensary or even have to leave there home while looking for there medication. Great Site Guys

  6. Dean Cook says:

    Getting my meds used to be a hassle…not anymore thanks to you you guys!
    Jay and the whole team at ganja are awesome and your service makes me feel like a kid in a candy store…keep it up…and thanks for the wrappers and ointment in my last order…a nice unexpected treat!!

  7. jeffrey says:

    still by far the best mail order service out there!!!

  8. Monte Brown says:

    Don’t **** with me.

  9. Jon Raynor says:

    lolol. good troll is good. love you guys

  10. PENTHOUSE P says:

    You guys rock,Keep it up ! Cant wait to continue as usual with you guys in 2018!

  11. Jonathan Botelho says:

    You guys rock happy New Years to everyone at Ganja express keep up the hard work and dedication it’s greatly appreciated

  12. Mike Reis says:

    What happened to the flower pack? Is it too late to suggest bringing that back? Hahaha

  13. Cheryl says:

    Those are fair changes – a plus on the supplier end (Jay et al) and a plus for us, the customers!

    Oh … and thanks for the extra treatsies that came with my last order. I was not expecting anything more than I requested. Awesome touch … keeps us comin’ back for more! AND it arrived before New Year’s Eve … BONUS fun for dancin’ the night away!

  14. Paul says:

    Thank you Jay for all you do for us! We appreciate you!

  15. Katie says:

    Haha! Had me freaked out for a split second about being bought out. The changes with shipping sound great! Thanks Jay, Tom and everyone. Happy 2018!

  16. Jayson A Dzikowski says:

    Don’t even….. was about to have a bad day after reading the first bit.

    Need to smoke one to calm down ….

    You guys rock. Tons of good vibes for 2018.

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