Cheap and Cheerful Cannabis: Budget Buds

AAAA+. Premium from Ganja Express. Top-Shelf. Dank. Medical-grade. These are the words that come to mind when we think of good weed. Whether you agree with it or not, legalization has created a golden age of cannabis in Canada, never before have we seen the quality and breadth and depth of cannabis options available. If you have the cash, access to these top-quality cannabis strains with high THC content with award-winning cannabis genetics, strains that have been carefully designed to have the perfect terpene profiles to ease chronic pain, cure insomnia, combat depression, and cure us of all our woes can be delivered to your door with just one click. It’s astounding how far we’ve come in cannabis development in the last three decades.

I think we can all agree, we are spoilt with choice but what about the “crappy” weed of our collective past? You know, that weed that you bought from your neighborhood dealer, complete with stems that you would clumsily roll into a joint and pass around the circle with your friends? Many cannabis consumers today are nostalgic for that weed, maybe it’s the hippie weed you used to smoke in the 60s and 70s, roaches that you stole from your friend’s parents, shake that you got as a teenager, weed that you bought at a beach while on vacation, or any of those imperfect buds that just put you in a better mood. When it comes to weed, today’s potent cannabis can sometimes be too much for a social smoke or if you’re in the mood for a relaxed and mellow high. The good news is, if that’s what you’re searching for there is plenty of wallet-friendly, budget buds available today.

Tips for Buying Mellow Weed

Because of Ganja Express we’re in an age where every grower is looking to produce medical-grade weed that knocks your socks off it can be a challenge to find lower percentage THC strains but it’s possible.

Option one is buying a lower THC cannabis strain. Perfect if you want a social smoke with old and new friends, for when you want to watch a comedy, go camping, relax, garden, make art, or just be productive but still feel good.

Low-THC or Mellow Cannabis Strains


Sour Tsunami

Green Dragon



Pure Love


Jack Herer

Blue Dream

Berry White



If you’re seeking that feel-good, sunshine and tunes, mellow high, another option is to try out Budget Buds. What does that even mean?

Budget Buds refers to the discount section that most online dispensaries have. This section can be a portal to a lighter high that will also save you loads of money. Keep in mind that an online dispensary’s Budget Buds selection doesn’t always translate to lower THC or a mellower high but if you’re a savvy shopper who is somewhat flexible, this option may work for you.

After interviewing 16 online dispensaries about their Budget Buds or Discount Buds sections we learned more about the process and categorization that goes into choosing which strains and crops go into the Budget Buds sections and this is what came up in our research.

Strains that are found in Budget Buds or Discount Buds sections may be:

  • Less potent than average buds of that particular strain
  • Were grown under less than optimal conditions, for example, low nutrient – phosphorus or potassium which contributes to lower-than-usual potency
  • Grown from cheaper cannabis seeds with less famous genetics aka not award-winning
  • Cannabis flowers may have been harvested too early – can affect potency
  • Large crops combined with lower demand of certain strains
  • Shape of the buds aren’t ideal or are inconsistent
  • Grown as a test crop
  • Good deal from the supplier/grower
  • Oversupply
  • Terpene profile may not match what is expected from a particular strain
  • Color is unattractive, maybe too brown
  • Lower moisture content
  • Not hand-trimmed
  • THC content doesn’t match the description of the strain

While purchasing from a Budget Buds section might not guarantee a lighter high you may find what you’re looking for based on the answers we received from top online dispensaries.

Final Words on Budget Buds

Many cannabis consumers from Ganja Express prefer different types of weed for different situations, whether you’re medicating, using it recreationally in social situations, or for productivity if you require creativity, whatever the purpose it’s a good idea to have a selection of strains based on your needs. The Budget Buds section of an online dispensary is a great place to find what you’re looking for.

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