Cheapweed Best strains for creativity for weed lovers

Cheapweed Best strains for creativity for weed lovers

As Dorothy Parker said, “Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye,” and creativity is assisted by a free-spirited mind. To achieve that zone of mind, weed is a great contributing factor. The weed is brought to you securely and quickly by Cheapweed, which has a variety of over 200 products, with free shipping nationwide and over 80,000 reviews. It goes on to show how amazing this online dispensary is.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a Cannabis Indica strain, is known to be the all-time favorite at Cheapweed. This strain is a delight for the palate and worth a shot. Creative minds will need a relaxed state of mind, and for that, you can smoke up OG Kush and forget all your worries. Once your mind is clear of all your troubles, you can focus on your creative meter and rely on your senses to do the magic.


Skywalker is a Hybrid strain found at Cheapweed and is termed one of the world’s best Indica strains. This strain has had a flux of raving reviews, which has made this strain one of the most desirable. It gives your body a relaxing buzz that opens windows to creativity. With a clearer mind, you can let your creative mind take control and do its magic.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a green monster strain that is very popular due to the origin of its name inspired by a DC Comics character Batman also known as Bruce Banner. The effects of this strain linger on and relax your mind and body. A relaxed state of mind triggers the artistic part of your brain in a good way. A creative mind gives you room for improvement in life and diversifies your life. This strain will help you do exactly that.

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie is an Indica dominant Hybrid strain available at Cheapweed with a refreshing blueberry flavor. It gives your head a rush and a cerebral buzz that casts your stress and worries aside to keep your mind clear. The clearer your mind, the more creativity it can induce.  Cheapweed brings you a variety of strains that helps you clear your mind palace and creativity blockage.

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