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Alice in Wonderland Shatter

It is the Sativa strain that gives you euphoric effects and has cerebral effects. You will get a great experience, and it will become your favorite strain. Get this strain for your outdoor activities and creative pastimes. You will get creative energy that will boost you and give you stress-free time.

Black Cherry OG Shatter

Black Cherry OG Shatter is an amazing product that has consistency and an excellent product for shatter users. It has a strong buzz and a great taste. It has a fruity aroma with indica high potency. Once you order this from , you will get it again and again.

Black Gas Shatter

It is a famous shatter that is the cross between the Black and Gas mask. It is Indica dominant known for its long-lasting effects. It has a piney aroma with hints of diesel. The THC is around 22% and alleviates your body pain.

Cosmic Collision Shatter

Cosmic Collision is a shatter that is Sativa dominant that uplifts you and leaves you in a euphoric state. It offers you a brighter outlook for people who have conditions like stress and depression. If you are suffering from depression, you will be recommended this shatter.

Gandalf OG Shatter

Gandalf OG Shatter is an Indica dominant strain that causes sedation that locks you to the couch. It will heal chronic pain and is designed for use at night. This strain is used for medical purposes and available on sale at .

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