Comatose OG

Buy Weed Online Comatose OG is an indica hybrid strain, “20 percent Sativa and 80 percent indicia” formed by the crossing of the very famous and high potent strain called OG Kush with an unknown Indica hybrid Although its past remains secret, the herb remains iconic because of its incredibly high mood and long-term performance and results, perfect for evening kickbacks. The high begins with a strong vibration that reaches your ear at first, bringing you into a euphoric yet somewhat distracted state.


Buy Weed Online Comatose OG marijuana strain has high levels of THC and is suitable for night use since its effects can be quite strong, and its name perfectly describes it. This bud is famous because of its highly strong buzz and its long-lasting effects, which are best suited to a cash bonus at night. The high begins with a strong mood change effect that slams your head into a euphoric.

Aroma and Effects

The high is hazy, foggy in the morning, but experienced smokers do it. A few puffs of Comatose OG marijuana strain can lock you into a couch for hours., Comatose OG marijuana, strains excellent for night time use with its high-level THC, but experienced users can handle this high potent strain during the day. Without a lengthy, doped feeling, it is relaxing for both body and mind. The Comatose OG buds are short and cramped; the smell of strong citrus is evident to many people.


  • The deep physical relief and intellectual enhancement in Comatose OG will have had many benefits for people with medicinal cannabis.
  • Its high mode can help improve stress and depression symptoms temporarily.
  • This strain provides strong pain relief.
  • This sleepy bud can reduce insomnia in large doses, helping to create strong, restful sleep.
  • If you are suffering from permanent headache problems, don’t be afraid, headache relief here! Comatose OG is a common selection of people searching for relief from headaches and migraines.


Comatose is a significant strain for individuals who have insomnia, physical stress, and discomfort. The powerful sedative impact eases the body and mind; don’t decide to do something after you smoke. If you’re looking for a strong weed strain, then why are you waiting now, Visit, the leading online dispensary and order¬† Comatose OG and start to enjoy the strong vibration which gives you strong mood change effects and relaxing your body and mind.

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