4- Best Distillate direct Indica strains for Sativa fans

Is anyone looking for unique strains to try? Have you ever tried Indica dominant strains? Or are you a Sativa fan? How about you try some of our favorite recommendations, and then you can choose for yourself. Indica is a little skunky strain with a higher efficacy and longer buzz. There are plenty of ways to get a pure strain; Distillatedirect is one of them. Distillate Direct is very common with cannabis consumers because of the high quality of its products and the outstanding service it delivers.

Cherry Cookies (AAAA)

Discovered by a genius girls scout. This indica strain is available on Distillate Direct. Having 80% indica and 20% Sativa, providing a higher level of potent THC and sweet taste. This strain is known to give the consumers waves of euphoria and excels in making your mind unfocus on things. Usually taken by cannabis lovers who like a psychedelic buzz. Many call it a little euphoric nugget.


There is a line of OG available only on Distillate Direct. And also in different forms. The OG(popcorn) is a 100% pure Indica strain. And is also known as the OG. Its genetics are unknown, but the THC potency varies from 19%-26% and only 3% of CBD. It has a very earthy and woody aroma. Known for its efficiency in curing depression.

OG God

Distillate direct is a proud seller of Godfather OG, the father of all OG Kush. It is a potent sedative. Having a 60:40 hybrid of Indica and Sativa.  The THC level ranges from 22-27%, making it one of the best medical marijuana strains and recreational purposes.

Zkittles (AAAA)

Having a fruity, pungent aroma and sweet taste, this strain is a hybrid. The strain is Indica dominant, and after you smoke it, the taste lingers on your tongue, so does the mental buzz and mellowness of your actions and emotions. Available readily on Distillate direct.


Get your favorite Distillate Direct  Indica strain now. Don’t lose your chance to have a buzz you might never forget. Visit the site now and order and start enjoying indica treat.

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