Distillate direct best Indica strains for Indica lovers

When it comes to Indica strains of weed, it has a big fan following. The Cannabis Indica strain has many therapeutic effects. Dispensaries such as  Distillate direct majorly have and grow indica strains due to their higher therapeutic index. They promote sleepiness and alleviate chronic pain. Also, it may increase appetite but works best in nausea.

Distillatedirect best Indica strains for Indica lovers

Working as a wonder, Cannabis indica has been dispensed all across Canada legally by Distillate direct to offer help with conditions and a chance at living a normal pain-free life.

The indica effect

The cannabis indica is known as the nighttime strain for a reason as it puts you on a couch, though not all strains are as heavily sedating, but majorly Indica strains are to cure insomnia, anxiety, depression, migraine, and reduce nausea.

Choosing Indica strains

Thanks to Distillate direct, you can now have Indica dominant or indica exclusive strains online. Having your therapeutic stash at hand is a blessing: no pain, no sleepless night, and no stress. Though cannabis is not the answer to your troubles, it is a natural remedy to help the symptoms while you work on yourself.

Hash Plant (AA)

For all those cannabis lovers seeking a heavy sedation effect, try the hash plant and have help with your migraine, chronic pains, anxiety, depression, and feel like you are floating weightless.


The actual put-in a couch strain that gives a good body buzz and makes you stick to your chair. The entire body can feel its effects, and your brain relaxes.


A magical creation of crossing Rock bud with Sensi star; this strain is known to give a full-body sedation effect and at the same time keeps you active. The euphoric effect helps to uplift your mood and makes you more productive.

Lindsay OG

A slightly Indica dominant but with a higher THC content, and it is an award-winning strain for its potent sedating effect.


For indica lovers in Canada, Distillate direct has the best Indica strains to offer. These strains are all medically tested and approved. For better health and a peaceful mind, order yours now!

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