Distillatedirect: Indica strains every user must try once.

The buzz that Indica strains give off is definitely like none other. Are you an indica lover too? Come one join in the Distillatedirect indica lover clan then. Here you Distillatedirect  a store, you will find the best Indica-leaning strains to satisfy your cannabis cravings and get into a very soothing cerebral buzz.

Distillatedirect Indica strains every user must try once.


OG popcorn from the Distillatedirect dispensary belongs amongst the lesser-known strains. However, it is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain. This strain possesses a flavor like butter popcorn with a mix of fruitiness and blue cheese, and so is its aroma. It leaves in your body a very relaxing sensation. It can help treat chronic pains, insomnia, arthritis, and stress.


Another one from Distillatedirect, the OG GOD, is a hybrid strain with high THC levels. This strain is known for possessing a sweet fruity flavor similar to berries with a mix of lavender and forest pine. This strain sets in a very tranquilizing head buzz with a sense of euphoria. The OG GOD can help with conditions like chronic pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and tiredness.


The Zkittles strain is an indicia-leaning hybrid with a 70:30 ratio of Indica and Sativa from Distillatedirect, as for the flavor, this strain has a very sweet and fruity taste alongside an earthy yet fruity tropical aroma. With a good level of THC, zkittles gives you a cerebral euphoric high with relaxation. It can help treat cancer, migraine, stress, pain, anxiety, and so much more.


Hash Plant is an Indica-leaning marijuana strain with an 80:20 Indica to Sativa ratio.

As for the taste, this strain holds a spicy flavor of pure hash alongside a hashy aroma with a mix of woodiness. This strain gives you a euphoric high with a relaxing and happy mood, making you surrender your body to the couch. It can be very helpful for treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain.


Distillatedirect has in stock some very amazing strains to make your days better with some instant buzz and relaxation. Try these strains to satisfy your need.


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