Must try these Distillate Direct Honey Oil

Distillate Direct is a perfect place to get honey oil online. It has a variety of honey oils available for the users. It has guaranteed 100% quality honey oil that you would love to use. They ensure that there are no impurities and don’t compromise on their quality. Distillate Direct offers honey oil in syringes, jars, and vape carts for your convenience.

There are different honey oils available on the distillate direct; let’s have a look:

Cherry Pie Syringes

Distillate Direct 100% honey oil, it comes in syringes and has a size of 1 gram. It has 70-85% THC.

Strawberry Cough Cartridge

It’s also a full spectrum of 100% honey oil that has AVD Cartridge type. It is made of ceramic and glass and has 510 thread compatibility. It contains 70%-85% THC.

Honey Oil Vape Cartridges

Distillate Direct  Vape Cartridges are famous and easy to use. People love to smoke it, and it is reliable for years. It proves to be consistent for people and has a great smell. For best use, it’s recommended to use the slim battery that has a built-in preheat chamber. If you buy three, you get a 10% discount by Distillate direct.

Harle Tsu 29:1 Honey Oil Jars

This honey oil has an equal ratio of Distillate Direct CBD and THC. It costs $25-$27 per gram, and you have the option to select the amount of oil. You also have the liberty to choose the strain you want. It comes in a jar, and you can use it for a long time.

You can find a lot of honey oil at Distillate Direct; you will have many options to choose your favorite one. It is available online, so you don’t have to leave your house to get them. They deliver all these products at your doorstep. Order yours now and try the amazing honey oil today!

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