Doob dasher: – Must try strains for Cannabis lovers

Are you a cannabis lover? Can you guarantee that you have smoked the smoothest and amazing blends available? If you haven’t, there are a few strains that you as a cannabis lover should experience and then decide on how wrong your initial guesses were. Cannabis from Doob dasher is an amazing natural product and is used for many medical conditions. But, apart from that, you can always have fun with it.

Doob dasher - Must try strains for Cannabis lovers
Doob dasher – Must try strains for Cannabis lovers

Doob dasher is an online cannabis dispensary; over two decades, this dispensary has made its name and identity among many cannabis users and lovers. Having all the amazing blends to uplift your love and mood; the doob dasher have made the purchase of cannabis and cannabis products easy.

Star Killer (AAA)

A strain with a very heavy indica effect; sometimes the 30% Sativa influences the effects as well. This strain is a cross with the popular sky walker OG with rare darkness and therefore has amazing euphoric waves. It is number one on the list and has been a treatment for many in depression, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation. It is known to slowly creep the effects of relaxation.


A strain that has many cerebral effects and it has a very thrifty and berry-like aroma, while the flavor has caramelized sugar taste. It is a very potent strain if you are looking for good relaxation. The strain provides waves of calmness and euphoria all at once. The earthy finish of the aroma is a plus point for the experience. It is used to treat bipolar disorders, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, stress, PTSD, etc.


A blend of pineapple OG and Deadhead OG strains parenting a purely Indica dominant strain only 10% Sativa; It opens the eye of creativity, euphoria, and social skills in very shy people. Therefore it is a blessing for all introverts. It helps the user become mentally focused and calm. The main effect it has is the feeling of happiness and relaxation.


The Doob dasher are known for providing the best stuff on the market. They grow their cannabis and are providing good quality cannabis to all who want them.




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