How to Shroom the Right Way

How to Shroom the Right Way

Are you looking for the best ways to consume magic mushrooms? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

People consume magic mushrooms to experience a memorable and often spiritual trip. In lower doses, magic shrooms will enable you to have a pleasant, enjoyable, and mind-altering trip. In higher doses, the mushrooms can help you access the deeper recesses of your mind and go on a much more intense and meaningful trip. Since taking magic mushrooms will help you let go of your alert consciousness, it’s best if you enjoy them while indoors in a safe and comfortable space.

Here are some popular ways to take magic mushrooms for a fun psychedelic trip:

The Chew and Swallow Method

The typical way to eat  magic mushrooms sold by Doobdasher is to chew them thoroughly. It will enable the psychoactive compound to release and mix with your saliva. With this technique, the shrooms will take about 45 minutes to work their magic. It’s best if you don’t consume food for a few hours to experience a glorious trip.

Make a Magic Mushroom Tea

Don’t want to taste the bitterness of magic mushrooms? Try brewing a psychedelic tea. Boil some water and then throw the desired amount of crushed Doobdasher shrooms into it. Allow the contents to simmer. Don’t bring it to a boil, as it will ruin the psychedelic effect of the shrooms. Let the tea rest for 10 and 15 minutes before consuming it.

Munch on Shroom Edibles

It’s inarguably the best and most delicious way to enjoy shrooms. You can incorporate magic mushrooms sold by Doobdasher in various foods to balance their bitterness and ease your queasiness. You can try magic shroom chocolates, truffles, candies, gummies, and more.

Intensify Your Trip with Some Lemon

Lemon will speed up and intensify your psychedelic trip, which is why it’s best if you start with half the quantity of magic mushrooms that you would normally consume. Ground some shrooms and then put them in a glass with some lemon juice. Let the mixture sit, add some water to it, and then down it in one go.

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