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  1. John Bonnell says:

    First of all… wow it took me forever to scrole down.. can’t say anything bad about this site,always got my orders and always good quality and amounts were great.

  2. Michelle Tanguay says:

    Well first thing is we live far North and the fact that you guys send here is great. This is the 3rd order we have made and we will be making more in the future. thanks for all the great service.

  3. Mathieu Cyr says:

    Super satisfied with how quick this whole process was. Awesome quality product. Will definetly be ordering again soon !!

  4. Gabor Huszar says:

    i really like you guys i never order weed online this is the first time. nice fast and good I’m very pleased ,will for sure order again!

  5. Hugo Crispin says:

    You know, these guys are just incredible. I’ve put in a dozen orders now and have no issues. Every questions they respond quickly and accordingly. Cannabis is always fresh and top quality. Cant say enough good things. July 1st…… doesn’t matter. I’ll continue ordering from these guys. key word ” consistency”. Great Job Guys!!!

    • LAURA says:

      Yep, anything and everything they answer quickly and are always awesome!
      I love this site and always recommend it to the right people 😉

  6. Sebot91 says:

    Ce site internet est dans mon numero du top 3 des affaire sur internet, entre pornhub et le podcast de Mike Ward

    This website is in my top 3 of thing on the internet, between pornhub and the Artie Lange’s podcast

  7. Andrew says:

    Phenomenal service easily put in the order received it on time and some extra papers put in these guys will definitely hear from me again 10/10

  8. Kyle Hefford says:

    Just received my house sativa, omg it smells amazing, looks amazing and the smoke is incredible, ganja express is the best hands down!!!!

  9. Reshma R says:

    I have ordered quite a few times excellent products and quality service. Great job guys !

  10. Rob says:

    1st time purchaser. Package arrived quickly and well wrapped and sealed. No obvious “aromas”. I will order again from Ganja Express. The gummies were great!

  11. Marc says:

    Nothin but love for these guys.
    Super easy to order, great selection of products with reasonable pricing, fast shipping and very discreet.

    I highly recommend.

  12. Dman says:

    I order from GE everytime I run out of kush the shipping is very fast and discrete! One time i had an issue with my order being short by mistake or whatever so i emailed the customer service and Tom responded within a day and sent me what ever i was short … now that’s great customer service every other time it was over the amount I ordered so this defanitly was a mistake that they took care of very well! I am always pleased with the quality of the weed I would defanitly reccomend ordering from this site if you are new to GE dont be worried they take of thier customers very well! Thanks again GE you guys are the best!

  13. Ryan Zevenbergen says:

    Haven’t had a mishap yet! Very pleased with GE and the people who work so hard to deliver such great bud. Fast delivery and great protection. Keep it up GE!

  14. Tina marie White says:

    This is the first time using this company and I have to say awesome service. We had delivery within 3 days… I will use it again. Plus the product I ordered truly tasty..

  15. Dany C says:

    A couple of my friends order here and they are never disappointed so I decided to test the beast! My experience is amazing, I ordered a thursday and it was sent the same day, package received monday in quebec 🙂 I received weed of incredible quality, very well packaged and shipped very fast! .. I just do not realize! Yes I can choose my weed after more than 20 years!! Thanks GE !!!!!!

    I will order again for sure! 😉

    J’ai quelques amis qui commande ici et ils ne sont jamais deçu alors jai decidé de tester la bete! Mon experience est incroyable, j’ai commandé un jeudi et ça été envoyé la meme journée, paquet recu le lundi à quebec 🙂 J’ai recu du weed de qualité incroyable, tres bien enveloppé dans un délais plus que raisonnable.. Je n’en reviens juste pas, oui je peux choisir mes sortes de weeds apres plus de 20 ans!
    Merci GE!!!
    Je vais recommander c’est sur! 😀

  16. Sam Mcgladdery says:

    Just have to add white russian andfit

    • Sam Mcgladdery says:

      To finish my comment fire og rocks wish still in bulk would definetly buy it. TOM you do a phennomal job thank you!!!!

  17. Sam Mcgladdery says:

    Got to give a shoutout to Tom. He really came through in a bad situation and earned my trust. Must say thats top notch customer service. Nice to see blue magoo back wish in bulk but get what you can, such a great strain!! I know i will be. THANKS AGAIN TOM

  18. Sam Mcgladdery says:

    Tom has got back to me and reading back on my comment i was alittle harsh. I must say this is the only time have had any issue. Always very quick with orders and there customer de

  19. Sam Mcgladdery says:

    Ok maybe alittle harsh. I will say they do come through 99% of the time. Wanted an answer on how to fix this and still would. Everythings been great with GE just need this problem fixed. This is the only problem i have had with the product usually perfect. Thanks

  20. Edzzzz says:

    I’m sorry nothing in your comment seems even remotely true who spends a few gs a week for weed. You must have truly monumental problems. Remember not for resale. My bulk has been transformed into alternative forms of medication..GE has ever let me down. Many satisfying transactions up to 40 different strains at one time due to crazy 1/8s samplers. One of my favorites for wide selection and the odd bulk purchase. I swear it’s always like Christmas waiting for the package. GE NUGES.

    • Sam Mcgladdery says:

      Yes my bulk gets turned into edibles and rosin and some flowers on the side. I read the not for resale part. I give friends this website show them how easy it is and have been for months so they can order themselves. For your information Edzzz I do have monumental mental problems if you really need to know and take care of three teenagers one with autisum so lay off.

  21. Devon says:

    I ordered a half lb of house sativa, and reading lots of bad reviews I was nervous when opening up the package, but I was beyond impressed 5 star for sure!

  22. Sylvie Fortier says:

    Last time I commented about you, wonderful Ganja team, I forgot the most important comment of all: THANKS to you, I don’t have to slither in dark alleys and meet with prickly shadies to get high now… THANKS to you, after what… 50 years?… I have great weed in a simple, DIGNIFIED, totally uplifting way 🙂 And THAT’S the way it should be. You make my life SO MUCH cleaner… It’s the greatest value of all for me. NAMASTE

  23. Erik Schmuttermeier says:

    Thanks guys for the great service! Best bud around. Great service. Fast shipping. Excellent quality. The local “guy that supplies” simply can’t compete! Cheers Tom and everyone else involved.

  24. Tokin' Jew says:

    So, I ordered the one that’s for hair loss, and lo and behold I found my hair.

  25. Benjamin Bootsma says:

    Been ordering from this site since October 2017. Super happy with shipment times and quality of the green I’ve been receiving. Thanks so much!

  26. Tokin' Jew says:

    Alright, I thought this might turn out like that cottage rental I did online that turned out to be an outhouse on a creek near Parry Sound.

    Or maybe it would show up at the door half-eaten by the local cops. See

    But I placed my order Sunday, it was shipped Monday and arrived today, Wednesday.

    I have not been this excited since the Le Dain Commission report of 1972, a mere 46 years ago when pot legalization was first officially recommended.

    Things just happen so fast in Canada.

    No longer do I have to disguise myself and go out to buy oregano from the dealer in the back alley.

    Inside the package in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch were the pouches of my 3 quarters of pot and 2 eighths of hash.

    And a pack of courtesy rolling papers.


    Thank you Ganja Express.

  27. Kyle May says:

    I’ve been using GE now for about 8 months and I’m happy with the wide selection of products, my only concern is that once you find a strain you really like it’s not always available.

  28. Francis Trevor Lane says:

    Awesome bud with great service. Toms the man. Thanks GE for your great service to medical consumers and recreational alike. Look forward to using your services for a long time to come. Would appreciate if there were quarter pound options in the bulk buys but really not complaining. Five stars guys!!!

  29. Juan Carlos says:

    So happy with the SERVICE these guys provide. Not sure what Tom’s role is there but he is always so helpful when I have questions…give that man a raise…..I only buy from now as Tom aces Customer Service and the buds you guys sell are all top shelf. Keep up the great work…nobody does it as well as team Ganja!

  30. Ziad Ahmed says:

    After a mixup with one of my orders .. Tom, Theresa and the Ganja team did a very good job following up and making sure that everything was fixed!
    Thanks again for all the help guys!

  31. Kyle Hefford says:

    Just want to say, just received my first order, and I love you all.

  32. Marc-Antoine Cameron says:

    It’s my first time, I was a bit anxious to try that but finaly worth the try…Good concentrate, fast delivery, took 5 day to go home.
    I will try them again!
    Thanks Jay.

  33. Island Gal says:

    The best weed I’ve ever smoked! Tried a few of the other places first, I’d rate them a 1 änd Ganja a 10+.
    Fast shipping, full weight or over, plus a few treats a long the way makes this my one and only place to shop.
    Will continue to buy from Ganja after they legalize Pot.
    “Keep up the great work guy’s !
    Thank you for being there.

  34. Andrew Wells says:

    Been shopping here for quite a while… Very satisfied 100% of the time! Thanks for the Great service/Products

    • colin mucha says:

      Im not sure why there are so many bad reviews on reddit about tgis company just got my 3rd order since i found out about GE and i have no complaints i will be ordering again soon i really hope you guys get the syrain purple haze again so fucking good

  35. VT says:

    Huge shout out to Tom and the GE team! Amazing products, great service and speedy delivery! Your website is by far the easiest to navigate and the most informative of all mail order sites! Thank you very much and keep up the great work! Cheers!

  36. Chris Solomon says:

    I would like to give Tom from GE a huge shoutout for fixing the problem with my last order I really appreciate thanks a lot!! 🙂

  37. Scott Mitchell says:

    I had a small problem with my last order and Tom fixed it for me ! Thanks Tom, you guys rock!

  38. Justin Osborne says:

    Nice again ……3rd order 1/2lb then 1lb and 1/2lb now good good good thanks team your the best GT ..tom Jane jay and so on cheers

    • patrice blais says:

      Je suis très heureux de l’excellent service et de la qualité des produit offert par Ganja !!!
      Je le recommande à tout ceux qui recherche la qualité , moi je suis un client pour longtemps !!!

  39. Douglas Hersey says:

    Been ordering for a while now, and I have to say everything has been excellent. Quality, Price, Service all top notch. Even a couple times when I had concerns I was replied to very promptly and with excellent customer service. Just want to say thanks for the hard work guys, keep it going!

  40. Donald says:

    We have been ordering a while now with no problems. Unfortunately the last order of Columbian gold was moldy. Heavy ammonia choke like crazy just fyi.

  41. Charles M says:

    Hey everyone, I’m a veteran smoker and I have to say when I saw how much cheaper the bill was to what I’m used to paying I was a little sceptical to say the least. I’m used to paying 500 more per half lb than this site offers. I overcame my trepidation and ordered two strains in bulk. I’m blown away by the quality. Ive been smoking AAAA weed the past 3 months and I’m not even halfway through a sour tangie joint and I’m where I need to be to start my day. I f’n love it. Totally out did my expectations. If you are debating whether to try the bulk or not? GO FOR IT!! It’s the bomb. The 750-800$ half lb stuff is fantastic. Whoop whoop. You made a believer out of me. All emails were answered in a timely manner and I got my order in 2 days to Newfoundland!! Whaaaaaat?!?! Don’t hesitate another second cuz the strain might be gone next time you look on the site. Thank you so much J and Tom and the whole crew. Love you guys.

  42. scott myatt says:

    Great site, great service, and lets not forget the great product

  43. S says:

    Buy with confidence, the costumer service is awesome and the quality of the products will meet your expectations. 2 days to get to Qc most of the time. GE always respond to my e-mail and yes, I’m glad.

  44. Juan Carlos says:

    I suffer from Ganja anxiety….when my stash gets low I get anxious! Thank Jeeves I found these guys! Easily the best service on the internet. These guys know how to do it right. Greatest selection and very accurate descriptions. Love the fact there are reviews from buyers on each strain as well. I have placed several orders with GE and I am always impressed. Packaging is top shelf and weights are in the consumers favour.
    Canada Post can cause delays at times but I always give myself extra time when ordering to factor that in. I think I have tried every strain they offer…so awesome to have such a great selection to choose from.

    Tom and a team GE provide a great service and they can have all my Ganja business.

    Keep up the great work….you guys rock!!

  45. Cameron MacDonald says:

    So, I got sick of having to deal with dealers IRL and getting ripped off and plus the weed really wasn’t the greatest, most of the time it’s just some homegrown stuff, so I decided to do a little digging, read some reviews and finally picked this site to order from. Man, best decision i ever made in my life. This site is 100% legit, I was skeptical at first and thought about the consequences but it was well worth it, my package arrived within a week and oh man, it’s the best weed I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t wait to smoke it. I had absolutely no issues at all, didn’t have to contact customer service about anything, was very simple. If anyone out there is reading this review and has the same skepticism as me, trust me, order from this site… it’s legit and the weed is absolutely amazing, couldn’t have asked for a better service. Incredible.

  46. Michel Lecuyer says:

    First time ordering online and this is the first store I try. This is all the way from Ottawa, Ontario and all I can say is….. what a a great experience and process! Ordering and payment is very discrete and packaging is really well don. Each strain are placed into their own bag and labeled, they even supplied some sweet rolling papers that include filters! Can’t wait to try this stuff and will define returning for more!

  47. Red says:

    A1 VERY GOOD SERVICE!!!! I get my delivery fast, the product was awesome the only thing is that i order Moroccan hash and i received a pressed homemade hash but its ok it was good too and i get high anyway 😉 ill reorder it next time , i hope i will get the Morrocan one loll but all other product i get in this order was very good thank you!!! i will definitely re-order from ganja express guarantee!!!

    • Bleep420 says:

      Love the quality and service !! Excellent service and very fast shipping.. you guys rock !! I love the little extras aswell, thanks ganja express..
      Price is also excellent!

  48. Levon lee says:

    I popped my cherry. Ordered a whole one on Monday, received it on Thursday. Plain Jain box. No odour etc. Good quality. Ordered extra small ones for comparisons. I’m hooked. I’m ordering 2 MORE as I write this. Cheers

  49. Anthony Macioce says:

    Thanks guys I received order on Time the package was better then advertised and was over weight will order again and recommendbto everyone

  50. Juan says:

    My order was short one half ounce. I notified customer service and was reimbursed the amount with a coupon code within an hour or so. I was very satisfied for the service for an honest mistake. I can’t wait to order some more wicked stuff. Keep up the good work Ganja Express!!

  51. Josh says:

    Shoutout to tom!
    Great service here always has been since i ordered the people are great along with the products! All i gotta say is keep it up
    Thanks for everything

    • Bradly O'Brien says:

      Great place to order, I have placed multiple orders with these guys and each time everything was exactly the right weight/amount and the product look exactly like what I ordered. Everything is exactly how it is described – medically strong usually unless a low thc strain is order, taste is always unique to the strain and appearance. Also seen a lot of the physical appearance is top notch. My advice to anyone reading this is to order some asap and tell me
      I’m wrong! You won’t be disappointed cause I know I wasn’t my first order and I’m meticulous when it comes to my ganja.

      Big shout out to Tom, amazing service and business ethics; I’m glad I found this place to order from

  52. Keegan says:

    Shoutout to Tom.

    Got everything I ordered and was completely satisfied great whole flower products and great concentrates alot of variety and great prices. will order from here the most that’s for sure thank you so much ganja express

  53. David P says:

    Thanks Tom for looking after my order issues. Appreciate the little extras included in my order. Great products. Great service. Will order again soon.

    • Alexandre Jean-bouchard says:

      Quebec – saguenay , Merci , tout est parfait et fonctionne a merveilles . J’avais des doutes et une certaine peurs mais tout a ete sans anicroche !

      J’ai ramassé mon colis et hop voila !

  54. Cwoody says:

    Fantastic service and even better product!!! Ordered a few times and it’s been a fast, easy and reliable experience. Great job!!

    • Clifford Bennett says:

      Everything so far has been good however they are not fast with the express delivery I have waited five and six days for express post I think The product should be shipped out same day the money is excepted there was an error on their part and I had to do without for a week There was a flaw in the system other than that everything is great

  55. Ryan Tyshynski says:

    Quality and service is always good. Very convienient. Thank you.

  56. Jon Raynor says:

    Awesome service, made my first order after xmas and got it today. canada post had issues with high volumes of gifts so i wasn’t too worried about it being a day late. i know it’s busy. thanks again for the freebies. will def become a regular here.

  57. Justine Perry says:

    I have ordered many times and I have not once been disappointed! Great product, discreet and very prompt service.

  58. Olivier D-L says:

    One time again G.E. surprised me greatful! A lot of strains, great quality for low prices. After over 5 years of buying weed online over a lot of dispencer, ganja express is so far away on top of my favorite. Thank you Tom and Jay for your great services and please continu to stop over pricing on cannabis by regulation and governement.

  59. William Stevenson says:

    Canada Post during the holiday, absolute let down.
    Difficult to criticize you guys on this but I’m going to try. My last order was completed December 22nd. It’s January 3rd, I’m still waiting, and I have nothing left.
    I love your products and everything you do in packaging.
    But, you need to open up shop in Kitchener, Ontario with all your premium BC Booty!
    Thank you for your hard work and excellent offerings.

    • Aaron says:

      Did u recive it yet I was about to order tomorrow I live in Kitchener too but I’m paying for the express Canada post so will it actually come in 2 days

      • tom ganja says:

        Hey Aaron, in most cases you will receive your package within 2 business days, however ultimately the delivery service lays within Canada Post’s services. We process and package your order and get it shipped within the promised time frame. It’s best to order Wednesday before our cut-off time if you wish to have your package the same week in most cases it will arrive Friday 🙂

        Hope this answers your question

  60. wes armitage says:

    my first and only order from GE and couldn’t be happier. everything went off without a hitch. just working my way through a sample pack and then won’t be hesitating to re-up! thanks GE and happy 2018 to everyone … july 1/18 is just around the corner!

  61. Sylvie Fortier says:

    oh… and thank “the Mexican” for the hemp paper! You so totally rock 🙂

  62. Sylvie Fortier says:

    I just love you guys! You are totally awesome 🙂 Weed and service are ALWAYS fantabulous!! (and I just love the surprise gifts you include sometimes) It’s always Xmas with you: Long Live!

  63. Justin Osborne says:

    Thanks again order number 2 …save and sound Yoda og 1/2 lb and house indica 1/2lb thanks team you rock …made my new years party even more happier cheers and happy new years see ya in a week

  64. Brittney streeter says:

    I absolutely love this website and the team running it! My orders are always correct and on time. Although my last order took a few days to get processed, I simply talk to customer support and got an answer right away! Tom answered my email within 24 hours and had a solution right away! Thank you for being so amazing ganja express team!!

  65. Jayson Dzikowski says:

    Waited to order 3 separate times before leaving a review. Every time has been a pleasure. Consistency all around in service and quality . Not just constant but top notch. Everything is always shipped very professionaly and the quality of the product is outstanding. Personal favourite is gandalf OG. Hope to see it back one day!. Thanks to all at GE. Satisfied customer.

  66. Damien Wilson says:

    I’ve been a long time customer always great service. I had a little problem with my order this time got a little scared that I maybe got messed with but just emailed them and they emailed me back Christmas day. Such great customer and my problem was rectified completely made my christmas day. Was thinking about it alot and Tom made my day today. I recommend GE to everyone my uncle, mother in-law and brother are all customers now. And for those who are a little intimidated by ordering weed online don’t be my first time I was scared and now I will never go back to buying weed from a street dealer. My most favorite weeds I’ve ever tried have been from this site and you can’t beat having the mailman bring you weed. thanks to all Of the hard working people over there at GE and Merry Christmas

  67. Caleb Johnston says:

    Your guys are awesome let me know about an issue and got it resolved right away…on Christmas day might I add!! The customer service is amazing/impeccable no one can beat you guys I hope you all have a merry Christmas!!!!:))

  68. Justin Osborne says:

    Got to say love ganja team very respectful honest people got to say Merry Christmas to you all too thanks for being good people very trustworthy prompt on response and will help you sort of any problem all you have to do is ask thanks Tom Jay and Jane and Theresa hope the best for you in the new year cheers

  69. Mark Maccuspey says:

    Just have to say that the team at GE are truly great! Order wed morning and package arrived today in time for the holidays, always been a satisfied customer Merry Christmas GE team and Happy New year.

  70. Brett E says:

    I just wanted to take the time to mention that the GE team is absolutely killing it! I’m a daily smoker and conesuir of 15+ years, but relatively new to the mail order world and was fortunate enough to stumble upon the GE website. The quality of all the bud and concentrates has been exceptional to say the least. Its been completely painless with my orders so far and I usually see the packages in my mailbox within 2 business days! Most recently, after forgetting just how busy everyone is at this time of year and running myself low on supplies it was time to put in another order… at the busiest time of year the GE squad still managed to get my order in the mail and to my door before Christmas! It’ll be a green Christmas after all and I get to enjoy some fine bud with family n’ friends! 🙂

    Keep doing what you’re doing guys! Merry Christmas and Happy smoking to all!

    • MJGangaQueen says:

      Ganga Express has changed my life! GE offers more cannabis strains than any other M.O.M site in Canada. So many strains at affordable prices. This is very important to me as it has given me the oppurtunity to experiment and explore my own endocannibinoid system. I have been a cannabis smoker for 27 years only to discover that I knew nothing about the cannabis I was smoking or even how to smoke it properly. GE helped me discover which strains were right for me. I prefer Indica and could smoke it all day long but that doesn’t mean I should. I have finally found the right sativa and sativa hybrids to add to my daily regime. My point is, everyones endocannibinoid system is different and cannabis will effect everyone differently. I purposefully purchased strains that had negative reviews on this site to find out the strain was great for me.
      Ganga Express Delivery Days are the best, my packages are always on time or earlier. I begin with my feel and smell session which lasts about an hour. If my bud needs trimming it is most likely because I got a great deal on it, so I trim it and it soothes and calms my anxiety. (I don’t mind doing the extra work) If my weed is not cured enough than I cure it longer, jar it and smell it every 6 hours. I Sort it into smokeable, edibles, teas, or art. Several hours later I can finally do the smokeable taste test using a heirachy of weed smoking techniques from rolling paper, pipe, steam roller, bong and blung.
      Thank you GE for everything you guys do for me, I am so greatful for all the knowledge I have gained just by using your site.Thank you for providing me with great cannabis at a great price. Merry Christmas Tom/Jay Ganga, you are the man/men of the year in my eyes!
      P.S I was not expecting my package until tomorrow got it yesterday on my birthday! Best birthday ever! Messed up my boring birthday plans, smoked cannabis all day. Thanks for the extra papers im going to need them. 😀

    • colin mucha says:

      Got my second order and again it was awesome great packaging better than my last order the weed is awesome as well i got purple haze fuck its some of the most Crystal covered bud iv ever come across please dont stop what you guys are doing its great merry christmas and a happy hazy new year

  71. Jonathan Botelho says:

    Ganja express is the real deal best customer service I had placed an order and they forgot to send a hq of purple haze but tom reimbursed me the money the next day . Great quality and great products that makes me feel like a teen again . Merry Christmas

  72. Gord Gibbs says:

    Hi Ganja Team,

    Just wanted to let you folks know how happy we are with your service! I didn’t tell my wife that I had made an online order for weed, I have been on pins and needles waiting and tracking the package through Canada post, and BINGO ! it came the day they said it would. I had stayed home 2 days from work lol because I wanted to be able to sign for it and not have to go to the post office to get it. So when it got here i was so excited. We sat down at the kitchen table and opened some wine and beer ,then i showed her what I had done . She was amazed! we rolled up the Gold Seal Hash and kapow!
    We are so glad not to have to ask our kids to get us pot anymore! I showed her the site and she said this is like the new Walmart! Anyway, we smoked and drank the night away, had a blast, and had to miss work again today!!! Your procedure was flawless and everything was overweight and delivered as advertised.

    Thanks, I am your new team member,


    • tom ganja says:

      Hey Gord,

      Sincerely blessed and happy to hear about your experience with us..
      It really is all I am living for right now and that is to share the joy of giving to our patients the most refined and simplistic cannabis experience ever.

      Truly touches my heart and thank you so much for sharing 🙂
      Happy Holidays from your friend Tom!

  73. Dman says:

    First off I would like to wish Tom,Jay and team A very merry Christmas and happy holidays and I wish you guys all the best at My favorite time of the year. so here is my year end review overall.

    Amazing products and amazing service and for the most part best pricing around ..

    Not one issue this year out of my dozen orders

    Always top notch communication even when it’s not a positive vibe going on..

    My highlights
    All strains were cured to perfections
    All purchases were of great value amazing price
    Found weed I can smoke when sick
    Found out I truly do dislike sativa weed after 20 years lol
    I am a proud father and finding this place allowed me to stay away from dealers Home and maintain public image as those who don’t know always judge on the very little they do know about someone..

    All In All this place has provided me with a safe and reliable supply while ensuring top quality and customer service.

    Latest order I paid 24hrs after purchase then screwed up e transfer code and Jay still manage to ensure it went out only hrs after payment during the busiest time of year.. thank you Jay that was above and beyond and now my gift will arrive in time for Xmas

    Tom and jay went above and beyond all the time even when I’m pretty sure I sent Jay questions that were not in his job detail but he still would message me and now that I think about it maybe with Tom too lol..

    Due to this I have referenced many people to this site and I am just thankful to have found this place in my online journey..

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Ganjaexpress will always be #1 for this humble pot head..

    Thank you

  74. Neil M says:

    The dopest dope I ever smoked.

  75. Lisa Johnson says:

    you guys are awesome,,,and the surprises you give are great,,,i don’t order form any other places on line now that a friend recomened me to you guys,,you guys Rock!

  76. Scott Johnston says:

    Great Products, excellent customer service, fast shipping and good prices. What more could you ask for?

  77. Larry M says:

    Old time smoker that gave it up in the 90’s to let life get in the way. Decided it was time to start up again and was blown away by this site. Ordered six different strains and some hash and it was sitting on my kitchen table as advertised within a week. So excited and very happy with my experience with GE. You have a loyal customer now.

  78. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Thank you Ganja Express for being a savior.

    Your product is honest with a range of options depending on what a persons needs are.

    For me i am able to get all the different products that help me function and get through each day.

    I’ve had 1 TINY issue with an order and I was more than taken care of with some extra goodies in my order.

    Good customer service in 2017 is paramount, and you exceed expectations!

    You destroy everybody I’ve ever tried for Quality!

    Keep up the good work, and I’m going to continue placing orders, and referring anybody I know to the site.

  79. Shane Okhina says:

    I’ve place an order for the first time and I liked the service I got after a delay in my package and it all arrived before actual date , great prices , great variety of products , definitely ordering and suggesting buddies for this Sure.

  80. Sandra M. says:

    Great customer service. They responded within minutes. Orders are always of great quality, and speedy delivery. Will always order again!

  81. wm grove says:

    Had a problem with a vape pen. Now getting credit on my account. Thanks for the quick resolution to the problem Tom.

  82. Brandon Schaus says:

    I just want to say how great Ganja Express is. I’ve tried other online stores and I’ve found G.E. To be the best by far. Quality and count are top notch!
    I’d like to give a shout out to Tom, I recently wrote Tom about a small issue that really wasn’t an issue at all. Tom wrote back right away and helped me to see that I was being extremely picky (my words not his) when the strain I had ordered was out and they substituted it for another strain. At first I was upset but the buds the sent me were great looking, smelling and tasting, and of course the high was awesome.
    Thanks to Jay, Tom and everyone at G.E. For everything you do over there

  83. Romny Ferrando says:

    Great service, products, communication and delivery! Exceeded expectations! You have a loyal customer out of me. Thank You! 😀

  84. Jason W says:

    I have ordered 7 different products from Ganja Express. ALL of them were exactly what I wanted. The Thai Haze is a dynamite day smoke and the price is right. My wife gets the giggles from it too. And the house kush is also a two thumbs up. You can’t find a better price.
    This is the only place I purchase my medical marijuana. I trust Tom and the rest of the staff.

  85. sylvain gaudreau says:

    If this is your first time ordering online and are looking for the best well this is the site don’t look any further yes I know what your thinking a bud is a bud (aaaa quality) and your right the difference here is the costumer service these guys are fast discreet professional always best quality answers all of my questions fast and exactly what I asked no run around here trust me been medicating for a year now and they always have what I’m looking for, new products every week amazing service why go anywhere else

  86. chris.robinson93 says:

    By far the best mom service ever! Can’t thank GE enough.

  87. Dylan Marshall says:

    I’ve ordered a handful of times now from across country. Always fast/discrete/smell proof. I usually end up with a bit more then I’ve paid for. Tom is always there and answers fast. He’s even went out of his way to switch things around for me last minute. I’ve recommended family and friends who are all more then satisfied. This place is legit…AAAA flowers/amazing concentrates….best shatter I’ve ever had. The most reliable MOM site I’ve ever used and do not plan on switching.

    • colin mucha says:

      I just got my order and its awesome the hawaiian haze is deliciousness great stuff i ordered some extra strength indica sour swirls and got triple strength instead dont know if it was intentional but thank you any damn way flyin high on the HH right now WOOHOO!

    • Kevin Cook says:

      Tom is so easy to work with. Just got my first order and am super happy that I came across this site.

  88. Cheryl says:

    Received my order this morning. WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Although this is not my first time ordering from GE, it is my first time ordering the same product a SECOND time. I really don’t wanna say how awesome it is. What if everybody else decides to try it and you run out before I need more?!? OKAY, OKAY! It’s the Mako Haze. Amazing energy when smoking MH – not at all for bedtime or relaxing – EXACTLY what I need and want! I even like the taste!

    For those wondering …
    Packages are discreet – wrapped in a plastic Canada Post mail bag, in a box, in an air sealed package, in a baggie with your invoice. NO ODOR until you get to the baggie.

  89. Dany says:

    Great products, great service! Tom is always responding fast to any inquiries. Would recommend anytime. I recommended the website to a lot of friends who did place orders and they all are satisfied. Thanks for the amazing service!

  90. GH says:

    I ran into a good friend I hadn’t seen in ages and we smoked some of his weed (2 strains and both were killer good). When I asked him to send me some when he got back to the city, he laughed and told me to order my own. He explained that he had been ordering online for 3 years from different dispensaries with limited selections and high prices before he found Ganja Express. I’m glad that guessing was not the reason why I chose GE to business with for the first time online. My order came in about three weeks ago and I am so happy with everything. I got 1/2 ozs of Pink Rockstar kush, Holy Grail kush,
    and Death Bubba, some Kief, a g of Blonde hash, Moonrocks, and a couple chocolate bars too. Every item is awesome. I’ve had three weeks to try them all. Buds are cured well. Packaging is excellent and Customer service was awesome and fast. (after placing my order I was horrified to see that I screwed up my own mailing address) Jane had it fixed in no time. My only regret was not finding out about GE and trusting them sooner. I already thanked my buddy profusely. 10 out of 10 experience for sure

  91. Chris Goodchild says:

    first time ordered this week, everything went smooth as silk, great business and looking forward to ordering more in the near future, great product, great shipping and great customer service from Tom! When i was a little antsy about getting my tracking #, all good now that i know how everything works, THANKS AGAIN GE!!!

    • Clifford Bennett says:

      I have been dealing with these guys for a long time I have had no problems everything is good actually better than good awesome they are very professional and get your package out to you fast as the product is amazing thank you Tom

  92. Tony says:

    CP screwed up but just know these things happen from time to time, that’s the nature of the business.

    Directly emailed the big homie for help after opening tickets about order not showing after delivery date..with a few bumps in the road.

    Tom went above and beyond like everyone else see’s in the comments . He sent an order out for me.

    To Jay,Jane customer service team we here appreciate your help and compassion with all the BS you deal with..

    Tom will always be here to help.

    Thank you for your help it is much appreciated cheers to you brother.

    Tony 😀

    Point A to B = 🙂

  93. Jasper Algabre says:

    You guys are awesome. Ordered for the first time and felt really sketch about it but it was really fast delivery, the package was very discrete and no odour until I opened the actual plastic package.
    I ordered the milk chocolate edibles, OG Kush, and Holy Grail Kush. I haven’t tried the weed but the edibles tasted really good.

  94. Dman says:

    Well after my last order I’m floored Tom and team I’m just amazed with you guys ..

    I order 1/2 pound kubbie kush for $75 and ounce that right $75 an ounce ..

    It smelled great it looked great and as a very very very long term experienced smoker I can honestly say it got my lit up …

    I could not believe I got something so good andso sexy for so cheap ..

    I repeated myself like 20 times last night with how impressed I was just outstanding everything about products and this company has been amazing ..

    I know 1000% I made the right choice ditching all other despensaries for this one …Just amazing guys so excited and impressed ..

    I’ve never gotten quality like that for a price like that unless I grew it myself and that’s with 25 years of smoking behind me …

    I just wanna move out west and be friends with u guys and work with you guys lmao

  95. Aaron Bradley says:

    Ok first of all.. was about to post a review last night, but my girl and I ate 1 piece, each, from a cookies & cream chocolate bar and we’re lit for like 6hrs. And in no way was I writing a review lmao. Anyhow, much thanks to Tom, and GE. First time buying online, and no regrets. Fast shipping, grass is pretty much exactly on par for the cost as I thought it would be, weight was right on the money. I got the super lemon OG, it was a very good price, now i’m gonna order some super strains 🙂 now the chocolate bars.. definitely on par with very good edibles I’ve ate in the past. Girlfriend loves em too. Can’t wait to do more business with GE, in the days to come. If your reading this review wondering if you should try purchasing grass or edibles online do it you won’t be disappointed!!! Lots of props to GE aswell as Tom for the assistance.

  96. Charles says:

    These guys are the best, I’ve always been treated great and the customer service is always great. I’ve always gotten a pleasant and fast response and never had anything to complain about. I really gotta give it up for the whole team but have thank tom for always going above and beyond expectations and is always a pleasure to deal with I really appreciate having a reliable friendly source to trust will always go out of their way to treat their customers right, hope everyone feels the same and has nothing but praise for tom and the team at GE hope this helps anyone not sure if this is too good to be true but these guys are 100% legit about their business keep it up GE you have a loyal customer for life right here

  97. Henrick Shattler says:

    I’ve been hearing about this site for some time now. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago after being peer pressured so much, I gave it a shot. Of course I was impressed. I come from a small isolated town but the package still finds a way to make it here safe and sound with good timing. We’ve been having some crazy storms lately that have been delaying our little planes carrying our precious mail. Concerned as I was in the delay I emailed and spoke to Tom. His reassurance was great and a day later I coincidentally received my package. Can’t wait to try them all.
    Thanks Tom

  98. Earl Simmons says:

    Ganja Express is the BEST online Mary Dispensary I’ve yet found. They have amazing selections for very fair and affordable prices; however, even their bargain strains are amazing. I keep shopping around online hoping to find another dispensary as good as GE, they dont even come close. Other sites overprice their products, the SAME strains of the SAME standards are usually sold for 20-40$ more on other sites. I ONLY FKS WITH GE!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YALL!!! KEEP IT UP GE!!!!!!!!!

  99. Earl Simmons says:

    Ganja Express is the best Canadian MOMS I’ve found yet. They have a wide range of good quality products from very affordable to luxury. I bought multiple lower priced items, and even still the quality was better than other sites who charge more for the same standard of quality. I love Ganja Express, keep up the good work, I will be ur customer for a lifetime.

  100. Emily Martin says:

    Quick processing, Constant communication and I got mine in two days. I have tried other MOM sites and these guys did not disappoint but everything was above expectations. Product is suburb! Even the packaging was fantastic. If you place an order, you will NOT regret it. Just need more coupon codes since the 25% code apparently doesn’t work! 😛

  101. austinsullivan says:

    This site doesn’t disappoint. Every order has come through and I have ordered at least 20 times by now. The products are always top grade and the customer service is top notch as well. They only thing I can even some what complain about is the lack of pure Sativas on the site. I understand this is just a result of everyone loving kush and hybrids these days for some reason, but being a Sativa person it is sometimes very disappointing to have such a limited selection. Other than that though I love this site.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Just received another order. Great product at amazing price. Secure worry free shipping to front door. Never been easier to purchase top quality product with a wide variety of strains as well as concentrates for you hard hitters.
      Service outstanding well done Tom!
      Many thanks.

  102. Todd Joubert says:

    Shout out to Tom for the top notch customer service and a product you can’t beat. Thanks for everything GE!

  103. Ty says:

    Shout out to Tom for the top notch customer service and a product you can’t beat. I have ordered multiple times and never had any issues and the one time I did have a minor issue with my Order it was resolved in a timely manner. I will continue to shop at Ganja express. Keep it up guys.

  104. Chris says:

    A shout out to Tom. As with business there’s likely to be a bump in the road along the way. We all make mistakes, but the difference is how you deal with it. I was super impressed with the prompt service response and resolution from Tom to correct a small issue on my recent order. I have ordered multiple times in the past and will continue to do so with all confidence. Thanks for the great customer service Tom! Happy customer here!

  105. geoffrey legge says:

    Speedy delivery, great packaging. Awesome products, highly recommend the samples. 8 strains for $220 bucks is phenomenal

    • Andrew Clark says:

      Special thanks to Jay and Tom for expressing my package free of charge! Looking forward to receiving my buds in the mail. Definitely returning to ganja express rather than a shady-ass street dealer.

  106. Rob Franklin says:

    I’m pretty happy, it was well packaged and it came quick. A’s all around

  107. Patrick says:

    I am very impressed with all aspects of this cite. I have yet to find another site with the same quality for this kind of price. You get great weed, For a great price. Customer service sounds like they can really make a difference. Only downside is you have to pay for better shipping I guess. Personally I loved the Thai haze they have in stock at the moment(well worth upgrading to 2 day shipping). By far one of the best ounce deals on the market. I’d also like to give a shout out to Tom, for the help with my orders. Always helps out when needed

  108. Cal says:

    This is one of the best mail order sites in the country. Staff is very friendly, professional and they always ship within a timely manner. Pricing is very competitive, the selection is great, and the quality is always above average.

    I did have one issue with Canada Post losing one of the parcels. Thankfully, Tom looked into this and completely rectified the situation!! Top notch customer service!!!

    Overall i am very pleased with everything!!! Thanks again!!!


  109. Danny Leo says:

    I have to say these guys know what there doing. Had a bit of an issue and I expressed my concerns. Not to long after Tom contacted me and was upfront with that’s going on and came to a great conclusion. Nothing but great customer service and quality of flower is always amazing. All the best to you folks a ganja, I’ll def be giving them more of my buisness

  110. Dman says:

    K sitting nice and stoned and I check this side every day purchase 1-2 a month but literally check up everyday for months now ..

    I got a challenge for Gangjaexpress…
    Hit 70 strains ..

    Been so close but never seen it hit 70

  111. Thomas Rogers says:

    I recently made an order and had something small wrong with it. Tom from GE made everything right, great to have such good product AND customer service. Keep up the great work guys!

  112. mike steyer says:

    got some Diamond OG was great smoke for assume price , am very happy. unfortunately didnt get rest of my order but tom was very quick to e-mail me back and resolve the issue, ty ganja express. 🙂

    • tom ganja says:

      My pleasure Mike 😉 thanks for being patient and understanding that nobody is perfect but here at GE, we prioritize our customers first!

  113. Iain MacLean says:

    Great Quality!! Thanks to you guys! Good job !
    Really cant wait to get more of that KandyKush … real good stuff

    • Edzzzz says:

      No one would actually believe how many strains I have in my drawers sealed in glass with moisture control packs. Or in In the freezer as Tinctures. All 100 % GE. I’m beyond words on how positive my relationship with Ganga Express and all involved has been. Explore and Enjoy!!! Piggy backing on Iain as I am. Got a 1/2 z Kandy k left a tasty as tasty review of this weed as tasty is. Crazy.

      • Edzzzz says:

        Edzzzz says if you’re putting an image on my comment it should always be grinning and green. It’s not easy beein green. Green is the colour of the spring. And other things.

  114. N.M. says:

    As a first time customer I am happy with my order. There was some issues in the beginning with getting the order processed. Once in contact with Tom my order was quickly processed and shipped. Thank you for this. I recommend the services offered.

    • Dilly p says:

      GA rocks! Had a problem with my first order, I talked to Tom over the next couple days and the issue was rectified no questions asked! Great customer service, that will keep me coming back.

      Thanks Tom!

  115. Jessy Cheema says:

    I have been using this site for almost a year now and I have never had any problems with my order itself or the delivery process. In fact, I just so happened to make a large order for my boyfriends birthday and I’m sure it was a coincidence but I actually received edibles that I hadn’t even ordered. It was a nice little surprise for us.

    With my last order, I received vape pens that didn’t end up working so i had messaged support in the hopes that they would guide me on how to make them work orrr even a small credit. I had completely forgotten to check the response for over a month, but I was given a direct email contact. I was given a full credit for those purchases, which was definitely above and beyond my expectations. The customer service was outstanding and I am definitely going to be recommending this site to my stoner friends.

    This is probably the most convenient and consistent mail order site that i’ve used :):):)

  116. buck currie says:

    I have been using ganja Express for the last few months and I am very happy there was a couple of glitches on my last order but all things got worked out and I was very happy with what I got and I am now making ganja express my only supplier for my product their supplies and there shipping are prompt and reliable I have tried a few different strands of product and I have nothing bad to say about any of it the highest good and it works for my pain I will keep ordering from ganja Express and I would like to say thank you to Jay and Tom for a well done job and

  117. Randy Laprise says:

    Been using these guys for a couple months now! Great service and great prices. Had a minor issue on one order but Tom quickly fixed the issue very promptly! Will definitely continue ordering from them!

  118. 392.1903 says:

    I’ve made several orders through ganja express now and each time I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the quality of product, the fast and free and discreet shipping, and the level of outstanding customer service they provide. I’m a recreational user from Alberta who took a personal leap last year and ordered online for the first time, it was the best decision I’ve ever made and life has never been easier in terms of having an amazing selection of products and strains at my fingertips and knowing that Tom is always there for any questions or problems that may arise.

  119. Joel says:

    Just wanted to give Tom and everyone at ganjaexpress a shoutout for making my first mail order experience so amazing. Ordered on a Friday received my order on Tuesday. Product looked exactly exactly like the pic on the website. Anytime I had a question someone was always quick to respond. I’m soooo happy I found this website. Ps you should make it so u don’t have to scroll through 1000 reviews to post a review.😃

    • Greg Sheppard says:

      Sorry to jack your thread but ditto on the last part…pain free experience that has me enjoying the aromas of the Dutch treats and the pink kush to start…place is exactly as it seems and it’s rare that things to good to be true are actually true…keep it up!…if your investors really want to hike their pockets…start crediting your base (us) to spread the word and bring more in…in the spirit of all transactions before this venue was invented it would clearly scale things up for ya and Instill loyalty…like a high miles program…lol
      Thanx Jay!!

  120. Jessica Kenney says:

    Just a few weeks ago I had constant sciatic pain that fortunately I only get once in a while and for short periods. I only smoked for appetite and anxiety Lil pain maybe. However By day 4 I was going absolutely crazy by lack of sleep lack of appetite and of course pain. That is when I broke and reached for the awful strong ass pain killers (prescribed ). Day 5 woke after only 5h sleep with a pill hangover, still in sever pain, and now feeling like complete shit . Ready to sell my sole to the devil I remembered I had a bag of gummies left I was saving for a friend. Cringing by the sight of my pill bottle I figured to does my ass with 75mg worth of bears . Talking to my gf on the phone while pacing, as I do in that pain, all of a sudden I start shouting I’M NOT IN PAIN … I’M NOT IN Fkn PAIN.!!!!.

  121. jack says:

    Excellent Customer service, the product is always as advertised
    Thanks Tom

  122. AC/Weedie says:

    received my recent order in unbranded transparent ziplocks(in a air tight seal)… I dont mind not getting the branded green bags might actually cut costs not having them… also got one cheap strain(120$) substituted for another that isnt on sale (160) and its a bit stronger too so a real deal for me… i never had quarter for 30 bucks but here it seems like its becoming my norm… never had any problem here , beside one substitution and 2 for a friend (never for a cheaper strain, always a similar strain) and also that same buddy didnt get his 1gram sample twice. but he didnt seem to mind too much… because its so convenient here!

  123. Sean Taylor says:

    First order i ordered i think 4 or 5 pm thursday, payment accepted and shipping tag created by 9pm, recieved order monday i did spend the $15 for faster shipping but im amazed at how fast my order was processed.. im sure i shouldnt name names and the mods can take the name out if they want but i came here from treemo and they take 3 days just to accept payment and send it to dispensing then another 3 days to ship it, 5-6 business days on average to process or 4 hours for GE and GEs cheap stuff is actally really good, treemo has their okanagan cheap brand which is absoloute crap, might aswell stand over a fire pit and take hauls off that.. i am in ontario..

    Ps.. i ordered a eighth of the new keif and it came in one of those plastic containers.. they just jam packed it full.. didnt even weigh it.. i weighed it myself and the eighth i bought weighed 4.4… thank you GE!

    • Sean Taylor says:

      Pps either didnt weigh it or gave me a bonus for my first order.. either way pretty awesome.. also got at least en extra .5 on the 2 half oz i got and no unreasonable stem either

    • Dawn says:

      Quick service,,,good product,,for the most part,,Thanks so much GE !!!

  124. Jamie Thompson says:

    Awesome customer service… question were answered in minutes .. shout-out to Tom,Jane, and Jay.. always on the ball.. the main thing is the product..And that is top notch along with the great prices and selection.. keep up the great work.. I recommend this site every chance I have..

  125. Leanora Natarelli says:

    I just want to say I had a bit of issue with my latest shipment and Tom was the bomb!!!!!! Response to my email question was soooo quick and dealt with the issue immediately. I have recommended Ganja Express to multiple friends and family who are all also very impressed and happy with service and top notch product! Will continue to use this site :):) thanks TOM!!!!!

    • Tanya120 says:

      Top notch customer service! Tom was speedy in responding and resolving the matter. Will continue to use this site :)) Thanks Tom

  126. Dman says:

    Just leaving another review to help people out..

    I spent 3 months 6k exploring every single Canadian dispensary in canada east coast and west .. yes if you search hard enough they r on the east coast too which is only 8hrs drive from where I live but yet here I am ordering from a site 4-5 provinces over to the west coast..

    Don’t hesitate don’t go through what I did and spend 1000s of dollars to figure it all out just stop reading this and place your order with gangjaexpress. I have referred 6 people to this site now and all of them LOVE me for it.. I’m sure gangjaexpress would too if they knew hahahah..

    Best selection and best prices and very superior customer service only thing missing is THC lvls but on that note most strains now you can find there average thc lvls just by googling the strain so that doesn’t even matter..

    Now so people don’t think I’m an employee or troll promoting this site there are in fact 1 or 2 other sites that pricing and customer service are tied with gangjaexpress but there selection and flower pack and kief take them to the top no doubt about it ..

    Also something tells me that Tom and Jay would be a good friend of mine if I actually knew them..

    These guys are outstanding guys and no matter how stupid the question or no matter what I have asked they respond in a timely matter and a friendly way 11/10 these guys..

    Thanks Tom and Jay and the behind the scenes people who make this site possible .. now stop reading and start spending so u can get smoking..

    Puff puff pass…
    Keep one thing in mind .. stoners are very nice so when choosing strains do some research for what your looking for because trust me not every weed in the world is 5 stars like all the super nice stoners rate them too be lmao

  127. I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate GE with a special shout out to Tom. You have blown me away with your prices, and courteous service. Your understanding of how to do business is unparalleled. There isn’t a dispensary in Canada that even comes close to comparing to these guys. It’s not that there aren’t other good dispensaries out there with good people involved…it’s that they can’t come close to compare to the quality GE delivers even on their value priced strains. GE is BY FAR the leader in this industry and a large part of that I’m sure has to do with the amazing service I’ve had since I found you. You have converted an incredibly difficult and seasoned Patient into an exclusive and loyal patient.
    PEOPLE…stop scrolling and place your order here. You’ll only regret taking so long to find these guys.
    Thanks again Tom. You truly make my life better.

  128. Nate420 says:


  129. James Bracken says:

    Big shout out to Tom, had a minor issue with my order and Tom fixed me up!! Great customer service. This is my go to place, appreciate the service.
    Thanks Tom!!!

  130. Ryan says:

    Great service.. Alway quick to respond to any questions. Lots of different products, new ones to choose from all the time. Ships right to the door!!

    Been ordering for a while, definitely recommend! Thanks Ganja!!

  131. Anthony says:

    I wanted to thank Tom for looking into my problem with a order that I submitted payment on October 1st. He quickly found the problem and kept in fantastic communications with me during the process.

    Simply put TOM IS THE BEST . His customer service is number 1 , and if there was a rating he would be 11 of of 10. Thank you Tom for best service ever .

    Your Friend Anthony. Keep up the good work brother!!!

    I will keep on ordering from Ganja

  132. linon says:

    I have ordered a few times with GE and product has always been perfect and always came pretty fast. I had one small ordering problem and Tom was fantastic getting back to me and helping me out until we straightened it out. Never a problem and always great service. Good stuff Tom and the rest of the gang at GE. 5 STARS.

    • Ryan says:

      Hello, just want to take the time and say how impressed I am with your business, love dealing with you guys! The service, and the product is always AMAZING!! Love all you have to offer, also you guys take care of me no matter what comes up… recently had a product failed, and your team stepped up and made sure I was happy in the end. Can’t thank you enough!
      – Ryan

  133. Nathan Connors says:

    I’ve read a lot of negative reviews on GE. Well I have to say my experience has been nothing but positive. Just a few things to start off. Their selection is good, the quality of the buds I received were spot on. Buds were well trimmed, resembled pictures on their site and were all picturesque buds. I had one issue which was resolved in less than 24 hrs. I have never had an issue getting a response from GE. Tom was solid in resolving my issue with no problems and seemed like a really friendly dude. I’ve ordered from at least a dozen MOMs and Ganja Express offers the best bang for your buck hands down. I have yet to find any other site offering the prices they are. I have been happy with the service overall and will continue to order with them. If you have had a negative experience with them just remember stuff happens , that’s life. Any level headed entrepreneur knows the power of the web and how fast word can spread now a days. I can’t understand why a business trying to grow would purposely rip off, deceive or deal with low end product when it’s beyond readily available every where else. I don’t work for GE or have any business association with them except as a consumer. I was tired of seeing all the negative reviews when my experience has been nothing but smooth sailing. Hope this helps anyone trying to decide. To all, keep those spliffs burning bright!



  134. Gregoire Lalumiere-Robillard says:

    Thanks a lot GE.
    Great quality, really discrete shipping,
    nicely pack and order arrived fast.
    Thanks again
    Will do business again!

  135. Bev Gibb says:

    A new experience for a couple of long-time smokers living in the arctic. Gotta say that we love the variety, the quality is awesome & it takes 6 days to get here, despite the 14+ days indicated. Thanks for providing a wonderful & much needed service.

  136. 392.1903 says:

    Shout out to Tom, ganjaexpress is the bomb! They score a real 100% on everything in my books. Variety of products, quality of product, fast & free & vacuum sealed discreet shipping, and 5 STAR customer service that is truly unmatched and unheard of nowadays.
    I’m an old man and you kids nowadays got it way too easy! People used to have to go see a guy, you got what you got, and it was a pain in the ass!

  137. Marc Goudreau says:

    I’m a very happy camper. Web design is top notch, purchase, payment and product tracking was flawless… and the product is a beautiful thing. I’m a child of the 50’s, a time when pot either had more seeds than a watermelon or it was oregano. Things have certainly changed for the better thanks to GE… and I’m a happy Canadian camper.

  138. Philippe Arseneault says:

    Wow the casey jones and blueberry cheesecake !! great stuff

  139. Eamon Ratcliffe says:

    Got G13. Very good, big buds, good smell and taste, all around good stuff. Arrived on time and was discreet. Zero problems throughout the process and very pleased with the order. Thanks.

  140. Alison says:

    Ganjaexpress and team have been nothing but great! Fast with orders, have quality product for whatever ails and great costumer support. The delivery is fast and always intact. I am a huge fan and recommend this website to whomever. Thanks Tom!

  141. Cody S says:

    Quality products, easy to use website and terrific customer service. Tom handled all my inquiries quickly and efficiently. GE continues to impress and I will continue to sing their praises.

  142. Alifur Moin says:

    GE has the best service ever!!!! Its easy to order, prompt delivery, and sometimes you are surprised to find a nicely rolled joint thrown into the box. You guys rock! \m/

  143. Devon McIsaac says:

    Im so impressed by GE. Everyone I know who uses this site is very happy with the service and quality of products. I emailed Tom and not only was he great but also returned my email within one minute. I love the fast shipping, excellent customer service and I’m very happy with the product. I will continue to shop here.

    • Clyde McIsaac says:

      I gave a shitty review earlier. Wasnt happy with last order.It took 5 days to get a tracking number. Tom email me and they r very busy.Everything got fixed up and good to go.Thanks for the fast fix up Tom.Keep up the good work.SHIT DOES GO WRONG SOMETIMES HANG IN THERE THEY WILL COME THRU FOR U.Thanks again Tom.

  144. Edzzzz says:

    A bib big thanks to Jay and Tom for what has become THE indispensable dispensery.
    Ease of ordering is almost a problem cause I want to try everything on the menu.
    Absolute outstanding variety, on top of regular larger order I prize my jars filled with flower sample packs. One for any and every occasion.
    The true marvel is the outstanding selection very reasonable pricing and most of all the AMAZING CLEANESS of the products. Burns clean very little white ash left after bowl and I don’t have to replace screens anywhere near as often, not to mention less urdge to cough. I highly highly recommend Ganga Express and Team for all your herbal needs. SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t make it all a love in You should make it easier to leave a review took 10 min to scroll through 700+ reviews.

    • Edzzzz says:

      I must add. Placed order Sept 25 regular post and it arrived on the 28th. Big shout out to Canada post cause I’ve had zero problems. When I got email it was delivered I couldn’t wait to get home to my fresh oz of Pink Kush. Holy crap that’s some great weed. Thanks to everyone involved. GE Absolutely Rocks. 10/10

      • Edzzzz says:

        Again I’m not replying I’m making a special note. If you look at the times of reviews. Because I wanted to know if I left a overly baked late night comment. Very proudly like 95+% of reviews they were well thought out daytime thoughts. So I’m thinking I’m speaking for a blank load of people. GE Jay Tom And anyone remotely involved CAN’t THANK YOU ENOUGH. From the soil to bowl. Just came up with this. I think it might be a good idea to put a small gratuity on your orders and make jay pay for a kick ass party for everyone involved in this joyous institution. 11:21 pretty fn baked.

  145. richie.okeefe32 says:

    Tom and Theresa thank you so much for you’re great service. Good people who go out of their way to make us all happy.

  146. David Blanchette says:

    I just started using this service a few months ago. I’ve been very impressed with the selection and the prices are very competitive compared to what is available in my area. I had one hiccup with an order and Tom fixed it right away. The customer service is excellent and professional. Great site!

  147. ADAM says:

    I’ve looked around at many online dispensaries and thought about trying them out but Ganja Express is where it’s at! Extremely helpful customer service, Tom was awesome at helping me track down a lost order. FAAAAST shipping and quality bud! Thanks again Tom!

  148. nick labrecque says:

    Love that site! Great service and great products. Thanks to Tom especially!

  149. richie.okeefe32 says:

    Yup top notch coustomer service. Thanks Tom and everyone at GE.

  150. Tanya Patchell says:

    Had a bit of a rough experience (Canada post sucks)
    Tom from ganja express went above and beyond to make sure I was happy!! Love that he went above and beyond for me 🙂

  151. Brittni Lopez says:

    Ordered for the first time and had a complication that was addressed and solved very quickly. Thank you Tom for making sure customer service is a priority. I can’t wait to receive my product!

  152. Nancy Chicoine says:

    Hello everybody I want to give the biggest shout out to Tom for making my day easier and my hubby’s day easier. Unfortunately my husband has a bone disease called ankylosing spondilitus which causes spinal, hip, pelvis bones to fuse together so your medicines-especially the concentrates help him to move better. I myself am 42 and only started smoking marijuana to slow down seizures. I do NOT agree with it being a gateway drug as I know many people whom have smoked it for 20 plus years and including myself have NEVER touched other drugs. I suffer from fibromyalgia, epilepsy, angina, and had cancer 2000 to 2001. I DO NOT believe in the addictive medicines that doctors are offering that literally damage the brain, cartilage of bones, pancrease and kidneys to mention a few. Those medications lead to other drugs such as methodone-which again kills the bones. Marijuana does not lead to other drugs!!!! The medication Symponi that was offered to my husband for his bone disease literally has side effects of 5 types of cancers. Doctors can be killers and maybe not know it-maybe they do. Thanks to ganja express especially Tom for helping a family deal with pain and managing a daily lifestyle with 3 children. Love ya ganja express and God Bless your job Tom.

  153. Calvin Naveau says:

    shout out tom will aways make it up to you if shipment is delayed u da man

  154. rob says:

    A mistake was made on my very first order. when I ordered a half ounce of juicy fruit, only an eighth came. I was crushed! lol…. emailed ….problem solved!…prompt, polite, and satisfactory service all around!…thanks ganja express!!!

  155. Kenmiller012 says:

    GANJA EXPRESS IS BY FAR THE BEST M.O.M RIGHT NOW. It’s almost been a full year since I’ve been grabbing my weed/ concentrates off GE and the shit just keeps getting better and better. And If you’re like me and smoke a little too much ( No such thing) they got BULK PRICING. As far as edibles, I’ve tried the chocolate, the Rice Krispies treats, and the Gummies. All did the trick! I’ve lived in both Alberta and Ontario and within 2 or 3 day’s mailman’s at my door. It’s well packaged, smell proof and filled with wonderful goodness! I’ve never received a dry bud, honestly I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED DRY SHITTY BUD. I have had Problems though, but there is no such thing as perfect. Sooo, I have nothing to complain about. Plus Tom’s a pretty chill guy and has fixed my problems without issue. If it’s your first time here and you’re unsure, trust me it’s legitimate and the WEED IS FIRE! Even the BooBoo weed is fire! ( Thai Haze was booboo weed x10 though I didn’t like that one at all. No lie) All in All I recommend Ganja Express. Spent over a G here and I’ve never been ripped off. Not once.

    Thank’s for the great weed and customer service Tom. (I always have the best weed in the circle.)

  156. jordanmacleod24gmail-com says:

    ordered a few ounces of g13 and pink can’t but did not received the pick candy. emailed Tom and he was quick to get back to me with a coupon code for my next purchase outdent be happier with the simplicity.

    Thanks TOM

  157. richie.okeefe32 says:

    Just got my order got a half OZ of Colombian Gold. I have been looking for this for over 20 years and it really is as good people say. Wow super weed lol.

  158. Dman says:

    Newbies and everyone else this is my advice to you about online shops..

    I have literally purchase of all east coast and west cost literally every Canadian site even the 4th page overpriced google search sites.Not a single stone left unturned

    For all around rating there is only one other site that is close to ganjaexpress and I won’t mention them because that’s just not right ..

    The only thing ganjaexpress can better is have thc and cbd lvls on the flowers other then that they r the best ..Service,packaging,selection everything pricing is a tie with the other site but being the best at all the other things notches them up a good chunk from the other site..

    I am not a troll I do not work for ganjaexpress I’m a stoner that is currently stoned and wanting to spread the joy and save u the pain of searching everywhere

    Enjoy this sites and its awesomeness and the customers service is by far top notch ( as a business owner keep in mind we all slip or get to busy sometimes and the odd person is bound to at some point have not the greatest experience but I promise these guys got your back ..

    Thanks Jay and Tom and all you behind the scenes peeps at ganja express you guys are #1 keep it up

  159. Chris Wood says:

    Amazing customer service, great product and awesome selection. Have never received bad quality yet. I also love how the selection changes so much so i can constantly try new strains.

  160. Michael Zandvliet-Peebles says:

    Had a hiccup with an order that was resolved almost instantly and brilliantly I might add. Thank you Ganja for the extra that I received due to the mishap! 5***** service! You have won me over as a loyal returning customer

  161. Donald says:

    This place is the mother of all moms:) Hats off to everyone at ganjaexpress. To everyone out there concerning flavour and reviews please keep in mind some smoke weed some smoke everything … ciggarettes alter flavour makes everything taste like @hit. Plus there are many out there who are just to lazy to clean there pipes screens bongs ect. This said flavour reviews will vary don’t believe it till you have smoke it 🙂

  162. Otterbox2500 says:

    I just wish they would comeback with express post, that expedited parcel thing takes just too much time to get delivered.. , Thats a big factor why i dont order as much as i was suposed to do like in the last year!

    • Katie P. says:

      Can you still upgrade to express for $15? A lot of MOMs offer this for free when over a certain dollar amount. I wish GE would as well. My package came all the way from BC to Montreal (destination: east coast) and then headed back west to Manitoba which delayed it by 3-4 days. Definitely not GE’s fault but CP’s little mistakes aren’t as frequent with express.

      • Dman says:

        I have always gotten xxpress with tracking from these guys .. with signature confirmation too which I love specially because my mail delivery guy is a retired officer lol..

        Just a note Katie there is an online dispensary in kirkland area in Quebec .. there prices r good but everything else sucks compared to ganjaexpress and there selection is like 20 items total between edibles flowers etc..

        So not the greatest site but they r right by u and I would imagine u would receive it in 1 day being in Montreal ..

        As an online business owner I can tell you xxpress has just as many errors .. I have had parcels go to wrong provinces and states and go up down and around again..

        I’ve also had parcels for from Ontario to Switzerland in 3 days too sooo it’s always unknown with cp..

        I strongly suggest whatever irritants may pop up youbstick with these guy..

  163. Katie Patterson says:

    I love you guys. Received my order today and you guys made my week with the rice krispie treat. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next order and many more to come. Love the quality of the products and customer service has been excellent.

  164. Doyle says:

    Customer Service is what makes a company great or horrible!
    Tom and the people here at GE get that and practice it! Where its a question on payments or shipping, they get back to you quick and let you know they are going to do what it takes to make things right.
    The products they have are top notch, you will learn this in your first order but its the customer service that keep me comeing back time and time again!!
    Thanks Tom and everyone at GE!!

  165. Ryan Joseph says:

    Ganja Express is a grand slam!! For the first time ever I had a problem with an order. Nothing major, just my tracking link didn’t work….. After a few days of no emails or updates, I emailed Tom in regards to the “broken link” and if my order got shipped. Tom was quick to reply and answered all my concerned questions promptly! Even showed me a picture of the shipping information which indicated my package was delivered and waiting for me LOL
    Not only do they have the best product and prices but they are quick to help with any concerns 🙂

  166. Gillis says:

    Order on monday night and recived it friday. 3 days in express BC to QC. Good kosher kush.
    5 / 5
    Easy order
    Well dry

  167. James says:

    I’ve been ordering from GE for over a year, any problems with Canada post or GE have been resolved with no problems.
    Ganja Express is as advertised, great meds, fair prices and superfast delivery.
    The customer service is excellent; and so is the Black Tuna.

  168. Matt says:

    What great service from this company, was very skeptical about the whole mail order thing as it being my first time but now my worries were set at ease with GE will definitely be ordering again soon. I ordered 6 different strains and got a little rice Krispy square treat which I have yet to try. 5 plus star rating for Jay my order came to ontario in less than 3 days no glitches at all, thanks again!

  169. Nicholas Hunter says:

    Shout out to tom and jay and the rest of team GE yous rock awesome service best quality got a sweeeet edible treat in my last rice krispie awesome awesome great service great service yous rock team GE
    nicholas from ontario

  170. noahpaciocco95 says:

    I have to say, Tom never fails to give me amazing service. Any time i have any sort of problem with an order or even just a question he always replies to my emails within a few hours and always fully helps me out. I have never got such great service anywhere else, I have told every one of my friends about your products and your service because the word about you guys needs to be spread. Keep up the amazing work!!

    A very happy customer 😀

  171. richie.okeefe32 says:

    Had a mix up with my order got some other dudes order. It turned out to be the same amount of weight just not as good. I got a phone call the next day and it was resolved quickly. They sent me the difference throuh email transfer. Great customer service. And I got a promo code for my next order from Tom. This has never happened before and I have put in a lot of orders. But they came through and all is well.

  172. Damien Wilson says:

    I’ve been ordering from ge for a while now I am always so happy with what I order the team is small but awesome great support with everything. Shipping is always fast even if you don’t pay for the fast shipping. Every time I order it’s over and usually a little extra something this order I got a rice crispy which was nice. I recommend it to everyone I even have sent a few customers to them and they are always happy. I remember my first time.e being so afraid but was just over the wall when it came.if anyone is sceptical don’t be these guys are the best I’ve ordered from other places and never even close to the same quality.even the cheaper stuff is higher quality than anything in my small town. I recommend the hindu, king Louis tastes amazing makes you a bit sleepy, woody is nice basically everything I’ve ordered was great. And everyone should try the moon rocks at least once

  173. Arjun Vaid says:

    Just received my second shipment from these guys! Again the product came in very nice shipping packaging as well as professional looking sealed bags with the brand nicely displayed! The product looked great and was exactly as advertised.

    Very smooth smoke as well as no dryness or oddities to the product itself. 10/10 , can’t wait to order again. Cheers!

  174. Kevin MacNeil says:

    Exactly as advertised! Amazing. If you are thinking it can’t be this easy, you are wrong!!! Order here now! Thanks Guys!

  175. Ron Troostt says:

    Always great product and service is top notch.

  176. dustyn_22 says:

    Tom and GE are the best! have ordered 1000’s of $ from them and only had an extremely minor no tracking info once, which Tom replied and fixed within minutes. Thanks again. I have never and will never order anywhere else!!!!!

  177. Cindy Jacklin says:

    First time using GE and was very satisfied with the great service, great product and helpful staff. They walked us through our first order and we will definitely use again.

    My husband being a cancer a survivor was pleased with the selection offered.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Helio says:

      How long did it take for your package to arrive

    • Erica Tabbernor says:

      I’ve ordered a few times and everything’s always amazing. I love the products. The shatter and butter are my absolute favourtie 😍 They have so much variety; and the staff are absolutely amazing and so helpful. Will definetly keep ordering from here

    • Jason Kaar says:

      Just recieved my first order, i am very pleased with the quaility of the product. Tom gave me great serve and boy the prices are really good. I will be telling my friends to order from ganja express. I most certainly will be making more orders in the months ahead as i am battling cancer and this really helps with the pain and provides me with relief so i can get some much needed sleep.

      Thanks again.

  178. Andrew Hepburn says:

    This was my first time using a MOM and GE seemed reliable, despite some rubbish reviews online. We ordered with Xpressport, it shipped over the weekend and we were delighted to get it so fast!! Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough and Nukem deserve shout outs, but all that was ordered was of great quality!

    After years spent living abroad where this level of product isn’t so easily found, it just makes me so proud to have such high quality and reliable ganja available here. Not to mention Canadian’s general openness to Marijuana. You guys are a part of that, and I thank you for that! I’ll be sure to order again soon and will gladly spread the word to all about GE : D

    Thanks Tom and Jay!!

  179. Leon Bibault says:

    You guys are awesome keep up the great work
    Nobody’s perfect in the world you guys try really hard and I appreciate it thanks tom
    Keep token

  180. Caroline Sayer says:

    I’ve been ordering from GE for almost a year and even though we’ve have some glitches with shipping and supply on a couple of items, the folks at GE have ALWAYS made everything right.
    They are quick to answer questions and respond to concerns.

    Love the new Bulk items on the menu and the Phoenix Tears (CBD Dominant) are absolutely wonderful.

    Thanks for all you guys do!

  181. Smalltown says:

    I have ordered from GE for the last year and had zero issues. My last order was slightly delayed but Theresa was very friendly and easy to deal with and got my order out Xpresspost ASAP. Great service, great products, great selection, and friendly helpful staff. I don’t know why you would order from anywhere else!!

    • Smalltown says:

      I forgot to thank Tom for helping as well to ensure my order got out after the short delay! Thanks to everyone at GE for all they do!!

  182. Jonathan Botelho says:

    This was my 4 th time purchasing an order with gje it’s been perfect every time however the fourth order I ran into issues regarding a hold for pickup somehow the package was showing it was out for delivery for 2 days than it randomly showed up at my house without notice . I contacted the team at Ganja express and tom was very helpful and a legit reasonable dude he makes customers feel calm and appreciated. Good work guys I’m a regular customer 😉

  183. stelah_87 says:

    Best medicinal site ever. Not only do they have the best strains and variety, but the site is very easy to navigate.they have resonable prices and great customer service. I have made mistakes putting in orders in the past and Ganja Express was very quick to correct it and help me. I absolutely will recommend them to all of my friends and family. Thank you so much for your services.

  184. daniel mcgale says:

    i just received my parcel today the 29 aug/17 and to my surprise they are very punctual and excellent products. you won me over as a valuable customer. thanx Dan

  185. Arjun Vaid says:

    Just ordered here for the first time. The stuff I ordered arrived in nice official looking packaging as well as coming with a free joint! I had a couple of questions and was able to get a hold of the team with a few emails with very quick and helpful responses. The stuff you get from here will beat any other MOM’s .Cheers Tom

  186. skelly.ian says:

    Great service, fast delivery. Made a few orders now and never an issue. Even had a big ol doobie thrown into my last order!


  187. dylan march says:

    Ordered on a Thursday and it arrived Monday. excluding the weekend that is pretty fast across the country on the opposite side. good buds in a sealed and discrete package . and they put in a complementary joint with my order, now thats service!

  188. Derek Lee says:

    Purchased on 5 sites now and although I just placed it the other day and can not yet comment on good,packaging or shipping times what I can say is this site hands down has the best prices on pot and comparable pricing for edibles and vapes etc..

    I made purchase and within 3 hrs they accepted money transfer and sent me message and then right away sentnanother message responding to my question.

    All other sites I used took no less the 24hrs to accept money and respond which mean ganja express you guys are the winner and have me for a life time.

    Thank you for the way above par service can’t wait to get my goodies as I am out and the pain is getting to me ..

    From your new and very excited life long customer

  189. Chris Lopresti says:

    7 days ago I was chillin at home debating placing a larger order… I have ordered from a number of other sites several times but never GE. Because my doctors prescription is so high(5grams a day) it was costing me way too much money a month. all the anxiety and doubt I decided f*** it, ima place an order. 3 days later my order arrived!!!!! All that worrying that I was going to be ripped off was for nothing. Product was awesome, and I’m am so grateful thx GE I’m beyond satisfied. U will get my business again and I’ll do ya a favour and preach the word to my homies!!!

  190. Stuart says:

    there was a minor, very minor hiccup with one of my orders and after I E-Mailed about it it was quickly resolved in a very satisfying way.I have ordered many times from GE and will continue to do so.The product and service are top notch.Thanks Tom

  191. Brandon Miller says:

    My first time ordering and so far Tom’s service of fast replies to make sure my order and myself are taken care of are just fantastic.
    I’m glad i got wind about this amazing site and business as of so far I’m very impressed 👍

    • Joshua bolger says:

      Tom is the best so glad i heard about this guy ive had nothing but the best results ever ! Thanks for eveeything and the great service !

  192. Carla Meikle says:

    Tom’s service was exceptional at solving my questions and getting me my product in a timely manner. Overall GE has always been a good experience and a fun blaze. Happy smoking.

  193. Doulton Waddick says:

    Hey Jay and Tom, just wanted to say how amazing the service I have received is, not only have you contacted me several times when products were short but gave me better as if it is your fault for it running out. Nearly every package I have ever ordered has shipped the same day I ordered it which is exceptional, considering that some orders can be a mix of tens of products or a sample pack of 16 strains. I have never once had an error or shortage in my orders and regularly weigh it up to find out there is extra in the bag. My packages always show up in 2-3 days and I am across the country, it is well packed and never smells. I would recommend GE to anyone, have tried many sites and never found the quality at all levels like GE!

  194. Roger Lane says:

    I have been ordering from here for months now and I have to say that their products are some of THE best in the country!!! In my opinion, it is better then most of the cannabis from the registered LPs suppling many Veterans like myself. I have never been disappointed and, being on the East Coast, the delivery is actually quite fast. Their Hash and concentrates are very tasty and effective for a variety of symptoms such as, moderate to severe pain, extreme anxiety/depression and sleep issues. All their Bud smokes well, ash is kept intact, no harsh burning sensation when inhaling, the effects are surprising. Most of their Indica based products are “heavy hitting” which I find really effective for relieving my constant nerve pain. I have tried other online weed dispensaries, but none compare to these guys! Hands down, you will NOT be disappointed. Keep up the amazing work Ganja Express team! Hats off to you Tom. I recommend this site to all my friends and ex army buddies. A real pleasure doing business with you!


  195. Katie P. says:

    Great quality products. Only problem I had was 1/2 oz. being substituted for a lesser quality strain ($90 vs $120). I felt a bit ripped off and I was given a $35 coupon code for my troubles only after I brought this to their attention, so I guess I got a $5 bonus for the inconvenience of being subbed a lesser strain. I wasn’t satisfied with this resolution but I am happy with the quality of buds I receive from GE, so I do continue to order on occasion. Shipping is slow compared to other MOMs in BC to NS (7-9 business days vs. 2), but perhaps you can pay more and upgrade. Overall, great selection and great buds. Shipping and communication with customers could be improved to make this a better experience (general question emails tend to go unanswered).

  196. J B says:

    Just want to say that the service is a1 and the product is by far above par. I order from no one else now as I get complete satisfaction here. Thanks Tom and Jay

  197. Matthew Smith says:

    Quality smoke in quality packaging and good customer support, u guys rock! Keep it up

  198. Nicholas Hunter says:

    awesome service the best way yo go team GE yous rock 🙂 goes best with a timmies coffee 😛

  199. Ron Troostt says:


  200. Yannick Lucas says:

    it was happen a lots of time that the g.r.c. keep the package??? bunch of ass hole..i live in quebec and i ready to open a store for you here and we can deserved the east coast …let me know..lots of experience…

  201. Liam English says:

    Been ordering from MOM sites for just under a decade. Absolutely overwhelmed on the quality / service and professionalism displayed by GE. Two of my items were out of stock and I was upgraded on both items. To a higher value.
    Great site. Keep up the work Jay, Tom and team!

  202. jon mellon says:

    WHAT HAPPEND TO THE VAPE PENS… I only got to try one but it was awesome and so convenient!!??

  203. Mark M says:

    I have made over 10 orders in the past few months and everything is always great from ordering all the way to receiving the package, not to mention how great the product is. Never disappointed here. Thanks Jay , Tom and team.

  204. Earl McLeod says:

    Great product, awesome delivery. Will order from again.

  205. Keith Clarke says:

    Great Service! Excellent Transaction!! Super Weed!!!

  206. John Brown says:

    I had a bit of a glitch the first time I ordered. It was over Christmas and the order got “lost in transit” for 1 month, but GE made it good by shipping a replacement asap. Since then, Tom and the bunch have always come through – 10+ orders so far, always a tracking number and a package a few days later. And the best smoke ever, delivered right to my door. Nothing more to be said.
    John from Halifax

  207. P.N says:

    I don’t understand why they have bad rating on leafy and weed maps …. I used this site 2 time so far and i’m 100% satisfy . Used Buymyweedonline too they are the highest online site on leafy and weedmaps they almost got 5star. But whern i ordered from them my weed was moist a bite and my other half was loaded with shitty buttom bud.

  208. Todd Booth says:

    Very legit and professional service. I was skeptical but lost all doubt upon delivery. Excellent quality and perfect descriptions of the products and their effects. Keep up the good work guys and I’ll be a regular.

  209. Charles Rogoski says:

    This is one of the best mom sites around, they always answer my questions fast and politely. Nothing bad to say about them at all so far I have been shown the upmost respect and never regret my purchases. When ordering make sure to read the description and comments if available to get the best idea of what you are ordering and try and remember that everyone’s tolerance and preferences are not all going to be the same! The GE team does a great job with their photos and descriptions and have been more than generous with coupons and samples every now and then. Keep up the great work GE I definitely appreciate everything you guys do for your customers and I hope everyone has the same to say about you and your products.

  210. Eli says:

    Great selection and customer service! Not easy to do what they do! 5 star

  211. Adam Fowler says:

    Amazing shipping, wicked customer service, incredible way to get your green.

  212. D says:

    I love this site but do not waste your money on express post if you live in SK.

  213. Amanda Milley says:

    Perfect .. very very happy with the order from BC to NS didn’t take too long at all .. will order from again. CHEMO and OG nice very big nugs . Thanks again.

  214. richie.okeefe32 says:

    Just got my recent order. Once again super happy. This is the best place I have ever bought anything from. Thank Tom,Jay and Jane for their awesome service. 5 stars all the way.

  215. Darryl says:

    Recently made my fifth order with GE. Did not receive my tracking # within 48 hours, so I made a polite email inquiry. GE promptly responded within a couple of hours and informed me of a slight backlog due to a successful 420 sale they had. (bummer….didn’t know about it 🙁 oh well, maybe next year) Received my tracking number notification two ‘business’ days after that email response. Package was dropped off to Cda Pst (by GE) on May 8th @ 6:48 p.m. Cda Post’s tracking service website showed the item processed (in B.C.) May 9th at 4:14 p.m., then departed (from B.C.!) on May 10 @ 4:56 a.m.

    I received notification from Cda Post early this afternoon that I had a package at the local pickup outlet around the corner from me (as I use Cda Post’s flex delivery service – safe, secure, convenient!!!).
    I was not expecting anything else to be delivered to me via this CP service, but I could not believe that my package had already arrived?? I brought up CP’s tracking website for my package and it was still showing my package “in transit”. Well, UNBELIEVABLY, it was my GE order!! In my hands 12 hours after it was indicated as leaving BC!! And just did another check of the CP webiste….still showing “in transit”. How is that for speedy service!!! (note…..for all 5 of my orders now, I have gone with the basic no charge shipping. 3 out of the 5 orders arrived (in Ontario) within 72 hours of my payment being accepted. The other 2 within 7 days! Top notch service GE!!!

    And I have been very happy with all of my orders as well! This latest round, I ordered 6 different strains. GE came through with flying colors! Received each strain requested. Which super impressed me, as 3 of the 6 are no longer showing on GE’s website as being available (which is kind of a downer if I really enjoy those 3, as I may not be able to order them again?? Sometimes the strains come back I have noticed. But as of yet, I have not seen Khalifa Kush again…..that one was amazing!!! Doubling down on an order for that one if it makes a reappearance!!! LOL!). Excited to try all of my newest flavors! Thank you GE….I truly and sincerely appreciate your excellent service and quality products!

  216. richie.okeefe32 says:

    I love this site and the good people who run it. Good folks who just want to make people happy.

  217. Richard Chabluk says:

    Got my first order last week. I work 3 weeks on and 1 week off and leave for work thursday morning. I got home on a thursday and ordered my buds. I thought i wouldnt get my shipment before i left for work again but GE came up huge and made sure i had my buds for my work hitch. First time buyer, amazing buds, great package, discreet, great price, great and quick customer service! Repeat customer. Thanks GE

  218. austinsullivan says:

    Yesterday I placed my 9th order with GE. Every order has always arrived and has been of the highest quality. I have discovered many new favorite strains through this wonderful site: Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick, Jack Frost, Mango Haze, Alien OG…and the list goes on. Their customer service is prompt, professional and always focused on making your experience the best it can be. I really can’t say enough good things about this site. It’s awesome !

    Oh, and if anyone reading this plays EverWing in messenger games and wants to join boss raids search EverWing420 and request to join.
    It’s a room I created for people who love weed to raid bosses and share pics of their buds and glass wear/blunts etc.

  219. isaac vieira says:


  220. nl says:

    Missing a sample, but GE was quick to respond when I mentioned it.
    Just received 3 new strains, out of a dozen or so far, 11 were very good to excellent.
    there was one that tasted bad, but it still packed a hit of euphoria. As it happens it had been sold at a 25% discount.
    It will sit in the glass jar til i bake cookies or summat.

  221. Kristina Breau says:

    Best service ever. I didn’t get my sample with my last order, but I got one with every order before it.
    Good prices. Always quick. I’ve tried other sites, and this one…beats all the other sites HANDS DOWN! awesome packaging. Quick service. It’s almost like these people work around the clock!

  222. Sharri Sears says:

    I just want to say I love this site. Since finding it I have been able to keep my MS symptoms under control . This site is easy to navigate and has an amazing variety product that really does the job for me. I am so thankful you are here. Amazing product, Amazing service love it. Thank you.

  223. PM says:

    Order four and back for more! These guys are flawless, customer service has been great, not that I’ve had any issues just general questions. Excellent packaging and product. Highly recommended! GE is the best, bar none.

  224. djamesk181 says:

    Its been GREAT ever since! day 1. Nothing but love! great service great delivery great buds! & always been FRESH!. G.E is the way to go. 🙂

  225. Kevin Pol says:

    Skimped on my sample of afghani (not received) other than that decent. Might try again.

  226. NL says:

    Ganja Express really knows how to make us smile. Thanks for a fantastic 420 purchasing experience.
    Felt like a kid on Christmas morning.
    In 2018 when the market becomes flooded with shopping options we will remember that GE took the lead and stuck it’s neck out.
    They are developing a strong and well deserved loyalty in grateful consumers across Canada. Well Done.

  227. Dabman says:

    Wouldn’t trust these recent reddit reviews on GE same for weed map reviews. Have yet to have a problem with ganja express. Amazing quality if you go for the AAAA flower and a great deal for AA flower which is not a bad smoke either.

  228. Shawn Critchlow says:

    I’ve got nothing but great things to say about this site. Great quality, great service, package day is a happy day.

  229. Tdogg says:

    Great product, great service, 100% satisfied. No more local overpriced and mediocre weed for me, GA is where its at!!

  230. Harley BC says:

    GanjaExpress has been amazing. From customer service, packaging and shipping to product quality. We just placed our 3rd order in the space of a month. The last 2 orders arrived discreetly, and scent free. You get a tracking number to live track your shipment. You won’t be disappointed to try these guys, We wish we had found them sooner.

  231. Mark Whitehead says:

    Have had a few orders filled out now, and the one time there was a problem with Canada Post they were more than good about my immediate response. (Freaked out and panicked, as it turns out for no reason!) Everything’s always been fast, Excellent quality and friendly customer service. Can’t go wrong with GE!


    They get an extra point for tolerance/understanding ahah.

  232. sylvain gaudreau says:

    Just got my package very professionally paced wow tested the product and at that moment realised that i have been smoking sub par weed for a long time great job guys

  233. Iuliu says:

    I’ve ordered from many Online Cannabis Shops including Buy My Weed Online and THC Delivery and I think Ganja Express has the highest quality product of them all, all their higher end ganja is absolutely the bomb. Prices here are a bit steeper, but I know I’m getting the best. My order got caught-up in the whole Christmas Canada Post debacle, but a month later they replied to my emails and sent again my exact order, which I was very happy with. It seems they had a very large amount of orders and businesses like this are hard to staff adequately, so they struggled with fixing everyone’s orders, but I think there we’re concerned with lost trust, so took the time to make everything right for their customers. They’ve recently set a minimum for orders of 200$, which I think is a good decision, because I expect it will help improve their customer service and processing speed, as the flow of orders would be stemmed and concentrated.

    TL/DR : As for best quality, Ganja express is it, but there better bang for buck services (I’ve gotten very enjoyable ounces for 135$). The Canada Post debacle is solved and they got my trust back.

    reading this i know it might sound like some phony shill post from the service itself, but its just the way i write.

    • Walter Dieter says:

      Ordered phoenix tears when found better price somewhere else they didn’t want to price match.I feel ripped off hope that helps.Stand by your price match policy ganjaexpress .Very dissapointed.

  234. Joe Delaney says:

    This was my first time ordering at Ganja Express. They helped me through the process and made me feel comfortable. The team responded to every question I had. I have been to quite a few sites on line and I have to say that overall GE is ahead of the field in many categories – Top Dispensary Online

    • Reshma & Trevor says:

      This is my second time ordering from GE. Super fast shipping my order was sent out the same day payment was received. The items were packed nicely, I used to order from another dispensary in BC but they are definitely old news now! GE has a great team keep stocking those sweet buds guys:)

  235. Guillaume Lachapelle says:

    I was scared to try g-e after all the Christmas reviews I saw but I finally went with the 16 sample pack and beside the mistake of sending me twice the tunakush instead of tangerine kush (but the tuna looks real good so I will work with it) everything was good… the delivery and the packaging was real good and the quality look real good for most of the sample pack( I just hit the mango haze and that hit me real good and taste like candy)… I tried a few one of those mail order medecinal weed and so far for quality/price g-e is up there… for sure one of the best out there

  236. Kassie says:

    I am so grateful I found you guys! Could not be more happy with the quality of the product and great customer service! Absolutely love the Cookie Wreck, northern lights strains. Definitely look forward to trying some more strains and purchasing a vape pen in the near future!

    • gabriel boileau says:

      yeah! huge shout out to g-e ‘s team for this fine job , real easy and simple, greatest weed i’ve smoked ! Keep up the good work

  237. Richie says:

    Great site and good service. I have ordered A lot from these guys and have not been let down yet. This pink Kush just might be the strongest and best weed I have smoked yet. I and I smoke a lot and have been for many years. I have been to Powell River And Texada Island. Really nice people. It was in 2000 lol. Nomeansno just put out one lol.

  238. Mark M says:

    Jst received my first order and couldn’t be happier. Def have a repeat customer. Top notch quality products

  239. AC/Weedie says:

    great simply great. Never had a problem on 10 orders I know of that me or some friends did. Once a strain went unavailable after an order and it0 was replaced by another, more expensive one that had a similar profile.

  240. Walwyn Clench says:

    Great service guys… the Buds are top notch. Shipping was speedy & painless, Will definitely be ordering again. The Hash leaves a lot to be desired lol, but coming from an old guy…… Hash is just not what it use to be.
    Old Stoogie

  241. Trent Perry says:

    Been with GE for a few months. Product is unbelievable as well as the service..So if your hesitate, dont be..AAAA+ Thx your products and your speedy service..You rock!!

  242. Catherine Long says:

    I’m pretty confident in ordering from this site now. My package got lost twice in January and they gave me a full refund.
    I ordered again in March and they even gave me a free gift to make up for the poor experience.

    I’ve only tried one other online seller, but I prefer the product here. I have only ordered 3 times, but I have faith in these sellers because of the way they handled the lost package in January. There was decent communication despite a back up of delivery complications and I did not lose my money.

    • Robert Miller says:

      I’m impressed by the delivery time and the product came exactly as ordered. Definitely will order again. Thanks guys! Products seems to be as described.

  243. eskin2 says:

    My package got “lost” in mail so I emailed to Ganja Express and guess what ?! Tom contacted me and sent me another package free of charge ! Awesome service and great product !

  244. Tristan Smith says:

    Hands down best company for this anywhere in the world.

    • runonsentence says:

      Major packaging step up. The GE bags look great and super professional. Making me proud to show off my stash. There was cardboard placed strategically to minimize crushing within the envelope. It’s nearly quadruple packed with the new GE bags. Upgrade on scent proofing. I’ve had six very successful deliveries with my only grievances being missing product due to shortage. Always rectified by either money back or a coupon made for my account. Seriously in love with you guys. Thanks for everything GE, Jay and team!

      • Chris says:

        Well said! Thanks for everything GE!

      • Brandon Beauregard says:

        I was just disapointed that they didn’t labelled anything I ordered. The budder in a sweet sillicone coated plastic pot with the two first letter of the strain name under was the most labelled thing in my package. The weed (nice new bags by the way) didn’t had any name on it. The ganja chocolate bar was just wrapped in a golden tin foil, no dosage, no warning. For me a sweet labelling and a nice presentation make all the difference between getting the job done and doing it professionally. That is just a modest opinion from a too high guy.

        Otherwise, they are the best MOM out there. Ratio quality/price is too damn honest (even some of their less costing strains are potent to a point it’s surprising), and they show constant efforts to please the customers. (Free sample, cute bags, silicone bowl for concentrates, easy communication, new strains testing samples packs, wide variety of prices and strains for cannabis and concentrates… ect.)

        The only thing that bug me one time a month (when it’s the time to pay the bills), is the 200$ minimum purchase. Is that even legal? hahahaha!

    • Ronald Landriault says:

      Got my 1st order today, was quick and painless…….Ordered on march 2nd and received march 7th. Product is awesome. Very legit company. Thanks

  245. Gerard LeDuc says:

    Was sceptical with my first order but it arrived 4 days after placing it. Placed a second order had a little glitz with that one, but it did eventually arrive after 3 weeks. Have since placed a couple more orders and everything’s been 100%. The product quality is excellent! I would and have recommended this site to friends. Thanks guys!!

  246. richie.okeefe32 says:

    I just got a new order with some Lindsay OG. Wow this weed is amazing. And they have bags that are smell proof. They really stepped up the packaging. I really like buying from these guys. Jay and Tom are awesome. I will meet them some day lol.

    • bsmithwinnipeg says:

      Simply Great Quality, and best prices around. Maybe some oil in the future?

    • Neil says:

      Did the lindsay OG crackle and spark as you burned it? I received some but I havent smoked more then one bowl because it crackles and sparks loudly like ive never seen before when i burn it.

  247. richie.okeefe32 says:

    This site is great. I had two orders that were not sent and they replaced both. I have put in a few more since. And have been very happy with what I got. Northern Lights is great and Lindsay OG is fucking amazing.

  248. Garrison says:

    This is by far the best mail order site in Canada!. I have been around and nothing comes even close for quality of product and service. Everything from the packaging on up is so professional I was shocked to be honest. The whole process was smooth as stated and nothing was out of order or not as advertised. Amazing prices for what you are getting here, and if something goes wrong in the end they will correct it from what I have seen in posts from others. I did see the odd complaint in comments but these people are half retarded and are the type that will complain no matter how good things are, so never mind them and just order and enjoy great service and great products.

    Thanks Guys.

  249. Philippe says:

    Listen these guys are legit always came thru for me thanks GE,tom,jay and all the team made over 15 orders and they always delivered the merchandise
    The product for prices are out of this world keep this old man happy for the past 8 months

  250. David Eheler says:

    Hey, nothing works perfectly all of the time, right? I had placed two orders with GE and both were delivered on time and weighed up. The 3rd order, which just came in today, however, was a half once short and also missing the free sample they advertised on their shopping page. That sucks, but hey, these things happen. I created a ticket, explained the situation and Tom got back to me within 30 minutes. Long story short, they created a coupon for $85, the value of the half once of Northern Lights that was missing from the order and promised to throw in the free sample on the next order. Too bad only half showed up though, damn, it is supreme, clean and delivers a great stone. I have placed 3 orders so far and will definitely be back for more!

  251. Robert Hussey says:

    Wow…just wow!
    Ive never really “loved” a company…but this is the real deal. I LOVE They shipped what i asked for plus some at better than street prices. I got it on time and the quality is unreal.
    I work in different locations around Canada and knowing that ill never have to meet some shady stranger in a parking lot and hope i dont get stabbed. Or even worse…go without… has given me piece of mind.

    • Danny Dere says:

      Placed order on Mon and received it Wed.
      That was fast!
      White rhino x nuken very good. Buzz last long!
      The only downside, i didnt receive my sample as they promises on there site! Left a message and havent gotten a reply!

  252. Devin says:

    Great Buds at a Great price. Beautiful Packaging and excellent customer service. 10 stars guys love it and will be here till the end

  253. heathermc_86 says:

    I was also part of the holiday glitch – and I wanted to thank the whole GE team for being so accommodating and helpful. Great customer service, better product. Thanks again! 🙂

  254. mcmillanmike78 says:

    Thanks Tom that little mess that happened over the holidays you took care of it just like the great team work you
    All have at GE thank you

  255. Mike daly says:

    I checked out many online sites and this one had the best selection. I placed my first order with 2 day delivery. Ordered on a Friday sometime after 4 pm EST arrived on time Tuesday after 2 pm. Everything I ordered was inside sealed tight. I tried everything I ordered and it was awesome! I see no reason to get my stuff anywhere else.

  256. Trevor Braun says:

    Wow it worked, I was skeptical and $200 minimum order was a little nervous. But it showed up right on time with no catches. Now to try the goods with hope that we got some Happy Horny Weed.

  257. Rick Knight says:

    Thanks a lot Ganja Express! I placed an order on January 1 and it ended up at the Undeliverable Mail Office in Scarborough Ontario. I contacted Tom and he personally took care of sending me a replacement order which I have received and the products are very good quality and I’m really happy with the Customer Support. Thanks again Tom, Ganja Express is definitely my go to source for high grade premium marijuana, concentrates and edibles. Even though it was very busy during the holidays, Tom still took the time and care to personally see my order through to the end and I appreciate the Customer Support that I received. Ganja Express is a top notch company and I highly recommend using them for your medical needs. I’m a customer for life now! Thanks again Ganja Express!!

  258. beefy says:

    i guess its just the reviews u want to keep a guys

  259. Kenneth T says:

    Fell victim to Canada Posts ‘progrum’, on Jan 2. Package ‘tagged’ by %*(**)^$ . I had given up.
    BUT, ‘silver lining’, One month to the day, a replacement package arrived in the mail, and it had some Bonus stuff!!

    Thanks guys (my knees talking)

  260. Danielle says:

    Love ganja express the stuff you get here is so pure and clean so much better than street I can’t even smoke street stuff anymore which is find with me cuz now it fun looking at more different marijuana stuff like stains and concentrates and fast delivery if you pick free shipping but and it is a big but if you pick 2 day shipping you will be waiting longer i payed the 20 dollars and have to wait longer and theres to mess it up (my order was shipped on January 31 2017 and still waiting it’s February 6 2017 ) so disappointed in the mail service but free shipping is the way to go but yes love the quantity of ganja express you guys are the best thanks for helping me out with my pain and keeping me safe cuz it’s dangerous on the street you don’t know what you are going to get so a big that thank you I will be ordering again soon

  261. donald webb says:

    I am a salmon man myself but after trying GE TUNA KUSH my dietary habits have changed Moroccan hash brings back memories of warm blankets and couch lock comfort:)

    • Alexandre says:

      Just got an answer from Tom,

      Everything will be alright. After a long wait, we are going to do business together again.

      Thanks to the team @ GE!

  262. Letar A. says:

    Considering all that the GE staff went through during December and January, they are still offering a good customer service.
    Even with the lack of communication( improvement would make excellent customer service), Tom did as promised on his last email, I received an updated tracking number, thanks.

    Whatever the issue with Canada Post on this last shipment:
    GE will definitely get repeated business from me;
    I will also recommend GE to friends.

    It was a pleasure to do business with Tom!
    Thank you kindly

  263. pickett710 says:

    Just placed my first order and got the tracking number for Canada Post within 48 hours. From my experience with other delivery services everything looks in order, thanks a lot Ganja Express. ^,^… look forward to reviewing the products!

  264. kenny378 says:

    yeah im going with cp probably black flagged my order… stuck in Vancouver since the 21 and not an update since

  265. says:

    Yeah… i have a feeling that CP definitely black flagged names and all our packages are stuck…
    mine was last shown in Vancouver since the 21st of December and has not moved since …. WHat then? Do we Lose our money?Probably

  266. big09red says:

    I ordered on the 27th, received a tracking number on the 28th and it works. Now I’m
    Not saying nothing fishy is going on as I feel it like everyone else. My two previous orders were shorted items . …… something is definitely up and people deserve answers .

    • Jwmcrae says:

      I was one of the people who had a Dec 5 order not delivered, Mark mailed out a replacement about a week later and I put in another order on the 15th…One order says accepted at Vancouver on the 12th and it has not moved since and the other was processed in Richmond on the 21st and has not moved since… It is my belief that both orders are gone. If one order was missing or late I would think oh well Canada Post is busy, but this is 3 consecutive orders, so there is something else going on here… don’t think it is GE, and it is not someone at CP stealing items. there is too much internal security for that to be going on… Only thing I can think of is that RCMP or CP are intercepting the packages… I really do not believe that GE is ripping people off, I have dealt with them in the past and had great service.
      Something is definitely wrong, GE is unable to send product, I really do not think it has to do with Christmas volume, Items are sitting at one station for days, (ie they are not moving them). I guess I am out 300 bucks, and looking for a new supplier,

      • says:

        yeah i think rcmp is intercepting mail

        • kevin Brouwer says:

          RCMP cannot intercept mail unless it’s delivered to the home.

          while in transit, privacy laws forbid it.. cops have tried in the courts many times and it’s deemed unconstitutional.

        • jessy.girard63 says:

          Yes you are right i had one package that was on the way all a sudden on the tracking site it said Item arrived at the Undeliverable Mail Office. Please contact Cust Service so i did left a message and then they called me back and said that my package contain cannabis so they have to call the RCMP and we are so sorry for the inconvenience.. So one thing to remember. this happen in the middle of november and i was never contacted by the RCMP and i don’t think i will ….Ganga is going to have to change the way they ship dropping off the parcel at same location is a nono they are catching on when a bunch of parcel coming from same place 200 to 300 a day that a lot and the return address that one more thing ……i hope this help knowing what going on with your parcel ……………………. Ganga is a great place to buy all the ganga product you need time to change a few thing on the shipping end

      • Bill maher says:

        too bad bro! we smoking up in here

  267. ben ross says:

    Why is tracking information unavailable for my package?
    If you receive a message indicating that tracking information is unavailable for your parcel, it doesn’t mean that your package hasn’t been mailed. It may mean that:

    There has been a delay between when your parcel was scanned and the availability of tracking information online. Please check again later.
    Tracking information isn’t available yet. This may be the case in rural locations, or when information is provided by foreign postal administrations. Please check again later.
    Your item was sent using one of the following services to U.S. or international destinations for which tracking information and delivery confirmation are not available:
    Small Packet™
    Light Packet™

    • ben ross says:

      Only thing i can find about tracking #s on canada post and why it might not be working

    • Batezky says:

      Unfortunately the tracking number you entered is not in our system is the message I get when I click on the truck in my account.

      Anyway wouldn’t be an issue if there was an explanation provided as to why the number doesn’t work as well as a status update. But the silence on GE’s end is concerning me.

  268. Batezky says:

    I ordered December 18th, sent etransfer which was accepted. I was given tracking number that still doesn’t work. I have sent three emails inquiring about status and haven’t received a response yet. Buyer beware.

    • ben ross says:

      I ordered on the 23 and finally got my tracking number today which is working fine..i will update when and if it gets here

    • ben ross says:

      How does your tracking number not work is what i dont understand ..i just logged into my acct and clicked on the truck button and it went to canada post website and my order. What are you guys getting?

      • kevin Brouwer says:

        Dude I’ve been waiting since the 10th for a zip.

        Tracking number shows as invalid and not in CP system.

        • ben ross says:

          Thats shitty and i havent recieved anything yet but my tracking number is working on canada posts site but seems all to common that tracking numbers arent working. This is my first time trying the internet thing so im a little skeptical but i do have something in the mail coming my way with the tracking number GE provided

  269. Zakhitchcock995 says:

    Has anyone received a tracking number from December 19/20th order yet ?

    • Dave Bégin Ouellet says:

      Made an order on December 21 st. I have received a tracking number

    • jack_herer says:

      I received a tracking number but it’s still not in the system. There’s something sketch going on here. Its only happening to ge and canada post says there are no delayed packages, and apparently its been going on since december 5th.

      • pickett710 says:

        Well, I just placed my first order with GE. My friend uses them all the time with no issue… Canada Post was closed Dec.26th and 27th. Also their deliveries were backed up from the biggest online shopping year in history so, have faith.

      • ken says:

        I never received my Dec 5th order. GE shipped a replacement and it was JACKED by CP, tracking says shipped Dec 21st scheduled for Dec 23rd delivery. Both packages are at CP Vancouver. CP is the issue!!!!

    • jack_herer says:

      and why wait till jan 9th to do anything about it. its not just one person either, going by the comments there are a lot of people effected, but it just dosent seem a priority for them. They except the etransfer within minutes, but don’t seem to have any obligation to follow through with service……. Oh well, as the old saying goes. stung ones, twice shy.

    • micmoose10 says:

      I ordered on 21st.
      Received tracking number, but item shows it has just been “sitting” for last 7 days.
      But that is not GEs fault.

      • ken says:

        It’s gone dude!
        Wish I knew if it’s CP or an employee of CP. My small orders make it, but the larger ones don’t, makes me think it’s an employee at CP jackin’ our shit!

        • says:

          its not gone …CP its just backed up right now…i doubt there is anything happening in GE’s end since ordering over 10 times, and have friends who have ordered before without problems…

    • Deaven Morris says:

      Made orxer on 19th and the tracking number doesnt work either.

    • ben ross says:

      Its been 7 days and i havent even recieved a tracking nimber so im sure canada post isnt all to blame

      • ben ross says:

        Well i just looked and everything is on order know just being a first timer wasnt sure if this is legit but i have my tracking number and delivery date. Im sure my timing for otdering wasnt the greatest lol…oredered dec 23 smh

    • Zakhitchcock995 says:

      I order on the 8th and 10th received both those orders in timely fashion but been over a week excluding the holidays and still no word

  270. jrock says:

    hey , I placed a order on dec 18 and on the 19th I got a invalid tracking number. i need help! order number 25181

    • jrock says:

      lol nvm! i just read the post on invalid tracking. thanks happy holidays!

    • Michael R says:

      From Jay,

      Canada Post is really backed up during this holiday season. If we sent you a tracking number, it’s because we’ve dropped your package off at the post office. If your tracking number is not in Canada Post’s system, it’s because they are late in updating their tracking system and there is nothing we can do about it. Please allow for more time for your tracking number to work or your package to arrive.

      We will not be responding to support tickets regarding invalid tracking numbers until Jan. 9th.

      Thank you for your patience.

  271. Daniel says:

    Jay and the team, can you please find out what is happening with order #22498? Placed December 10th, still no tracking number or anything. Happy Holidays!

  272. Deaven Morris says:

    Just wanted to make a post because I had read through some of these looking to see if others were having an issue with tracking numbers.

    When I asked Jay about this, I sent an email at 844 am and recieved a reply at 909 am. 25 minutes total. I know this is likely not the norm for speed of reply but have patience friends. Thanks

    • B says:

      Exactly!!! I have a “lost” order from Dec 4/5. I contact GE about that… got a reply from Mark. He already sent a replacement package (thanks Mark), and 2 days later, the tracking number of the replacement didn’t work.

      I know there’s nothing more GE can do about that for the moment. In between the time CP lost this first order, and the time Mark sent me a replacement, I did another order on GE (Dec 13) and got the package 2 days later.

      GE ARE SENDING PACKAGES!! They are not stealing your money!! I have $900 of orders lost in the mail… and I’m still full confident about GE.

      I have another “lost” package… from Canada Post let me a card to pick up the parcel the next day at the post office.. but they didn’t find the package after a week.
      Yeah, Canada Post have a huge problem.

  273. desiree says:

    Thanks for the service, even if communication isn’t 100%, you guys are doing all you need to buy completing orders. Cheers and happy holidays!

    • Michael R says:


      Canada Post is really backed up during this holiday season. If we sent you a tracking number, it’s because we’ve dropped your package off at the post office. If your tracking number is not in Canada Post’s system, it’s because they are late in updating their tracking system and there is nothing we can do about it. Please allow for more time for your tracking number to work or your package to arrive.

      We will not be responding to support tickets regarding invalid tracking numbers until Jan. 9th.

      Thank you for your patience.

      • Michael R says:

        From FAQ

        What happens if I don’t get my package?
        If you do not get your package 2 days after the expected arrival date, let us know and we will file a trace with Canada Post.

        If a trace is filed, Canada Post will conduct an investigation (which can take 5 business days to complete). If they can locate the package, they will ship it to you and you’ll get it a few days later. If it’s deemed “unrecoverable”, we will send you a 1x replacement package, free of charge.

        We do not offer postage refunds if your order arrives late due to any postal issues.

        • jack_herer says:

          I just called Canada Post. They said this is not true. That even if the package missed the initial scan. It would still get scanned somewhere along the way. What is actually going on here?

          • Jay says:

            I wish I knew and believe me, that’s the same thing that they’re telling me. I just think Canada Post is really backed up. Please be patient, worst case scenario, we will replace your package or give you a refund. Give me your order number and I will find your physical tracking slip and post it on here and send it to you.


      • wilfordtaylor77 says:

        Thanks so much I appreciate and realize that and this time the holiday seasons you guys are really busy I can’t wait for my parcel to get here so I can keep ordering from you merry Christmas and happy holidays

        • Timmy2grams says:

          I am having the same issue with my tracking number. I believe it to be Canada posts problem. However, we’re all paying extra for express shipping and canada post is failing to deliver on time. To me this is fraudulent behavior, can we not file a lawsuit? If they cannot deliver packages in 2- 3 business days then they should not be offering that service and charging a lot of money for it.

        • jack_herer says:

          #25272……… I’ll take my refund now!!!

          • jack_herer says:

            Well if GE was truthful and CP did deliver late. Then GE would be eligible for a refund for the shipping charges. Lets see some shipping refund receipts if they are actually telling the truth. I’m guessing they can’t produce such receipts.

      • kevin Brouwer says:

        Backed up as in not scanning an order that the shipping icon says had been ” picked up on the 12th of December”????
        my order#22363

        Tracking No. :MW463712119CA
        Date / Time : N/A
        Description : We could not find this Tracking Number in our system.
        Service Type :N/A

      • Jf says:

        I asked for a remplacement order still no tracking or confirmation it s ship it s normal ?

      • Michael R says:

        Why Jan 9th??? Is it Canada Post who cannot respond until that time???

    • Jay says:

      Cheers! Happy Holidays to you as well!!

  274. John sexton says:

    awesome job guy’s – i ordered for the first time a few weeks ago – and decide to make another order on dec 21st very early in the morning – so that i would have something rolling along for after the xmas weekend and i have no idea how busy they are ,i can only imagine especially this time of year , but they had my package processed and in the mail complete with tracking confirming CP has it -that day – i mean i’m not without so if it arrives after xmas – so be it – GE has gone above and beyond to serve their customers and its CP’s hands now -you cant ask for more than that .

    Merry xmas to all at GE ,looking forward to ordering in the new year

  275. Robert Waters says:

    They just respond to me I’ll let you guys know what’s happening

  276. Jowaxe says:

    I was one who was affected by the Dec 5th shipment. Now – I finally got my money back today (thank you), but not without headaches along the way. My gripe with GE was never about them losing the shipment, it was about how they chose to handle it. There was no communication and customers were left hanging. We didn’t know if GE was doing anything about it. This is the equivalent of your drug dealer coming over and you giving him some money. He goes out to his car to get the stuff and he drives away. Maybe he’s going to get the stuff somewhere else? But how do I know that?

    The lack of response to emails and support tickets was maddening.

    Listen, as soon as GE knew this was a problem, they should have just mass emailed everyone affected with acknowledgment of the problem, a plan of action to sort it out and a timeframe for this to be done. This would have certainly reduced the number of emails they couldn’t respond to. An update every 2 days (mass email again – you’re sending 1 email each time) to let the customers know where you’re at, and if you’re not going to hit the timeframe you set up front, you better communicate that early and provide an updated timeline. That alone could have saved you a lot of trouble!

    I would also suggest a waiting list for new clients until they can properly service their clients. I’ll be keeping an eye on reviews and I might consider trying GE again when there is some consistent customer service happening. This was not the first hiccup I had with GE. 2 out of 4 orders were kind of a mess and both could have been salvaged with some customer service and communication.

    • herbeckness says:

      I m still waiting!!! said it could take up to the 9th of jan… or if they want to sent a new packing out… agree to there sent us money if you get 2 packages!! anyone else get this???

      • ken says:

        Yes, I received the same offer! However, my package is still at CP Vancouver, it’s been 2 days. Looks like it may be sitting with the Dec 5th order.

    • RLarabie says:

      You said it perfectly!! Customer service is so important

  277. Zakhitchcock995 says:

    These people saying “medicine” are full of shit … We’re all potheads , just own that shit

  278. kenny378 says:

    Honestly i have never had any problems ordering from these guys aside that one time the package was really danking and almost got busted by purolator im not sure if i could of had gotten in trouble but thank god the guy was cool and he just warned me and told me not to do it again bla bla..i honestly almost shat myself but held my cool and smiled and walked off feeling very emberassed because it was infront of like 6 other customers( i had to pick up my package at the office because i missed my delivery) , i did send them an e-mail telling them to double seal next time on like orders over an ounce but never did get a reply… aside from that there bud and prices are not comparable to any other site out there

  279. felix.danis says:

    Very poor customer support , i’ve order the 4th December and its stuck in Vancouver. I tried to call several times , I left several voicemails , email and no answer at all. I never had issue before with GE , but its starting to piss me off to be honest.. PLEASE ANSWER ME!

    • desiree says:

      Felix, all will work out, My tracking number didnt work for 3 days and now it works!!! just within the last 10 minutes, so be patient, My delivery date is 28th unfortuantly now though,.

    • westwood-19 says:

      I really do not understand why everyone is so butt hurt by the customer service. They always reply to my emails. They answer my support tickets. Does everyone on this review page expect that they will be perfect 100% of the time. No. No one on earth is. Give them a break. Can you see how many orders they are getting? Obviously they are busy. I have spent over $1000 on this website. The only hiccup they have made was with my December, 5 order. They sent me a email and are replacing my order and I might still receive my original order. That is fine with me. Its Christmas, quit being cry babies.

      Thank you Jay and everyone on the Ganja team for all that you do for me and everyone else.
      Keep up the good work.

      • desiree says:

        Well everyone has reasons for it.. Some people don’t have money to waste and not knowing if your package worth quite a bit is lost or not. Things are going to be slow around this time of year people need to be patient but not make others suffer for it. We all appreciate Jay and his teams efforts to answering as much as they can. Happy holidays all!

      • Marley says:

        Agreed. I’ve been talking to Mark and I just got a replacement package shipped out to me. Already got a tracking number. Can’t wait. Thanks again everyone at GE. You always reply to my emails.

        I agree it sucks but we have to remember Canada Post sucks. Lol
        Happy holidays all.

        • shaunwalterbehie says:

          I was tlking to mark aswell my pkg is resent too recieved my tracking # aswell and as far as not GE responding its busy season with them, aswell as canada post and i recieved a response within a week and they have keep in touch to let me know the progress, pretty good considering, my friend has been ordering from them over the last yr and has not had any issues. thxs GE i also placed another order cant wait.

  280. ryan halliday says:

    Put in a order on the 17th got the tracking on the 20th and it showed up today 21st(Winnipeg) Everything was in the package and it had zero smell till it was opened and all looks nice. Don’t know about other peoples orders that are missing but i hope they get resolved asap.

  281. Philippe says:

    It is really shitty trying to call or e mail support team but getting no answer can someone from ganja give us a shout as why customer service is so hard to get!!!was patient with the first issue but now it’s starting to be a hassle !!!

  282. Philippe says:

    Can someone tell me if they received their package even if the tracking doesn’t add up

    • Philippe says:

      Put in an order on the 18 th it says Canada post pick it up on 19 th but no tracking numbert

      • desiree says:

        I’m in the same boat, ( 8 previous orders and no issues) IT says it was completed in my account, but the tracking number does not work. I couldn’t find any answer if someone received package without having a working tracking number.

    • henderson_b says:

      Don’t worry, I had issues with tracking numbers with my first order and then later that day it had arrived at my house. Patience is a virtue and I’m sure the people at GE are more than busy this time of year! 🙂

  283. Josh says:

    They replied to my dec 5th order email. They are supposedly sending a replacement package.

    Placed another order on n Dec 16 and its in my mailbox now(ontario)
    Im thinking they are just way too busy w the xmas rush.
    Also ppl, they dont owe you shit. You are buying weed illegally online. Once Canada Post has your package its out of GE hands.
    They are doing us a favour if they replace our lost orders. Get out of the damn ‘me me me, you owe me, fix it now” frame of mind cuz its annoying as shit.

  284. kevin Brouwer says:

    To get into the festive spirit,

    On the 11th day of waiting before Christmas, I’m still waiting for ganjaexpress to give to me, A single response,14 grams of pineapple express,14 grams of northern lights, a valid tracking number and one Huge Apologyyyyyy!!!

    Merry Christmas!!! PFFFT!

    • whiteboy2008 says:

      I order the 14 dec and never receive nothing after 17 order is the first i not receive and after 10 email and ticket open no people respond me

    • desiree says:

      I think they are just behind.. I ordered On the 19th, still nothing, Tracking number does not work, but it does say completed from the order page, Im going to say its Canada post, but with all my other orders, the tracking number worked right away. Please assist us GE!!!! Perhaps it was sending the E transfer to vancitytreats, whereas it was ususaly hugatreefund.

      • gozutest says:

        Same boat as you. It near the holiday so its probably Canada Post.

      • FakeBoxer says:

        Same with my order from this Sunday. Got tracking number on Monday but not working, but after 24H it started working with an eta of Friday. So basically Canada Post picked up my parcel Monday and didn’t even both scanning it till the next day at midnight -.- Any issue I’ve ever had is Canada Post being useless not GE, they’ve been incredible.

    • kenny378 says:

      good luck with the apology, you would be lucky to get a response.

  285. chris.robinson93 says:

    I placed another order Dec 15th and just got it in the mail today Dec 21st I couldn’t be happier THANKS GE!

  286. big09red says:

    Two orders in a row now they’ve forgot one of my items I ordered , anyone else ever have this??

  287. Dave Bégin Ouellet says:

    I ordered Dec 14 and was in Dec 20. Well packed, quality perfect! I will sure deal again!

  288. benny420 says:

    Been waiting almost a week for my tracking number. This is ridiculous, either get more staff to help or don’t do this shit at all.

    • ken says:

      GE got back to me. The Dec 5th orders should be resolved by Jan 9th.

      I am pleased that they replied. Im gonna roll the dice with another order. Wish they had more of the”Purple Space Cookies”

      • chris.robinson93 says:

        I haven’t received my Dec 5th order either however I put in another order 10 days later and that was on the 15th and I will have it tomorrow morning the 21st in ON. Tracking worked all went smooth. Whatever happened with Dec 5th orders is beyond me.

      • Jowaxe says:

        That is pure nonsense. I can’t get a reply to save my life. And Jan 9th is unacceptable – over a full month from time of order….I’ve seen some people in reviews say something about today being a “drop dead date”….I just want my money back at this point. GE needs to stop accepting new customers until they can service their existing customers at a professional level. 2 1/2 weeks and I still don’t know what’s going on. That’s not ok.

        • benny420 says:

          I agree completely. They need to start saying no to people if they can’t even fill customers orders. They;re digging themselves deeper and deeper.

          I had so much faith in this company before you guys started ignoring and pushing shit aside. That’s not cool. People need their medicine and if you’re going to make us wait a ridiculous amount of time why are you even in this business. Etiquette is terrible.

          Definitely gonna look for a new company

        • Michael R says:

          xpresspost is guaranteed, 2 days delivery. Whats wrong

        • sunny-p says:

          They need a waitlist for new customers.

    • BBT says:

      3 Week’s and an counting , something is starting to smell and it ain’t weed

    • Logan Malpage says:

      I ordered mine a week ago as well and I got my tracking number the next day and my order jut came in the mail today so for the busiest time of year I thought they we’re really good with timing as long as the order says completed on your account then it’s all up to Canada post

  289. chris.robinson93 says:

    has it been processed or does it just say Richmond BC?

    • herbeckness says:

      I did not get my Dec 5 th order today, Jay you said we would be getting this today??? So i need my order re sent, I hope i get it by friday because if i put a reg order in today i would get it by then..

    • john.carroll says:

      processed and in transit since forever.Processed at Canada post Oct 24/16

  290. jlennon1103 says:

    Order placed on the 28th of November, accepted the next day, arrived on Dec 1st. Took only 3 days to get from BC to ON. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Be patient my fellow puffers and keep hounding them till they spit the weed out. Cheers.

  291. sunny-p says:

    PATIENCE is all I have to say. These guys are legit. I’ve made tons of orders with only one hiccup which was resolved after a few weeks. Just wait and you’ll be taken care of, eventually.

  292. FakeBoxer says:

    On my 14th order and couldn’t be happier with the prices, quality of all products from bud to budder/shatter and even a few edibles, their communication has been responsive within a day anytime I had an issue, and any issue I had was due to my own impatience on a tracking number, which is uploaded late due to time differences so no issue. 5 Stars

  293. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Gave GE my money the 13th, got my weed the 19th. Order on mondays and you’ll get your kush friday or sooner. Good weed. GO RAPTORS!

  294. Riley Lawremce says:

    Fast delivery and quality product. I am regional so that is maybe why it was so fast. But overall super satisfied. Will be a repeat customer 100%. Thanks GE!

    • Michael R says:

      Good for you i am waiting since december 12. Canada post cannot find my tracking number and i didint receive anything. The first time it work well but not this time

  295. Kieran Beveridge says:

    issue was resolved, thanks Jay!!

  296. Stuart says:

    Jay,you are the man.You did all you said you would, and MORE.You have a lifelong customer.Don’t doubt this site.If there is a delivery problem contact Jay or open a support ticket.These guys make good.

  297. Brent says:

    This service is great got my package so fast in Ontario in only 3 days. Seems stuff has been moving thru the weekend and either way these guys are the best. If your having problems with them please be patient because when your order arrives you will be more than pleased this is my 3rd order and this went out during the whole time people were complaining about a mess up which is Canada Post’s fault I believe. Anyways thanks for all the amazing service you got me for a long time happy customer!!!

  298. David Allison says:

    Great service and great product, 2 days to Ontario, needed it for a bout of insomnia, thank you GE, I can finally gets some Zzzzzz’s………..

  299. Bradley Lynch says:

    great stuff, fast delivery. will be buying again

  300. jlennon1103 says:

    Unlike last time, me khalifa, bubba, sage were properly sealed and weren’t emanating from the mailbox. Good weed, faster delivery, these guys know how to keep their customers. I’m seeing many negative reviews recently; inconsistency is bad for the business but when they do the job, they do it right! Be patient and stalk them till they get the job done. I will put the flowers on hold until the snow melts and the spring comes. Keep up the good work guys!

    • Angie says:

      can I ask what date you placed your order and when it arrived? I ordered mine on the 14th..waiting on that out for delivery status

  301. stephanie runco says:

    Im 1 of many dec 5 ppl missing product only my 2nd order placed first was a week before shipped monday showed up thursday no issues like the rest of u guys i called,emailed,opened a ticket #37 on new support system 2 days ago and got a reply an hour ago summing up what jay posted about email on the 20th if it dosnt show up so they are trying to contact ppl with issues hoppfully they arnt just stringing us along so i wont be making any orders till my product is in hand then i will try a few more 200$ or less orders before placing full ones really sucks really planed on getting some edibles for new years on a side note did anyone get the same tracking # as me MW463621761CA

    • westwood-19 says:

      #23872 December 14, 2016 Processing
      But that day you guys accepted my money. Why has it not been sent out yet? Getting a little worried.

    • andrewlovesmma84 says:

      I’m also amongst the folks who didn’t recieve my december 4th package (shipped and lost on the 5th) and I have a different tracking number than you do stephanie. This is a canada post issue it appears. Seems to be happening to GE over other dispensaries as I order from other sources without as many reports of canada post flubs. Perhaps they aren’t discreet enough and some postal worker scumbag stole our property. I will see tomorrow or tuesday, if not, I will email support for a refund or resend as they advised. What a shit time of year for this to happen.

      • soultore says:

        Lots of people complaining about mail delivery country wide if you pay attention to the news and other social media feeds just be patient. I got 2 of 3 successful orders so far. Threats are not going to help and you are just going to make it worst for everyone else.

      • herbeckness says:

        its sure is, I ordered on the 5 as well, heres hoping tomorrow we get something!!! i did order again last tuesday and got it Friday… so not sure what the issues were!!! i just want my stuff for the holidays!!!

        • andrewlovesmma84 says:

          Canada Post even has a banner on their website stating they’re swamped with record parcels. Meaning they can’t handle the workload and flubbed an entire days worth of GE orders.

  302. Kravking says:

    So update.

    I ordered on Tuesday,. It came today,. Could not be happier!!

    Packaging was top notch, professionally labeled which i thought was pretty cool.
    The White Widow is absolutely beautiful looking, nice light color textures with amazing crystals. The aroma is mild and with a nice earthy undertone. Super happy!! Cannot wait to medicate with this.
    The Animal Cookies looks just crazy amazing upon first look. Opening the baggy smelling the AMAZING mouth watering was an experience. This strain looks CRAZY!! Gsc being for sleep i will be medicating with this tonight. Cant wait for bedtime!!!#

    Great White Shark., looks soooo yummy,. A beautiful coloring displaying the beauty of such an amazing natural medicine.
    This being the only strain ive tried since opening,. I can say the effects are just unreal. Heavy but so light and motivating…if that makes sense, lol. Super impressed! !!

    I cannot say enough great things about this company or its product. !!

    Cheers & happy Medicating.

  303. jonathan.benoit11 says:

    Good Quality stuff but they dont have the best support / personel.. H.D much better for now

  304. kevin Brouwer says:

    I keep reading about these Dec 5th orders… As if the problem has been resolved thereafter???. I placed my 2nd order on Dec 10th.. I’ve been given an invalid tracking number which is not found on canada posts website.

    I’m not saying Ganjaexpress has maliciously done anything wrong.

    It must be known that there are ongoing issues, not just Dec 5th!

    As I’ve only placed 1 successful order to date, my review does not have enough history to really mean anything.

    I can attest that the quality of the product from my succesfull order was fantastic.

    Now, before everyone flames GE to death, please note that they very well may have dropped off all orders to Canada Post and they’re the ones who messed up… I’m waiting for my order too…. Not happy about it but it is what it is.

    Shit happens, let’s not forget Canada Post is the one who delivers the packages… not GE!

    With that being said I’m still dry and want my package lol

    Wherever it may be… 🙁

    My order came late last time too, I don’t expect this time to be any different, it’s that time of year.

    Chill out ppl!

    P.S it’s Patience Not Patients!… I know you don’t have any meds so you can’t use that excuse lol

    • bruceswed69 says:

      Jay , I cannot get ahold of your facility im awaiting an email from you guys its been since the 12th ive been waiting for a processed order cant contact cuz no one answers the phone , finding this a biggg inconvenience as I wished to order before the Christmas rush.

    • Pirate Kitty says:

      Why do the emails to support go unanswered? Why do tickets close and they are not answered? No sir, Canada Post is not the only one in the sales chain.
      Canada post has no obligation to me for any type of support. They didn’t take my money and send me a phony tracking number!
      I like to think that my $100 is not gone, but I think they are cleaning up to go out of business after Xmas, and are cashing in before they go…

      • remitum says:

        I’m sure that they aren’t just taking our money, we’ve since done another order and the tracking number works just fine. No problems with the service until this, and I can only assume support emails are unanswered because they just have so many of them. For now, all we can do is hope CP finds our packages, but if not, Dec 20 we let them know they aren’t here. That means a nice big delivery right before New Years, yay!

      • soultore says:

        My Dec 5th nothing but Dec 13th its in my city today. Even though CP still says they guarantee 2 day delivery, even with the volumes this is not true. I’m guessing i’ll get it over the weekend or Monday.

    • charness111 says:

      the fact that you order 1200$ worth of weed online from a company that messed up your orders repeatedly kinda shifts the blame onto you ….

  305. miranda.hart says:

    Correction to my last comment my ticket number is 73, I really hope to hear from somebody soon or things are fixed!!

  306. miranda.hart says:

    Hi jay, just wondering about the orders placed on dec 12, my tracking number says there’s no data for it and I have yet to receive it, I left a support ticket number #76 but have yet to hear from anybody

  307. Jay says:

    ***************** UPDATE/ DEC. 5th ORDERS **************

    Thank you all for your patience and suggestions. A special thanks to James & Justin 🙂

    I have spoken with the facility manager at Canada Post in regards to all of this and we are sorting it out. If you don’t receive your order by Tuesday/20th, please email us at and include in the subject line “Dec. 5” and your order number. We will send you a replacement package.

    We have our own list of “Dec. 5th” orders and will be checking it as well.


    • shaunwalterbehie says:

      Perfect thxs jay i know you guys will come through for us thxs again.

    • charness111 says:

      awesome thanks for following up

    • Anthony Sera says:

      Great news!

    • Taylor says:

      Thanks for the update it’s really appreciated!!! Sorry you had to deal with all the people freaking out over something that’s out of your control

    • salvatore Salamone says:

      You got it brother. Thank you

    • Brent says:

      How about orders placed on the 13th…. Haven’t received any ticket at all or recipe yet the money was taken that day…..

    • Brent says:

      My order was resolved and sent received tracking number… Thanks for coming through on my 3rd order minus the little hiccup…. Love the service…. Thanks again for resolving the issue with my order….

    • Marley says:

      Thanks so much jay and everyone at GE for dealing with this issue. Can’t wait. Happy Holidays!!

    • andrewlovesmma84 says:

      Thank you sir, I’ll let you know what happens.

    • Angie says:

      I’m not someone who ordered on December 5th I’m just leaving my experience so far with GE. This was my first time ordering cannabis online and was iffy and sketched out. the reviews here and on reddit were mixed but I’m glad I trusted my gut with Ganja Express. I placed an order and sent and e-transfer at around 11 am today and the payment was accepted, tracking number supplied and packaged was shipped out that night! so far so good 🙂 looking forward to getting my order, Ganja Express is almost too good to be true 😉

      • blakpj says:

        it is my tracking has not worked for a week second buy second shipping fuck up please give me the right tracking # should only be 2 day for me to receive 4 and counting

  308. Jay says:


    We are abandoning our current ticket support system and switching to a new one. The current one isn’t working and causing us a lot of headaches. Because of this, all tickets that have been opened will be deleted. Please open a new ticket for support once the new system is in place. You can still send email to “”.

    Thank you for your patience.

    • David Ginther says:

      Thanks for the update jay…. cheers

    • Stuart says:

      great, another delay……and our time wasted

    • Kravking says:

      I just placed my first order. Even after reading the bad reviews i chose to order anyways hoping ganjaexpress does care for their customers.
      I was sent a tracking number but canada post says its not in the system.
      Understandably there are delays but im here for medicine NOT recreation..

      Having said that….. I hope to see my meds soon. They were very quick to take my money, heres hoping theyre just as quick sending.

    • remitum says:

      Do we have to open another ticket if our package was one of the Dec 5 lost packages? Or can I not bother since I know you are on it? I’ve submitted another order in the meantime and I am waiting patiently for my lovely dope to show up. This service is still great and I cant wait for my orders to arrive! You won’t lose my business because Canada Post effed up.

    • andrewlovesmma84 says:

      Good to know, still no word on the december 5th orders?

    • Kravking says:

      Update, . so far so good. Meds are enroute according to tracker. Knock on wood it all goes smooth,. Iam excited! Being my first time ordering outside gov lp crap. Im hoping all goes well and the quality of meds is as people say.
      Will update upon arrival and opening of med

  309. Pirate Kitty says:

    First order for 10 sample pack came within 3 days.
    Second order, I saw that if you order $100+, shipping is free. So I did that, and that was 5 days ago.
    No phone answering, returning my email, ignoring my support ticket, is not what I was expecting. I can get that anywhere!
    Reading about other people’s problems here, I would not be ordering from these guys again

    • RusevMachka says:

      Man why u all cry lik babies? Why you have be madd? This guys are doing good business and is good. and you have all cry they fix!! Wait! Don’t be the babies! Have good times! курю травку каждый день!

  310. big09red says:

    Have faith people , I had a small issue with last order and they came good. Just have to be patient .

  311. Jay says:


    We are having problems with some of the packages shipped out on Dec. 5th. The tracking information is not working. We have called Canada Post and not getting much help from their end. We are very sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience in this matter.

    This happened recently(November 18th), over 50 packages were stuck in “limbo” and 10 days later, the packages started heading to their destinations. We are doing everything we can to speed up this process and in the event your package is lost, we will send out a replacement package free of charge.

    Our support team is busy trying to get to everyone, if you’ve submitted a ticket in regards to this matter, someone will get to you soon. Opening multiple tickets will not speed things up but just make it worst for everyone.


    • Ibrahim says:

      I have been waiting since Dec the 5th already ! for how long i should be waiting to get a replacement package??! If you want your customer to be loyal to your service I highly recommend you do something about it quickly.

      • James says:

        “I highly recommend you do something about it quickly” HaHaHa, you are too funny.
        Ibrahim, stop whining, put on your big boy pants and place another order.
        Next time stock up before the holiday gongshow.
        CP lost one of my orders and GE replaced it after 5 weeks, I was pleasantly surprised;
        remember this is a dope deal.

        • Ibrahim says:

          HAHA place another order he says !! you are such a bu*t kisser James, without mentioning its non of your business. I paid 110$ for my order and I expect to receive what I paid for, whats fair is fair, I shouldnt be begging to get it. and if you are fine with waiting for 5 weeks to get what you supposed to get in two day or three maximum I AM NOT fine with that.

          • Justin says:

            2 to 3 days, lol you make me laugh. The standard waiting time is 5 business days, and Canada Post sometimes screws up which GE can do nothing about. They aren’t Canada Post get that through your thick skull. Canada Post screwed up one of my orders which made me wait a total of 2 weeks for my package, guess what I didn’t blame GE. I blamed Canada Post and even then I realized there was nothing I could do about it. If you can’t be patient then you can go to your local buddy. GE has always sent out my order within 2 Canada Post business days of ordering and anything that happens beyond that point is out of their hands.

    • Ryan Augustynowicz says:

      You certainly have a stellar website with great prices, but GE is definitely lacking in the customer service department.
      I suggest hiring more customer service agents if you expect to grow your business any further. It’s been 4 days since I’ve sent GE an email concerning my order, and I’m still yet to receive any reply.
      A good temporary resolve would be mass-email this notice to every customer with a package sent out on the 5th as I’m sure that there’s more than a few dozen people who are paranoid that the police seized their medicine.


    • Robert says:

      Can someone please look into ticket id 216…..PRETTY PLEASE…..

    • envi.ben says:

      Thanks Jay, I appreciate this comment. Atleast I know what’s going on now.

    • Jamie Mcrae says:

      Thanks for the update Jay, my package is one of those in limbo, delivered to the post office on the 5th, tracking number works but just shows it sitting at the post office in Van…expected delivery date the fifth, (today is the thirteen) hope this gets resolved soon, running low!


    • herbeckness says:

      Thank you JAY for the update!
      I will wait for my order to arrive.. I have did make an other order today , hope there is no problems with this one!!!!

    • Stuart says:

      WOW,I hope you are not seriously thinking about making all us that ordered on the 5th wait five weeks for a replacement order.As was stated, our money was quickly accepted.You didn’t have to wait five weeks for that.I have literally spent more than a couple grand on this site and think a little better customer service would be in order.I HAVE received an E-Mail reply,unfortunatly it basically said keep waiting and we will some day get around to replacing the order.Some time down the road really is not cutting it at this point.I guess the ball is in their court and we are left hanging waiting to see if we are going to get what we PAID for.

    • andrewlovesmma84 says:

      Alls we wanted was reassurance. Thanks for getting back to us and I’ll let you know when/if I recieve it.

    • remitum says:

      Thank you, my tracking number says its not in the system, so we’ve just been sitting here thinking someone ganked our shit.

    • soultore says:

      Thanks for the update. I placed an order yesterday, order has been processed, and already showing up in Canada Posts tracking system. Still not the Dec 5th order, strange!

  312. John sexton says:

    placed order on the 6th of dec and recieved it by the 8th – very straight forward ordering process , package arrived with contents well protected – very happy first timer and will be looking forward to my next order

  313. Chris Kurzawski says:

    Extremely impressed!! Ordered on Friday was here on Monday!! Product is amazing well packed just all around simple and easy can’t wait to try all the other products !!

  314. herbeckness says:

    I placed an order on dec 5 and still have not got it the tracking number says its not even in the system and the ganja people have emailed me back saying it could take up to 5 day for them to hear back from canada post, this sucks. I m out of green and don’t want to place an other order.. heres hoping they can figure something out quick!!!

    • Ibrahim says:

      Bro i got the same issue, I ordered on dec 5 and still havent got it yet !

      • soultore says:

        Same ordered on the 5th, no tracking number, opened ticket asking for a trace no response yet.

      • andrewlovesmma84 says:

        Really? December 4 for me and tracking info also didn’t register. Someone gank our packages?

        • Stuart says:

          Ordered on the 5th also,I think someone is going to have a very merry Christmas.Just not us.

        • herbeckness says:

          not cool…

          • herbeckness says:

            still nothing in my mail box ….

          • soultore says:

            Has anyone else gotten a email or response to a support ticket back from GE about this? I see one person, I have been trying but nothing, they sure will take my cash fast though?

          • charness111 says:

            Ordered Dec 3rd, they accepted my money almost instantly.
            Got a tracking # Monday, Canada post said tracking number unavailable… Now it is Dec 13, Tracking # still unavailable.
            Spoke to Canada Post and they said that tracking # iI have is one from a package with the # already on it, instead of one that is generatedwhen GE gave them the package to ship. And they said that even if they had forgotten to scan it when GE gave it to them, it should have been scanned at least 2 or 3 more times before even making it to my city. And once its scanned we should be able to see it online. So according to Canada Post GE never gave the package to them because it would have been scanned at least once by now.

            Have called, issued tickets, emailed, and commented here so many times. not even one reply. I dont understand why they put so little effort into customer service when we love their prices and quality…. Id order from here twice a month if it wasnt such a hassle to get in touch with them.

            Hoping this comes soon

    • remitum says:

      I am having the same Issue, but the guys at GE say they have opened a ticket with Canada Post, so i guess I gotta wait and see. I hope it comes in soon, the holidays are next week and I can’t do em without some green!

  315. Coddie Gilbert says:

    Great service seems every time i order it come quicker, love looking to see what they add seems at least a strain a day. This morning i see a coupon for 15% off ive already been blown away but to come on and get a discount deal is just awesome.Keep up the great work and have a great holiday.

  316. T says:

    I’ve already made 3 orders and I’m extremely satisfied. The buds do indeed buzz differently! I would really like to see some more classic strains. AK47, White Rhino/Widow, Maui Waui (wowie), California Orange/Orange Skunk etc… In any case, great jobs guys, and great ganja! Keep up the good work.

  317. Stuart says:

    I don’t like to leave anything negative,but I ordered on Monday.It is now Friday and nothing.The tracking # says that it was last seen in Richmond BC on the 7th.I have literally called one 100 times and can not get through.I have E-Mailed numerous times, left a support ticket and nothing.The products I have ordered in the past are great, but the customer service is nonexistent.Please get back to me about my order as I have run out of ideas on how to contact you guys.If this can’t be resolved,I guess I have to find another service.

    • willickashley says:

      I got my second order only 2 days after ordering. If your order is late it’s Canada posts fault. This company really stands behind their products and service. Top notch all the way. Great prices too.

    • andrewlovesmma84 says:

      Same issues here man. According to reddit, this is not the first time they went AWOL and left us in the dark. They eventually came back and offered refunds or quick sendouts, hopefully they do that again, ordered 8 days ago now and the tracking info didnt even register with canada post. No sign of my order and no answer from ANY form of social media or the phone. This better get resolved soon. I won’t likely be dealing with these guys again if I don’t get a good explanation as to why customers are getting their money taken and not recieving meds or reason for the issues.

  318. Made my order dec 3, was finally processed on December 6, and checked the tracking all it says Dec 7. in process and says where its coming from, Anyone else getting there orders late? I am still waiting for mine. Tried to track it on Canada post but nothing has been changed.

    • I am still waiting for my order!! GE?? what u make of this?

      • biggerdaddy_2 says:

        contact canada post , get them to see where it is.

        • Stuart says:

          Contacted Canada Post,they will not do anything unless Ganja Express contacts them to start an investigation.If you can’t get through to GE to get that started then we are at an impasse.Great product, terrible or NO customer service.PLEASE find my package.We shouldn’t have to beg to get what we paid for.

          • biggerdaddy_2 says:

            Canada post blocked my last two orders , also blocked several of my friends as well . not sure if this is the new norm . no necessarily ganja express fault maybe they are super busy dealing with this epidemic . 🙁

          • soultore says:

            What do you mean by blocked? :\

          • biggerdaddy_2 says:

            i mean they handed to the federal government and told me to call them if i want my package , i’m sure you can put 2 and 2 together. any more descriptive and they wont post my comment

    • John says:

      Most Canada Post employees stayed home Friday due to snow ,my neighborhood didn’t get delivery at all , but don’t worry ,I ordered for the first time last week and got my package by Thursday , but once it is accepted by Canada Post ,it’s Canada Post you need to call if it doesn’t arrive by due date ,plus if it says ” in progress” on co tracking then they have it but they don’t always update on weekends ,plus it’s the busy season , I do plenty of online shopping and as long as their is tracking it’s mighty rare that they ” lose it “

  319. T Soprano says:

    Placed an order (quarter of flower) on December 3rd (Saturday). It being a weekend, I didn’t expect much to happen until the next business day. The money order was accepted and I was promptly given instructions and a tracking number. Please note: there are many comments about Canada Post’s tracking system being ‘frozen’, this was true in my situation. Only the progress bar was frozen–the actual delivery status timestamps were updating. I was pleased with this, and I decided to make a second order on Wed. December 7 (10 gr sample pack and 1 gr kief). What is really strange about my second order, is that the progress bar was NOT frozen this time–furthermore, Canada Post projects a delivery date of Dec. 9, today (keep in mind I haven’t received my first order yet). BOTH of my orders should arrive today.. However, I am not sure why the first order is taking so long. Moreover, I thought XpressPost was 2 day delivery (which is the case with my second order, classic Canada Post I guess). Maybe they are busy at the post office because of the holidays, or something like that. Anyways, I really hope my packages arrives today because I can’t wait to test out the products. If I make another order, it will be on a Monday or Tuesday before 9AM PST. I look forward to reviewing the products and I will post an update once the packages arrives!

  320. richie.okeefe32 says:

    Wow thank you so much. This is great. I live almost a far away as you can ship and it got to me in 5 days. The weed is great and much cheaper than what they sell it for here. I can’t wait to put in another order. This really made my day.

  321. Hayley Waugh says:

    Ordered my first sampler pack on Tuesday and got it Wednesday. Every sample gram weighed over a gram, made me feel super good about this site. So i ordered another 2oz yesterday lol Im a vey avid smoker and would love to hear some feedback on suggestions. Cheers!!

  322. soultore says:

    Did my first order last month for the sampler pack and afghan hash, all really good. Placed order Monday was in mailbox by Wednesday. Did second order on sunday, picked up by CP monday but tracking website says cant find tracking number, maybe post office delays?

    • remitum says:

      My tracking number isn’t coming up either, and it says it was picked up Dec 5, and now its the 9th.

      • soultore says:

        Same thing, thought by reading other reviews it would be here forsure today, nope. No communication.

        • charness111 says:

          Same for me. Got my tracking # on Monday but Canada Post says trcking number unavailable..

          • Elizabeth says:

            same situation 🙁 I received my tracking number last Monday as well and its still not working and no response yet from GE 🙁

        • envi.ben says:

          same thing here guys. for a national post office, they should be able to handle seasonal influxes much better.

        • Jake Laird says:

          same here unfortunately. Got my hopes up with the two day shipping haha

          • soultore says:

            Tracking # still not updated and still nothing in the mail for me. I send and received lots of mail and all my packages are getting to the destinations just fine, and incoming is working fine, and tracking has been fine.. Just not this package from GE 🙁

  323. Pirate Kitty says:

    Holly craporooni… Ordered a 10g sample pack on Monday, received it Thursday morning in Ottawa.
    Opened the xpresspost envelope to find a sealed vacuum bag containing goodies. inside it, was a zip-lock bag that contained 10 smaller zip lock bags. It was a treasure hunt.
    As soon as you open the first zip lock bag, you smell the reason it has to be double bagged and hermetically sealed. Smell of heaven’s air if you ask me.
    eeny meeny miny moee, came out Thai Haze sample bag. 2 minutes, and 2 puffs later, OMG. Relax as being dead with a live mind.
    I found the spring fountain of life and youth. My dealer can go to hell.

    • richie.okeefe32 says:

      I know I got one today as well. I love it. I find if I smoke the same stuff for a while I build up a tolerance to it. So this is perfect.

      • Pirate Kitty says:

        I know what you mean with the tolerance thingy. I usually stop for 2 days and put up with the withdrawal of being drowsy all day. I smoke after 2 days and get a real good high for a couple of days. Then I get used to it again.
        I thought to use different strands, so far so good.
        Happy high…

  324. benny420 says:

    Got my half O of death bubba, must say, DAMNNN

    smells so gooooooood.

    very impressed

    • Medicinalatw says:

      Nice I just got my Q of death bubba, and have to agree, also very impressed. Also of the sped of delivery just excellent! Definitely will be ordering again. Thanks GE!

  325. moto_129 says:

    Second times ordering with them and I never had any issues. These guys are totally legit and they know what they are doing to give you the best products. Im really enjoying what they are offering and would recommend it to everyone

  326. Patty O'Lantern says:

    I am completely satisfied with my first purchase from this wonderful company. Ordering is painless and efficient, and I was able to track my order online. Product was exactly as presented in the pictures, and was top quality as promised. Very professional. Click. Ship. Chill. My hats off to the wonderful people at Ganja Express. I am very thankful to have found you. I look forward to doing business again in the future. Peace!

  327. remitum says:

    Love the product we’ve received, 3 orders placed already.

    The sample pack was a nice easy way to start out, and since then we have had nothing but great product and decent delivery times. The Kief is spectacular and super value, Northern Lights is amazing and Pineapple Express is a good day weed.

    Ordered the mini chocolate bars, and word to the wise, start with little pieces, not half a bar. Husband noticed no effect with the half bar, so in my innocence I thought I would take the other half and be fine. NOPE! It’s 24 hours later and my brain is still swimming! Do yourself a favour, and cut the bars into 1/4 pieces. Start small. Find a soft place to sit and chill. Rookie mistake, next time will be different and I’ll post an update.

  328. jonathan.benoit11 says:

    Was sketchy at 1st even after reading reviews but ended up being legit with great quality product for the right price ! Thanks GE

  329. Brent says:

    These guys do a great job… First order went without a hitch…Next order placed and all I have too do is watch the tracking number and patiently wait for my next exciting order. I live in a place where outdoor and crappy over priced weed is the norm…. So you guys rock…. I can sit at home and hoard my awesome weed all too myself… Thanks again

  330. Otterbox2500 says:

    Come on guys, put some reviews on those concentrates, i am planning to buy a good Q of a unknown kind yet, it is not an easy choice there!!

  331. mickto65 says:

    Made my first order today at about 1:00pm,got my tracking number at 7:43pm. Ontario time. Will review the 3 strains I ordered when they arrive!

  332. Dano_everytime1 says:

    I just scrolled for 5 minutes to get to bottom of page so I could leave a review service is top notch and quality of the bid depends on what you like 2 day delivery is epic

  333. john says:

    Fantastic service , great web site that actually delivers to you and quickly . I was super nervous about ordering but it was so easy and the products well they are all great . Thank you Ganja express for changing all of us by providing online sales. Way to go

  334. felix.danis says:

    Second time im ordering but this time I didnt get my tracking number yet.. its been more then 48h. What’s going on GanjaExpress?

  335. Shane Mills says:

    Well I found this site and thought I have to try it. Haven’t smoked for years, feeling a little stressed and not sleeping well so I do it. Fast service in the mail, good customer service along the way, quick email answers. And sure enough, crazy, ordered some afghan and blonde hash both good, but the blonde is for me a fair bit more intense. Ordered some keif, cheap never tried still haven’t, waiting on a pipe from Amazon crazy, bongs to the door, hash to the door, unreal a little. So good experience, although it knocked my socks off a little more than I was ready for, was in bed in a hour….Might just do it for sleeping too!!

  336. ianto says:

    Mail order as it should be. Can’t get better. Thanks

  337. jlennon1103 says:

    I could actually smell weed 5 meters away from the mailbox so I was happy/afraid at the same time to open it LOL. Means you will get your stuff unless the postman is hella thirsty for weed.

  338. FakeBoxer says:

    The best website that exists, it’s just my homepage now. They update so much there is always new selection, and 12 orders in I haven’t had an issue. Highly Recommend.

  339. arcker8 says:

    Well … Dont know what happen here placed order Nov 17 process Nov 18 Tracking # not working 2 day shipping . Now Nov 28 still nothing in the mail or anything in email. Even nothing with ticket Anyone else had issue ?

  340. melbert56 says:

    Price, quality, and speed of delivery were great. Only negative was that the Canada Post pouch had obviously been recycled and relabeled and absolutely reeked of the good stuff. Everything was properly sealed inside, but you could smell the pouch as soon as the mailbox was opened…..not great, privacy-wise.

  341. T says:

    Fret not. After ordering, my transfer was instantly accepted, it took roughly 5 business days to receive my email (please also check your spam box!!!!). I was pleasantly surprised to have received an email with my tracking number today and the order has already been processed at the sorting facility. My best guess is that these guys are completely swamped with orders due to increasing popularity and may not know where to begin in terms of replying to concerned customers. To new customers, like myself, rest assured, the order may not go out the same day or the next even, everything is done on business days, and like any online store, it may take a few to get the order out! To GanjaExpress, new customers are a bit in the dark and are entering a new world of online-based distribution, a little reassurance/communication would go a long way for first timers. I suppose it’ll be easier when things calm down a bit, no doubt. Thank you team, looking forward to trying this stuff out.! Cheers 😉

  342. james says:

    2nd Time ordering. Order sample pack and hash first time around. second a couple bags of purp kush and norhtern lights, . Amazing. delivery was right on time. happy to order again

  343. Anonymous says:

    Wow… I was 101% skeptical about ordering here but G.E. proved me wrong. Little summary : payment sent on 19th, confirmed on the 20th. Order was stuck in “processing”… 3 days later i check my mailbox. What do i find? An Xpress package and A&W coupons. I call this perfect timing. On the other hand they could improve communication. Great products otherwise.

  344. chris.robinson93 says:

    Legit legit legit lots of love here. My “guy” is fired.

    • jessy.girard63 says:

      Ok that was really great the other DAY i was chat line with A agent FROM GANJA ASKING ABOUT MY ORDER says i will look it and ill b right back well i waited 2 hours and he never came back this started on november 6 first order was lost in the mail ganja said they would replace gave me code then i use the code on the 17 to get my new order so now order saying process well it been a week all i want to know did you ship it and where THE tracking number CAN SOME ONE CONTACT ME ………TODAY PLEASE ………………I’M, SO STRESS FROM THIS IT UNREAL BEEN WAITING 16 DAYS SINCE THE FIRST ORDER

      • tpit1313 says:

        I had the same problem the first time they have no communication at all. So, I took a change and tried to ordered the second no problems at all place my order early Friday morning got it on Tuesday everything was there and must say it was good shit really enjoyed all 3 types I got. The third time which was two weeks ago it was processing and nothing no tracking # I called and I email them heard nothing from them at all. So today is wed nov 23 2016 this will be my fourth attempt in ordering let see what happens wish me luck lol. I’m ordering again just do to the fact that the product is great and I can image how many orders a day they must get so we all must try and a little patience.

      • tyson.much57 says:

        I had an order get lost last week too, they didn’t respond all week but when they did they assured me all orders were being sent out again. I just got a tracking number for the new order. Just wait it out I’m sure they will get to you, they are super busy right now.

        • heathermc_86 says:

          I have ordered twice in the last two weeks, both shipments payment was accepted, and there is no information anywhere on tracking etc. Have emailed with all info a couple times with ZERO response.

          • tyson.much57 says:

            Canada post or purolator? I would keep contacting them, try phoning and email every day. You probably just got missed in all the confusion. If your order hasn’t been confirmed as lost by the shipper they won’t be able to do anything yet anyway. My order that was lost by purolator on November 15 was resent through Canada Post on November 23 and should be here tomorrow. It was confirmed as lost on Monday and resent on Wednesday.

          • PicMan says:

            Heather, can you give us an update on your order above? How was you issue solved?

      • Mike says:

        wondering if you recieved your package?
        i ordered on the 18th got an email right away saying my payment was accepted…and now nothing!
        no emails no replys to phone messages…
        getting stressed out…

        • Mike says:

          i would like to withdraw my above statement and say that my patience apparently got the best of me.
          100% satisfied with my purchase…ordered the 18th shipped on the 21st arrived the 24th…will shop again!!
          thanks for the service

  345. Justin says:

    Ordered some Purple Space Cookies last week and got them last night, 5 business days later which is reasonable. The product was great quality, came vacuumed sealed and was an affordable price. Count was also spot on. I would definitely recommend these guys, they got a customer for life if all my orders go this smoothly.

  346. dzamonsky says:

    Awsome products fast delivery all out good service for first time using..A1 service!!!!!Thanks GE

  347. laurenkosta552 says:

    Perfect rating system they have. Tried there sample pack and it was amazing I cannot believe there premium grade stuff. Well worth the difference.

  348. lucas_campbell95 says:

    Did you have to show Id when they deliver it?

    • foxhound9191 says:

      No Id will be required before or after the purchase. It simply gets delivered like any other mail in a canada post xpresspost parcel.

    • tyson.much57 says:

      If you order through Canada Post without signature on delivery no ID will be required, it will be left in your mailbox. BUT!!!!! if your order cant be delivered to your mailbox and for some reason you need to pick it up from a local post office you will need ID with the same name and address to get your package.

  349. B says:

    A great selection of nice products with fast delivery. Great service. Very impressed. Thank you very much GE!

  350. tyson.much57 says:

    Took my money, $225, for an overnight package Monday now they are ignoring my emails trying to confirm if they even sent the package. I did receive a tracking number for Purolator but the order still says processing on here and the package has not moved from Vancouver all week. The delivery time shows “unavailable”. Spoke with Purolator and they are looking for it but have no idea where it is.

    First two orders through Canada Post came on time and I was very happy with them.

    • jessy.girard63 says:

      I know how it feels canada post lost my parcel so ganja are replacing it and 4 days now my new order saying being process and i talk to them yesterday told me they shipping yesterday but still saying the same well i hope monday it says complete with tracking number ………….

      • tyson.much57 says:

        Must be nice that they offered to replace and actually respond to you. They have ignored my emails all week and the voicemail I left. Nothing, no reply to even confirm that they did send out the order.

        • evuozzo says:

          they are pretty busy, especially lately apparently just getting orders through the roof, strains that just came out in October at the end of the month are already gone. Also, have some patience, i realize since its Marijuana everyone freaks out and you’re even trying to get a confirmation from them saying its sent ? I dont get that from any other companies I buy through online and don’t expect it now. It would be extremely time consuming to have to do that on top of everything they already do. You should re check your email because it will look like the same email that says they are awaiting your payment. Which btw make sure you do right. They give you the information you have to set your secret answer and question to and the transfer email. AND BTW PEOPLE : DO NOT ORDER THROUGH PUROLATOR ! 1. ITS A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY FOR NOTHING , AND 2. IT SEEMS TO TAKE LONGER WITH THE TRACKING INFO NOT HALF AS ACCURATE AS CANADA POST. 3. IF YOUR ONT HOME, THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE IT, AND YOU WILL HAVE TO GO GET IT WITH ID.

          • evuozzo says:

            If they gave you a tracking number, they’ve given you the confirmation you are looking for …. because they don’t send that unless your product has been dropped off for mailing… and be aware sometime the error is on the mailers end and not the companies.. for instance Ganga sent me my tracking number on Monday and I went to check on it make sure it was on its way and it said it wasn’t a valid tracking number – Canada post had failed to update their system and so I wrote an email to ganga thinking them to be scamming me – package came in 2 days and the tracking was working that evening and had already made it to edmonton.

          • tyson.much57 says:

            There was an issue with all their orders through purolator last week. I received a tracking number for a replacement for the lost order today though so I’m happy.

    • tyson.much57 says:

      *UPDATE* They finally responded and said they would resend the order since it was lost by purolator and today I received a tracking number for my replacement order coming through Canada Post. Couldn’t really ask for anything more. Thanks guys!

  351. acousticstage says:

    The service itself is awesome, always quality product. My only gripe seems to be with Purolator losing my stuff. Paid $30 for express shipping, and usually its here the next morning. This time, the package disappeared at the sorting facility and I’ve been waiting 3 days for them to figure out where it is. I paid the extra fee and now will have to wait about a week for it to actually get here. Canada post usually takes 2 days. Not Ganja Express’ fault, but still kinda stinks on my end.

    • tyson.much57 says:

      Same boat. Purolator lost my package on Tuesday or Wednesday. They apparently have no idea where it is and no time frame on how long it will take for them to find it or confirm that it was lost. Not looking good at this point.

  352. benny420 says:

    How long does the xpresspost take to get to you guys? Usually three days to Ontario but apparently my package is still in BC. 🙁

  353. tyson.much57 says:

    First two orders through Canada Post were on time and the product was as advertised. Sent in a $195 order on Monday morning and opted to pay $30 for next day shipping. Order was processed and sent out pretty late Tuesday afternoon through Purolator and has apparently been sitting at the depot in Vancouver for 3 days now with the scheduled delivery time showing “unavailable”. I understand it is not GA’s fault for Purolator delays but I did send two emails to this week to inquire about processing time and delays with shipping and I have got no replies.

    Don’t waste money on “Next Day Shipping” for $30 it will take significantly longer than free shipping through Canada Post.

  354. Jeff.Hudson1966 says:

    Ordered the Grade A Blonde Hash on Monday. Received my order today. Speed of service is excellent. Count was bang on…very impressed. Smells just like I remembered….tastes good. Nice buzz. Good job. Will order again.

  355. linds.turgeon says:

    Great stuff, loved it and got it within a week. I was just curious if anyone has any suggestions on which ones to order that do not smell as bad but are still good? I really enjoyed what I got but I could smell it through the package when I went to pick it up. It was vacuum sealed and in another envelope but I could still smell it. Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure about that, every order I got has been extremely smell proof these guys are top notch I’m sure it won’t happen again to your parcel.

    • Brandon says:

      Did you happen to have a joint on you or anything that could have made you smell cannabis? ordered 2 times now and couldn’t smell anything in the package, but my coat did fool me the first time since i have joints on me from time to time.

  356. Anonymous says:

    Ordered on the 13th, arrived on the 16th. No problems. Discrete packaging, quality product. Thank you. Will order again

  357. asheswake says:

    I placed an order on Sunday – my e-transfer was deposited 15 or so minutes later, and within 5 minutes i also revived an email with instructions about tracking, etc. By Tuesday, i was anxious to get my order so i tossed an email to their info@ and got a reply within a few hours, which was nice. The employee who helped me was very informative and helpful in regards to my questions and this morning, the next day, i was greeted by an unusually early post man drop to my mail box! He usually comes around 1, and this was 10:30 so suffice to say, i was one happy hippy. Ripping open the xpresspost package to inspect my order, i was greeted by a very well packed, enveloped and vacuum sealed package that, upon opening, filled my room with the glorious terpene blend of the Rockstar i ordered.

    I know you may be anxious like i was, but if they accept your money and you get a notification it is completed – rest easy knowing in a few days, you will have very nice product for a very compassionate price. I will absolutely be coming back, especially knowing their customer support is so great and the product is top notch! 🙂

    Thanks again for helping me with my herniated back, GE! <3


    • jessy.girard63 says:

      Thank you Ganja they are sending a new order to replace the order that Canada Post lost ……………… THANK YOU AGAIN GANJA EXPRESS ….

      • Anonymous says:

        Yup these guys have great customer service!!! They refunded me my money at one point for sending me something completely different which was nice, very professional ??

      • Anonymous says:

        Ya canada post is no good. No surprise they are loosing money annually.

        • tyson.much57 says:

          Better than purolator…. paid extra for overnight shipping and its still in the Vancouver depot 3 days later

          • Anonymous says:

            Ya that sucks. Last I heard purolator was owned by the post. There’s your problem… hopefully they forgot to scan and you will be able to relax later today. Nothing worst then staring at the package not moving.

  358. eamorrison.1987 says:

    I never thought about buying online before but eventually a time came where it seemed like my only option. I first looked around this site and from what I can tell seemed legit. After reading enough reviews I finally made my first order. Let me tell you, I was overcome with “buyers remorse” lol but I kept my cool and just reread reviews. I paid to have my stuff (shatter) overnighted (purolator). My e transfer was accepted that same day. Shipped that same day. Next morning! I got my shatter before I even had my bowl of cereal! Definitely the way to go in my books! Always fast and accurate! Don’t worry about these guys. This will be my third time ordering!

  359. boychukmark says:

    Product received on time. Quality looks good, nicely packaged, and no smell. I am impressed and will order again. Well done!

  360. Spencer says:

    Good product. Good prices and shipped right to your door. Have never dealt with anyone personally. But I usually order Tuesday and it’s here at my door by Friday. Cant justify buying the AAAA because I’m happy with the quality and price of the AA-AAA. If your e transfer is accepted your package will be sent. Don’t wait on a tracking email just check your account page at the end of the day and it will be sent. If not wait another day.

    • Tanner says:

      Are you in Alberta or BC?

      • Spencer says:

        Alberta. These guys are great. Canada post on the other hand is a joke. I wish there was another free shipping option. Or one that is reliable but not $30 I’m looking and my package has been in the city since yesterday at 5 pm but I won’t get to enjoy it till tomorrow, usually it’s here by 10 am the day after it gets to the city. And as Christmas starts I fear it’s gonna get worse.

        • Spencer says:

          Well it got put on the wrong truck 2 days in a row. when I didn’t see it this morning I started to worry, thought maybe the post man smelt it and was having a great start to the weekend. But not the case. I went down to the depot it should have been at, and they were nice enough to go look for my package, when they couldn’t find it they said it must have gone in the wrong truck and took down my info for when it turns up. I got a call just in time to go down and pick it up, roll it up, and smoke it at 4:20 and kick the weekend off right. Package has no smell at all until you crack the vacuum seal. Looks good, smells good, and smokes nice and smooth. Will be ordering again.

  361. Roy says:

    Good good good!…

    • jessy.girard63 says:

      This is so frustrating i place a order last sunday on November 6 the package was mail the next day last monday still nothing it been saying the same thing and there no date when going to arrive been trying to email Ganja express but response try calling the answering service not even set up so i hope some one from Ganja would get back to me …

      • jessy.girard63 says:

        9 days still don’t have my parcel and and still no one got back to me from ganja after 7 email 5 phone calls set up answering service??????????????????????????????????

    • jessy.girard63 says:

      Well mail just went by and nothing just great this has never happen to wait this long im stressing out ……Ganja can you get back to me

      • lauriewright says:

        My last order they added the shipping charges back on… my order was over $350. It clearly said to enter the code for free shipping if the order was over $100… I have placed many (10-15) orders in the last few months. Everything arrives pretty quickly. They used to be faster at sending them out but I think the are rocking this and getting busy! Next day if you’ll pay the extra. 2-3 days if not. Canada Post had one stuck somewhere once so it took 4 days. I have not had good communication either. Never a response to any question I have sent. But the product is great an will arrive, not to worry!

    • blakpj says:

      How long does it take these guys to process? has been hours think im going to try someone else

      • Otterbox2500 says:

        Well all i can say is… this is not my first order.. usually they will send you a tracking number around 7-8pm the day the package was sent.. (payment must be made before 9am PST that day), for me if the Canada post dont screw up it is 4 buisness day including the day my tracking was send… (i always buy and i pay right away)!!

  362. giannirizzetto5 says:

    My tracking number does not work………. It was sent Tuesday……….

    • micbois says:

      happened the same to me, go check your mailbox, mine was in it 🙂

    • chris.robinson93 says:

      You should have your package Monday. We should of had it today but it’s Remembrance day all government related jobs are closed.

    • giannirizzetto5 says:

      GOT IT!(: AMAZING PRODUCT. Non-Existent service. My confidence is boosted massively by not getting a correct tracking number and receiving it anyways. No more e-mails. It will always get here. Have confidence and patience, I stressed enough for all of us.

      • Chow Bt Lord says:

        did you actually receive your package?? or are you a bot? would really like to know because i am a big time buyer who wants to know if this is legit or not.

        • asheswake says:

          I am indeed not a bot, can confirm – memes prove humanity? Much humanity.

          ANYWAY! I got my package this morning, and i can say they are legit. My review is above, hopefully it gets moderated in time for this comment to have context 🙂

        • giannirizzetto5 says:

          I have mad 9 orders and i am not a robot. lol This is the best quality weed you will ever smoke guaranteed. Though the customer service is non-existent, I have never had a problem other than me stressing myself out. It always arrived and was always perfect. Do not expect an answer from either e-mail or phone though, just won’t happen. hahahahhahahahahhahaha But TRUST BRO.

        • mark says:

          Not the best customer service,( staff busy?) but product always arrives. good quality, decent selection. Be patient. Be happy.

  363. Daniel says:

    Good weed. Fast service. Spot on count. Smoked like a champ , hit hard. Order HO of Pineapple Express cake vaccum sealed , no smell until the bag was cut open and then the whole living room stank of beautiful bud.

    • scott says:

      So this is a legit site to order medicine from? A little sceptical from past experiences with other site that ripped me off.

    • giannirizzetto5 says:

      I have mad 9 orders and i am not a robot. lol This is the best quality weed you will ever smoke guaranteed. Though the customer service is non-existent, I have never had a problem other than me stressing myself out. It always arrived and was always perfect. Do not expect an answer from either e-mail or phone though, just won’t happen. hahahahhahahahahhahaha But TRUST BRO.

  364. kryscare says:

    Amazing service and product! Just got mine today and am already starting to pick out what I want to get next! Thanks GE!

  365. chrisneratko says:

    good weed good service but never go with puralator its a rip off. i have done 2 orders now
    the first was placed wed and came friday by express cp very happy. the second was p[laced monday and was suposed to come today but never did show up. they got the address wrong came super late and in general wasted my time and money as i did next day shipping and have to catch a buss that will take over an hour each way with a 2 hour wait to come back. they are worthless and have very much pissed me off. still ge is doing a good job and are prompt just puralator is a scam and should never be trusted. everyone save your money they suck

  366. Danika says:

    I couldn’t be any happier with my package ordered a quarter of G13 and the sample pack and the samples were all labelled nicely, looked and smelled different. Everything is top top notch. veru discreet packaging and overall an awesome experience. Will be ordering again friday! Thanks to the man who runs this place. no complaints 10/10

  367. Kimberly says:

    I can see why they are so busy. Relax, these guys are legit and will take care of you. I am looking forward to many new and restocked items. Just wish I had a coupon code. I’ve got a lot of shopping to do.. ?

  368. micbois says:

    Fast Shipping, really good weed. Will be ordering again for sure.

  369. RD Cossette says:

    Super fast super easy no BS great service and will order again. Thanks GE!!!

  370. staples_77 says:

    By far the best sight I have ordered from. Excellent selection and quality. GANJA EXPRESS IS THE BEST!!!!!

  371. sunny-p says:

    This is the first and only MOM I’ve tried so far and have a few pros/cons. Firstly, communication is nonexistent. I’ve called and emailed yet heard absolutely nothing back. I’ve lost the Interac fee several times from having to cancel orders from out of stock products. When a order does go through, it is processed and shipped within a few days. The packaging is discreet and done well. The bud itself looks, tastes, and smells phenomenal but I’ve tried several of their AAAA buds and the quality of the high just isn’t there. The bud is not strong enough and doesn’t warrant the price or AAAA rating. If they fix communication problems and start offering real AAAA quality bud then GE would be my number 1 go-to.

  372. cyle1234 says:

    I order my stuff on October 31 and it came in two business days exactly and was perfect will be getting more every so often

  373. Erica says:

    UNREAL! Will be ordering again for sure

  374. brandonluco says:

    You guys are paving the way for marijuana in Canada and I am beyond thankful! No more sketchy dealers, no more waiting weeks for a dealer to hook you up, no more “It’s kush man”, no more getting ripped off and no more dry periods! This site is all I asked for and you guys made it happen, I will support this company till the day I pass away just because you answered a prayer that I never thought would be answered.

  375. Ben says:

    Legit as hell, I was skeptical at first but they delivered. Seemingly good quality I just opened the package and it was so discreet I thought it was something else I ordered.

  376. Reshma & Trevor says:

    Well there has been some ups & downs in waiting for the product from Canada Post. I finally received the product great frosty buds with a clean smoke. The package was discreet will be ordering again. Got the sample pack and a half ounce of Purple Buddha.

    Thanks Sam.
    Reshma & Trevor

    • squeek0974 says:

      Just received my order, YEAH!! I should have been a little more patience, but what can you expect from newbies. Terrific service and product. Placing my second order today. Thanks Jay ✌?️

  377. D. says:

    I stumbled upon this site one night and decided to take a chance while I could; and boy was I pleasantly surprised when my order came. I can verify to the legitimacy of this service and the quality of the advertised products are exactly what they claim to be. I order a quarter of Strawberry and in my order was included a free sample of Purple Bubba and my god, I don’t remember the last time I got quality bud like this. THIS SERVICE IS UNREAL, I’m extremely happy with my order and will be looking forward to my next purchase.

    Also for anyone worried about the discretion of the service, it came in a Canada xpress post package, and within was a yellow envelope, containing my package within a vacuum sealed bag. There was no odor, and my package was inside the sealed bag with a receipt. The shipping took awhile longer then I anticipated but only because I ordered on Thursday and my order was sent on Friday, and came on Monday since there is no service during the weekend.

    All n all great site, great service, and I’ll definitely be using this service again.
    Will post pictures when I can.

  378. giannirizzetto5 says:

    The OG is heavenly……. just fantastic. The double strength double servings are soo tasty. Cant wait for more(:

  379. Melanie says:

    Beautiful bud delivered fast. Thankyouuu

  380. Heather says:

    I was pretty skeptical of mail order weed, but it’s awesome. I use weed for different reasons and I love that you can read how certain strains have different benefits. Ganja express will be my go to from now on.

  381. sbeans says:

    Great products, fast delivery, free shipping. Just placed my second order. The Gummie edibles are the BEST!!

  382. shaelafosse1 says:

    Just received my first order! Amazing products and great prices. I am always skeptical of new dispensaries but this is a good one!

  383. georgegeurts says:

    I had been using another service and was always let down with slow shipping and declining quality of product. On advise from a friend I gave Ganja Express a try. I was thrilled when my order arrived earlier than I expected and the quality was top shelf. I’ve very happy with my order and you’ve gained a repeat customer. I will be spreading the word to everyone I know….Ganja Express is the best.

  384. pfarr_98 says:

    Got my first order, and am impressed with the quality, will be ordering again soon!

  385. brandon says:

    *NOTE* these guys are getting bigger by the second, to the newcomers if you have not heard from them or something is late, just have patience, this is a great team and they always do good on their word, the herb is awesome and the service is good!, if you are worried about anything, dont be. these guys will make it happen for you!!!

  386. txtman777 says:

    First Order with Ganja Express, Very Happy with quality and service ordered Thursday Oct. 20th and arrived on the 25th, they had substituded my order from 1/2 oz Big BC bud to OG Kush very excellent quality and taste will order again thks

  387. nn350091 says:

    nevermind i finally got my order and MAN!!! was it worth the wait!!! thank you Ganja-express will order from here again for sure!

  388. Mike says:

    Received first order today. Bubba kush, and BC big Bud. Delivered a day ahead of schedule but said out for delivery literally all day. Typical of the chosen postal service tho. Quality flowers. Great service. I’ll be a regular customer for sure. Thank you g.e.

  389. N says:

    Order # 12326.

    Placed an order for a 1/2 oz. of Purple Space Cookies on 10/22/16. Interac e-transfer was accepted the same day. Today I had not received a tracking number so as a first time buyer I started to get worried (Unreasonable? Maybe.). I logged into my account and noticed that a tracking number was available for my order, which was a big relief.

    I’ll make sure to post and update once my order is received but I wanted to post this message to let others know that maybe a little more patience than I afforded Ganja Express should be exercised.



  390. miranda.hart says:

    Received our first big order today and as always we were so impressed!! the buds were tasty, smelling, dank, and beautiful to look at. and did I mention sticky too? these guys are the best!! this is the site for all your cannabis needs!! My only complaint is that on my previous order I had the wrong strain sent to me in a different quantity and nobody has gotten back to me about it:/ ive called and emailed with no response, hopefully ill hear something soon

    • Dawn says:

      Happy with the service,,not the product,,,very disappointed! 90 bucks for nothing! Too bad I couldn’t get my money back or put towards something else.

  391. seetsway says:

    I was sure it was too good to be true, but they are the real deal! I’ve never been happier!!!!!!!!! I ordered it Monday afternoon and I received it Wednesday morning with the standard free shipping

    • Sean Chevrier says:

      Like your comment, been iffy to try, been getting from McChronalds but prices are out of this world, and for prices being so high, my last few orders been terrible getting bottom bag crap that looks ok but is stale and don’t do much for me, my first few orders were great. Imo if your paying as much as they charge you shouldn’t get stale bottom bag crap. Guess I’ll try a small order and see how there service is, I usually make 1 big order a month, but I’m too afraid of losing my meds money for the month as I’m on a budget. Thanks so much for your info. Very appreciated. Sean

    • jessy.girard63 says:

      Thanks guy’s got my order today that 7 order from you and every order i have had i been very happy with the shipping of the product is fast and the product is alway very good SO IF WANT TO ORDER GET IT FROM GANJA EXPRESS THEY ARE NUMBER ONE IN MY BOOK ………………..AND A BIG THANKS ONCE AGAIN TO GANJA TEAM HAVE A GOOD WEEK …..

  392. pbrucekincaid says:

    Definitely not smelling the bud!

  393. Nick says:

    Ordered an ounce of the BC Big Bud to Ontario, Came in 3 business days awesome shipping time very pleased. Just ordered some berry kush ill give a review on that strain once I receive it. Honestly I order from Tweed most the time. But these guys have got some of the best grow I’ve ever had highly recommend shopping at Ganja Express for your weed needs.