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  1. Harley Young says:

    I absolutely CBD Dream and your CBD oil. Really helps with my BiPolar and Arthritis

  2. Stéphane Gosselin says:

    le dreamberry que vs avez eu dernierement cest de la grosse bombe grosse cocottes de fou ca coche en sale 5etoiles plus merci ganja vs etes les meilleurs

  3. Stephane says:

    merci a tout lequipe de ganja express pour tout ce que vs faites pour ns meilleur weed meilleur qualite respect

  4. Wonder if you guys can accept WE card too?

  5. Mark Kappi says:

    Although i’ve only ordered orange crush.. twice. the time it takes to get to Nunavut is fast and i love it, real good weed too.

  6. Nicole says:

    my friend orders from this website, i don’t usually have weed, but we tried the ganja chocolate bar and I was surprised how clean i felt afterward…no negative effects. it seems like very clean quality. Now I will be getting my own here!

  7. Joshua Doucette says:

    My first time ordering online and am 100% buying from GE from now on , top quality products , great delivery time , packages are packed discreetly, felt safe and was easy to order. Thank you everyone at GE keep up the good work !

  8. Shaine Kubassek says:

    Wow! Incredible product and impressive delivery times !! Had my order in 3 days . I will def be a repeat customer . Much thanks!

  9. ralph9021 says:

    just put in an order this week. Concentrate quality & prices are incredible! thanks

  10. Cathy Kudluk says:

    Great service

  11. Mitch Saunders says:

    Found out about this site last week ordered the same day and it came 5 days later. Super impressed. Loved the free papers and edible. Wonder what’s gonna be next on the order I placed today 😝😂

  12. Sandra says:

    The product’s I ordered are fantastic!
    The customer service is also fantastic, when ever I had a question they responded promptly

    Will definitely recommend ordering from here 🙂

  13. Kevin Normandin jacobs says:

    Good product great service price little to high so I never be disappointed

  14. Devon Oniak says:

    Thanks GE great service

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