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  1. Sam Mcgladdery says:

    Great product.

  2. Sam Mcgladdery says:

    Loved the product!

  3. Elliot Martin says:

    Great site with fast and discret shipping. Amazing products 100% recommand.

  4. Lauren bessette says:

    Best site! everything I’ve purchased has been 5 star! customer service is on point! super fast, discrete delivery! no more driving vast distances to find decent greens! life is good in Canada! LOVE your company!! Cheers!

  5. Gilles Pelland says:

    Great site

  6. Cigar 4U says:

    Incroyable, impeccable quality, + bonus gift.., made my life so much easier, no more visit to the jabronis you need to see once a week to find out who had decent product

  7. Brian Lee says:

    Great quality products and fast delivery! The flyte pens are the best! 5/5!

  8. Andrew Sinnamon says:

    Excellent first order results…
    Got my first shipment from the GE and I couldn’t be happier. Everything was labelled and packaged discreetly and was provided with some samples of different things to boot! You WILL continue to have my business.
    Thanks so much folks!

    • Jason Waite says:

      These guys are amazing. Best products ever. Me and my friends are chronic, we all love your products. Never been let down. Even recieved a few samples after being a customer for a short period of time. Thank you very much Ganja express

  9. Scarlett says:

    I’m always so pleased with these guys. Quick delivery and even the cheaper strains are always fantastic, if you’re shopping on a budget you’ll still be able to get something good. And they occasionally throw in something extra which is cool (sample strain, papers, extra gummy, I got stickers one time!)

    I’ve been ordering here almost a year and have never been let down and long after legalization I’m probably going to continue ordering from here. If you’re on the fence about these guys like I was at first just freakin go for it, they’re amazing.

  10. Justin Dickinson-Talarico says:

    EXCELLENCE,!!!!! I’m INCREDIBLY happy with G.E, VERY pleased with the quality & service, and the employees are so obliging and happy/willing to please, be it by e-mail, or phone. feeling truly valued and will continue ordering, G.E Rocks my socks! THANKS GANJA EXPRESS! Keep up the extraordinary work. 😀

  11. Gail Costello says:

    Product came quickly. Packaged discretely. Didn’t disappointed. Definitely ordering again!

  12. John D. says:

    Great products fast delivery. Am very happy with your service. Buds are sticky just the way I like them all ways a little over weight. Everything I’ve received weed hash and shatter are excellent. Its a pleasure ordering from you. Your the best I have found on line. TY so much.

  13. Donald Lugers says:

    I was suprised at the quality of the strains, it’s very good all around and the cure is done well!

  14. ruth fortin says:

    I had a problem with the transport with Sugar Wax and GE solved the problem, now I have a free quarter on the way. GE ARE NUMBER 1 IN CANADA HIGLY RECOMMENDED

  15. Frenchie Lawless says:

    Ok, I am an old school guy…I remember the the days when Panama Red, Columbian gold, Maui Wowi (to name a few) were the best cannabis going…I was introduced to this site by a ..”younger” person. I have to admit I got an Oz of Haze/Wreck ….the count was nice….but OMG…this is the best pot I’ve tasted in a very long time. Thank you Ganga express….the Cannabis Gods have answered me.

    • Mike Arnold says:

      Yup, Those 3 strains you mention I started with those 40ish years ago. And was pleasantly surprised to see some this weekend. Ordered a half of Panama Red with my order

  16. Kevin Kamoayok says:

    Awesome site, keep it up guys,

  17. Sylvain Nadeau says:

    I ordered half an ounce of Purple Trainwreck late Friday night, July 22nd. I ended up doing the money transfer Sat. morning and it was accepted Sunday night. It was then processed and shipped from downtown Vancouver, BC., at 16:12 pm Monday afternoon, July 25th according to the tracking # and arrived in my hand at 12:28pm, today July27th. in Gatineau, QC. Do the math. It is a mere 44 hrs. later via express post. I think that this is simply amazing. As for the smoke itself, it exceeded my expectation. I have to admit, i have not smoked weed in about two years now. I rolled myself a medium size reefer to try it out and WOW!, what a buzz. I do not need rolling big for this stuff. I will now go toke the nice bit of an unfinished first joint to knock me out for the night. By the way, this is my very first order and surely will not be the last. Thank you so much G E. You have a New Customer in ME.

  18. Lance Lopes says:

    Without a doubt the best place to order in Canada.
    Ive ordered lots of times with only one small hiccup and GE looked after it immediately and gave me bonus treats and free shipping . I love this place wont go anywhere else ever. Keep up the great work you guys do good things.

  19. Phil Neath says:

    Excellent product lots of high grades and tasty treats for in between. After many orders I always get exactly what I was expecting. Thank you so much for the great work!

  20. Flower Child says:

    Hi Ganja Team ? Its almost been a year since we have been together..Just wanted to let you know how much I love you guys/gals. The quality of your flower is always on par, variety is great and prices are great!!
    Thank you so much for always getting my orders out asap and dealing with any issues that may arise. You guys are the best!!!
    P.S Can you hook a sista up with some Maui Wowie and that forbidden strain ??, you know the hybrid from amsterdam?? Lol Its been 10 months since you had those beautys, cant get them out of my mind
    Anyways, I look forward to buying copious amounts of cannabis from you in the near future ? ?

  21. Vimic Vimic says:

    Again and again! Always good service with Ganja Express. The costumer service answering you fast and effective. Shipping is fast like Kim Jong Rocket and the quality is always steady. If you need to resolved your pain ? GanJa ExPreSs !!! Thanks again guys !

  22. Ryan Carney says:

    Well, I made my second order. Amazed again. Ordered on a Wednesday morning. Shipping estimate said delivery would be next Tuesday, however it came 2 days after ordering. And to SW Ontario at that. That is impressive. I ordered the House Hydro this time as a test for making edibles. Once again thoroughly impressed, the quality of the cheapest weed they have to offer is high enough that you can use it for anything and be happy with it. The edibles made from this stuff were amazing. Pain killing, body numbing, and giggly head high that just makes ya feel happy. The sleep to follow was a solid night. Often suffering from insomnia, this was a much needed break. After being a skeptic from reading the some of the horrible reviews, I’m becoming a believer. It seems to me there’s evidence that GE continues to push through their mistakes/bad reviews to improve and offer better customer service. Thank you GE team. Anxious to make my next order!

  23. Frank MacFadyen says:

    All i can say is that if you are using a different mom (mail order meds), you are missing out. Ganja express is by far the best, the cheapest, AND has the best customer service in canada. Not sure why EVERYONE that needs this doesnt use GE!!!

  24. Ryan Carney says:

    Skeptically sent payment desperate for insomnia solution . First time ever ordering from a MOM. Very pleased with results. Tahoe OG, Wonder Haze, Chocolate bar, and Sour Swirls. Tahoe for the instant knockout, and the edibles kept me sleeping. THANK YOU! Slept consistently for a week! Shipping arrived on the exact estimated day. BC to Ontario ordered on a Thursday arrived On the Monday. I’m gunna place another, less skeptical order. Thank you to who ever is responsible from this team for making this happen for people like me.

  25. Bruce says:

    Very pleased with the service. My original order was lost by Canada Post, I thought I was going to be out $130. I Contacted Ganja and they mailed a replacement shipment my way the next day which I received within the week.

  26. Gerry Hyland says:

    So here’s the deal. I live in the “nanny” province of Ontari-ari-ari-o. Where the government doesn’t feel we are mature enough to be allowed to have such things as beer in corner stores, pesticides or ma and pa marijuana dispensaries. So when legalization arrives, the closest government dispensary to me will be 50kms away. With the price of fuel nearing record highs I am not about to drive 100kms to purchase marijuana. I will simply continue to do what I have been doing for the past year; purchase online from Ganja Express. What could be easier or more convenient than using the services of this highly reputable company. Sure, “nanny” will have her online site, but I am betting a pack of rolling papers that it sucks in comparison to GE’s. I have scoured numerous online services, and although I only smoke blonde hash, none of the others have the variety, both product/price wise, that GE has. I have turned numerous people I know onto GE and none of us have ever been disappointed in either the product or the delivery service. So if you are reading this and are new to online purchasing look no further because this is the “real deal”. You are going to be happy you found them.

    • Matty says:

      I just received my first order!! & I am so happy it actually arrived. Of course I Smoked my Pineapple Express right away . Very decent and nice high (y)

  27. MP says:

    I am so impressed! They got my payment on Monday and I got it today (Friday)! I was nervous because my father in law picked it up from the post office but it was sent in a sealed bag, then a box, followed by a packing bag. Couldn’t smell it or anything until I opened the vacuum sealed bag, and man does it smell good! I can’t wait to try all three flavours over the weekend (harlequin, purp, and appleberry)! I also bought gummies so when my boyfriend and I try them I’ll be leaving a review! Thanks so much- I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!

    • Robert E says:

      I have been a customer for 4 months. For years I have suffered with ptsd. Anti depressants and multiple medication with no benefit. I now take the cbd oil capsules and a candy each night. I have my life back and sleep through the night. Thank you!!! You could never understand how much my life you have given me back by providing this service.

    • M P says:

      I should also add that I live in Labrador- waaaay on the other side of the country! Quickest shipping ever

  28. tr says:

    Incredible service, timely delivery, great products, unparalleled prices, first order of many to come!!L Less than three days from order to door….can’t beat that. The house sativa….awesome!! Waaaay better than i was expecting. Comparing hundreds of strains of bud out there I would honestly say this bag of sativa is a for sure AAA not AA….Anyway GE you guys rock!

  29. Padbc says:

    Awesome bud! Awesome candies and cookies!! Candies are awesome for micro dosing for the day time or for work,! The gummies knock you on your ass! Any problems I’ve had the support team has dealt with not only promptly but very friendly as well!!! Had half an order missing, contacted the team, the looked into it, found the problem and now the rest is on the way to me 🙂 bud is always weighed properly and you get what you pay for! Plus I LOVE the papers GE has!

  30. Bradley Beaulieu says:

    Package was seized before even being sent out of vancouver, contacted them and they were extremely nice about it given the terms and conditions you accept before ordering, honestly the best site out there hands down. Waiting to see how much credit will be given back 🙂 cheers

    • Mike says:

      These guys are the best been ordering for a while now bud is amazing and always comes on time. only ever had one issue and it was resolved immediately. Quick and friendly customer service. Thanks guys !!

    • Marcus says:

      Same thing happen to me and ganja found a solution.
      Thanks !

  31. Kevin says:

    Le site est parfait pour mes besoin.Les produits sont frais,emballage discret..Je recommande.
    I will love to see more weed strain available at 180 ounces on the grade aaa-aaaa.Like Sweet cheese,God’s green crack and Pineapple express.Thoses are always at 200ounces.Would it be possible to buy them sometimes at 180ounces.Oh i almost forgot to ask you when the Jack Herer will be available again please?

    I am actually looking to buy one of thoses above at 180 if the price change today i will buy one of them 🙂

    Thank GE for everything you.

  32. Jérôme Garneau says:

    Wow! Just received Sour Diesel , Green Crack , and a lil nug of Blonde Hash! Amazing! Fast Shipping!!

  33. Albert Naud says:

    Received my first order today .Excellent quality , amazing high , fastest shipping I have seen . THANK YOU. 10/10

  34. Curtis says:

    Read up on ur weed lol and hope for the best dude.. ive ordered over 1500 $ worth of like 12 different kinds and only 3 were lesser than described. Sum u go for and it looks amazing tastes ok and gets u baked.. but ive had some bannngerss on here

  35. Glenn MacLeod says:

    You order Friday and expect it Tuesday?
    It can take up to 2 business days to be processed and shipped out ya know…..if they been doing it quicker than that be thankful for the quick times.
    How are your orders not on time? Canadapost is the one that gives you a delivery time, if it is not delivered by the delivery standard date then ya it is late but that’s canadaposts fault, not GE’s.
    This is one of the best MOM’s imo, I’ve tried pretty near all of them.
    As far as quality I personally am always happy with their AAAA’s, the AA house is kinda hit and miss but your not going to find a site with better prices or more strains then here, i’ve looked!

  36. Krysta Laporte says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for being reliable the medicine always arrives as shown and described props to that only suggestion I could make is to offer some additional incentive to long standing customers like my husband and myself who do not live near any dispensers despite both of us having our prescription

  37. Shannon Keyes says:

    Just received my 4/20 order the other day. It was delivered on the expected delivery date just like last time. I ordered 4 different strains and some cookies. I am very pleased with the weed. Great counts and fantastic highs. The sativa’s I ordered are really improving my overall mood and energy levels as long as I don’t over do it. Also got a couple indica’ s for sleep problems and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. The only issue I had was with the 350 mg choc chip cookies. I got them for someone else and I to enjoy. I took half to start as I didn’t want to get punched in the face with a buzz that was too intense, but nothing happend so I took the other half and still nothing really happend. Was really bummed as it was my first edible order but everything else was spot on.?

  38. kevin Gamna says:

    All I can say is that I’m very happy with my order and the service provided.

  39. Martin Lenes says:

    I have ordered from Ganja Express a couple times now and it has been a easy process, shipped really fast, and quality weed. Plus if your on a budget you can not get better prices anywhere. Dope site, Dope customer Support, Dope Dope!

  40. Kevin Sanderson says:

    I got my first order delivered around 2 weeks ago, the process was easy enough and i’m quite happy with what i’ve been smoking. I’m an experienced user with over 20 years of cannabis and can honestly say that the strains i ordered some of the best quality i’ve ever smoked, even better was the fact the pricing is competitive and some strains have bulk option deals. It’s great that the order comes in xpresspost packages that nobody can see and are tightly double sealed inside their custom black ziplock bags, as bonus they even give a pack of rolling papers too (bravo team).

    As per the buds themselves, i was highly impressed with my order of “harlequin”, which is a low thc high cbd variety, kinda wish i had ordered more, as it is very clear headed and really helped with my muscle pains, not to mention the great ago flavours. The pineapple jack i got was more on the jack side of flavours and packed quite the sativa punch to it, very invigorating. The third kind i ordered was the blue magic, perfect for nighttime use and quite delicious as well.

    I’ll gladly order again from this site and can’t wait to try some more news strains. I highly recommend this site, Thanks again GanjaExpress 🙂

  41. Glenn MacLeod says:

    Thanks Theresa and Jay
    I had two orders going missing in Dec, I was out quite abit of $ thx to CanadaPost.
    Jay sent me a replacement package that was above and beyond what he was obligated to replace (Thanks Theresa for the support) took awhile but in the end they came threw.
    I’ve been all over the net, tried alot of different places but none really compare to here, the menu here is always being updated (always new stuff coming in, almost daily) huge selection of buds, quick to ship out and the prices are great.
    Im glad i stumbled upon this place, GE team thx for the work you do.

  42. Jenn says:

    Just got my 2 ounces of amnesia haze. Looks good, smells good and taste good but most importantly to me it got me high. I was nervous to order cause I just seen it on Google but it came through and will order more agan. Thank you GE team

  43. Brandon Lynchock says:

    Product is the best out of any website, dispensary, individual I have ever encountered in my entire life. The service you ask? Incredible!! Jay provides more than adequate information and Tom is the MAN! Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

  44. Brad Wiens says:

    Thanks to the ganja team for consistent product and pricing. Great to deal with, and fast shipping.

  45. VImic says:

    Wow! You must Try Ganja Express! The costumer service with Tom and Mary is always, i said ALWAYs good. He take care of buyer and the quality is always ON! A really fast shipping, good consumer service, and fantastic quality. What do you want more ? Keep Good Job GuYS!

  46. Sam Mcgladdery says:

    Have been ordering for over a year now. Theresa and the whole ganja team have been excellent. Products are top shelf at any price point. Shipping is all way excellent as well, very discreet. Any questions you have are dealt with as quick as possible. I am the happiest customer ever and i tried a few different sites in the beginning but always came back to Ganja express for 1 there service and 2 there selection on great products and like i said i have been ordering here for over a year now.

  47. spokes says:

    very satisfied customer! To be honest best hash I have had online ,nice taste and smell easy to handle10/10 would recommend ?

  48. Tony says:

    Love these Promo days you just have to re-up. Thanks again Tom, Jay and the Crew @ GE..

    • Patrick Émile Mercier says:

      what happen mercedez hash was 24% off so suppose to be at 165$ not same price 220$ same for marocano gold hash 26% off but when buy same price so where the promo ?

      • Samuel Bolduc says:

        The Promotion applies to specific quantities, Let’s look at the blue dream budder, the 26% off only applies on a quarter, so it is cheaper to buy 2 separate quarters than an half ounce. I know it sounds crazy but you just got to pay attention

  49. Peter Simms says:

    The first time I used this site was a few days ago: I received my order (Blonde Hashish) on a very timely basis (which from BC to NL is a feat for sure). The service with this group is Exceptional, Professional and the product, including the packaging is of High Quality (the little add-ins / gifts were very thoughtful too!). Thankyou Ganja Express (Jane and Jen)…I will be back, most definately.

  50. Candace Gagnon says:

    Can we place an order today 4/20 and pay for the order next week so we can catch the sales that are going on today?? Lol Jw. I usually order every second week since beginning of this year .. Hahah

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