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  1. Jordan Miscio says:

    Such a great website! Been using Ganja Express for about two years now and we really couldn’t be happier!!! Super fast shipping and so amazing that its free!!! Super good quality as well. 5 Stars hands down!!! great work guys!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Katie says:

    I can see why you guys are so busy lately! The word has gotten out that Ganja Express is the best MOM, hands down! Been ordering for close to 3 years and will continue to be a loyal customer. Quality and selection are amazing. House strains also great quality. Always appreciate the free papers or sample gram. It’s like Christmas morning when my GE package arrives 😀

  3. Denis Bigras says:

    Ganja Express has change how I feel about my marijuana use. I no longer have to go to horrible neighbor hoods. Thank you Ganja Express

  4. Aleisha Searle says:

    I’ve used other sites before and you can’t beat ganja express for its quality, selection, and order accuracy. The free samples on my first order were really appreciated!

  5. Nicholas Galema says:

    Supper happy again guys thanks for the free gram and papers got order quick top shelf product. I recommend the Gorilla Cookies 100%

  6. Jose Montero says:

    best site for weed … never had a problem, always get my weed in time …. just ordered 1/4lb…

  7. Shawn Prentice says:

    I was skeptical at first having never ordered online. Multiple purchases later and I have had zero issues so far. They have exceeded my expectation with quality and customer service. My first couple of orders they even gave me a nice present. Thanks for your wonderful service

  8. Bryan Kinslow says:

    Nervous ordering from this place, I had bad luck from others. Though this place has Harleyquin everyone is sold out…. and well here is hoping I get it fast and it’s good.

  9. Luke Stroud says:

    Was recommended to this site from a friend ( Long time customer), 400MG Gummies is where its at!, Best value for your money and shipping all the way to Ontario only 2-3 days every time, Customer service is 10/10. Wish I found this website way sooner!

  10. Ferg says:

    I was hesitant when ordering and sending my money away, but GE was able to actually get me the sweet cheese I ordered! It unfortunate that I am still hesitant to order again. Some reviews say that they earn your trust then scam you. Hopefully this is not the case….

    • Tim Brown says:

      I’ve ordered 6-7 times now. No problems . I’ve tried a bunch of sites. Tried them each on two separate orders.
      GE is the one that had the best “feel”. I don’t have anything bad to say about the other sites I tried… so it just came down to the vibe for me.

  11. Braden says:

    You guys always do a great job. Very professional and helpful. Just a great team at GE.

  12. Braden says:

    This is the best place to order from. There are a lot of sites out there but I love the professionalism of the team at GE. The emails they send to keep you informed of your order is very helpful. They package the order well and I have never experienced any problems. Good selection and reasonable prices and the little treats they send with your order is a happy bonus. Thanks to everyone at GE for their great service, a really good group working over at GE.
    Thanks guys!

  13. BlazeKing says:

    GE is the place to be. Top notch service! Delivery is bang on and quick. The product is usually very good. I love getting the little extras and the point system is great. Always makes me want to come back! Thanks for your huge effort to keep us all happy. Cheers GE

  14. snowman says:

    Thanks GE. Sorry about my little faux pas during the order process. The product is top notch as always.

  15. bushtiger says:

    i dont wright reviews ! but this is a must ! {G E } bar none the best site to order from . dilivery always 2-3days after order an i live in manitoba , product is almost ALWAYS on point with quality an weight customer service is num 1 ALWAYS an they give you little treats with your order NO SHIT . have many freinds that ordered from there so called no 1 sites but always said mine was BETTER an came QUICKER so they are ordering from GE now to plus i cant grow it for THAT CHEAP been at it 15 years so ROCK ON GUYS AT G E !!! fr your frienly neybourehood BUSHTIGER ps cant spall aftar 3 hits of shaaterr

  16. Lisa Knowlton says:

    Every payday Ganja Express and I have a date! Love you guys and gals. Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  17. MTLBoomCat says:

    I have to say, after ordering for my second time, the selection here is quite nice and very well presented. I usually place my orders on the weekend and by Sunday night, I received my tracking number. It arrived by Wednesday in a very clean and inconspicuous package. I checked out many other online services only to be disappointed by their website and prices. So far so good GE! Thank you for the excellent service and products. Here’s to a long lasting relationship 😀

  18. Courtney Hodder says:

    I keep coming back.
    Best product, always as advertised, good price AND super fast shipping!! I never run out because ganjaexpress always got my back. You guys are the best!!!

  19. Clyde McIsaac says:

    Keep up the good work.No complains. Ordering for years no problems.

  20. Trevor Ceaser says:

    I Love you guys i am always satified got another package today gods green crack very highly recomended, mobb boss 10/10, mk ultra very nice aswell 9/10… i am excited to try the afghan hash should be here next couple days… once again GE staff are all amazing keep up the amazing job thanks for the free papers…next review will be on the hash. Love and respect…Ceaser

  21. Lauren bessette says:

    best company! been with them for a year or so…since i figured out they existed! amazing smoke, all my friends agree!! from northern ontario and im telling u we know our smoke (nothing better to do 6 months plus during -45 temps). usually order an oz a month for me and hubby, we find ourselves ordering every 3.5 weeks or so to make sure we never run out. ganja always surprises us by leaving BC and making its way to northern ON in 48 hours….again! best company!!! FYI they sent us a FREE eighth this order! gosh darn qualiy! so if ya dont know! now ya know! best brand! dont smoke anywhere else! Ganja Express u have my heart, mind and soul!

  22. Sean Burke says:

    One question, I recieved a free sample, thank you very much, but couldn’t read the writing on the package. Looks like “100” and then a word but I don’t see anything similar on the site. Can u enlighten me please?

  23. Sean Burke says:

    Another successful order, accurate, quick and even a free sample this time, keep up the great work and service folks.

  24. Jordan Green says:

    Great budz guys! Keep up the green work

  25. Carver says:

    I cannot think of a suitable way to express how excellent this site is. The way the run this business is perfect, it makes me wonder why no one else can figure it out.

    Excellent Quality. Great Selection. The best Service.

    You really will be glad you found them.

  26. I THE PREACHER says:

    Ganga Express is the best online.
    Don’t bother to look else where.
    This is the place your searching for.
    There is plenty of strains to choose from.
    You will be happy and wonder why didn’t I know about Ganga Express long ago.
    The fastest delivery service you will ever see.
    Every order includes Canada Post 2-3 day across Canada.
    If anything goes wrong all you need to do is send them an email and they will show you what customer service is all about.
    What more would any one want?
    Go ahead and make an order now.

  27. Zachary Nash says:

    Im new to this ordering online and stuff but thank you GE my orders were on time the vape pens are awesome. Like the little samples you guys give out. keep up the good work P.S when you guys restocking the cobra cartridges

    • Jamie says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately at this time we won’t be restocking the Cobra cartridges, but they Ganja cartridges will be back in stock really soon. We also have the new Smok Vape Pen kit now.

  28. dave says:

    anyone have any thought on pain relief besides the Harlequin cbd ,which works great but always looking thanks team GE

  29. dave says:

    awesome to deal with ,great products. fast service, anyone have any suggestion on pain relief besides the harlequin cbd, just looking to try others but the harlequin works awesome thanks again GE team

  30. abdope says:

    I “highly” recommend…. All kidding aside.
    GE is the one of the best, hands down, Canadian site out there. I have ordered from the multiple times and they are professional. There response and shipping times are outstanding. I get my products once I complete the order and send my money, in two days using express post, signature required, Canada Post.

    Respecting their product line, I alongside others I know, have ordered flower from grade AA to AAAA, concentrates such as shatter, and even hash, kief, and evape thc juice…. All have been packaged well, and of excellent quality.

    Thank you GE for doing an excellent job. Pay your employees and staff good wages because you do NOT want to mess a good thing up like this. Your company will only grow in the future.

  31. Tim Brown says:

    My first time ordering from Ganja Express. Everything exactly as advertised. Plus a little bonus! Way to go Ganja Express! Just found my new “guy”😁

  32. Trevor Ceaser says:

    Best customer service amazing buds always 110% satisfied with product quality. Keep up the amazing job and thanks for the free papers with my order.

  33. Natasha Nivingalok says:

    Loved our last order. Very good strains to choose from and also had our fav on the list. Definitely have our word and lucky to do business with GE. Keep up the good work! Also thanks for the papes, I’m loving ’em!

  34. Roger Villeneuve says:

    Wow just got to say GE is awesome. Quality is amazing and it doesn’t matter what’s on the menu it’s good. Service is amazing delivery is amazing prices are amazing thanks for the papers too keep up what you guys are doing and you got my business

  35. Doug McCallum says:

    Really happy with the sour candy, nice bubble flavor and aroma, excellent creeper effect. Energizing and uplifting. Thanks for the bonus OG18 and the papers. You guys are definitely my go to.

  36. Kimberley says:

    So so so happy with the service and quality of product and easy access website. As well as always receiving a little something extra in our orders. Thank you very much.

  37. Connie says:

    Really happy with everything I’ve purchased from Ganja Express. Thanks for the great service

  38. 902 says:

    Great service and awesome weed. Thanks for the complementary papers and mystery weed haha. I will be back

  39. robert says:

    Just received what I think is my 10th order. As usual the order was filled completely and delivered promptly. The products have always been of the highest quality and the prices are reasonable. The many product options are a treat. I really can’t see why anyone would go elsewhere, including the new, legal, distribution program. With GE, I have no need for the new ways, the old way works for me. Thanks to the staff and management at GE! Happy New Year to everyone.

  40. Billy Muckuck says:

    WOW……this is a legit site……AWESOME strains ……alpha og…….God bud……….Hindu kush…….just brilliant……man…..thanks ganja express………much love

  41. Eric1 says:

    Definitely a professionally run business. I’ve never been let down. I’ve been a client for 3+ years. Try them, you won’t be disappointed!

  42. 4204all says:

    Best MOM Ive come across. They have tossed me a free goodie from time to time as well.

  43. WOW ϳust what I ѡаs loοking fοr. Сame here by searching
    for ETHA

  44. Roger says:

    Just received my first order. Professionally packed and impressive delivery time. Excellent product. I appreciated the extra gift.

  45. Terry Saulnier says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Very impressed ordered my weed on dec.18, received on dec. 20. During Christmas rush! Thanks GE best site on line.

    Thanks for the animal cookies, very nice surprise.

  46. Douglas Hersey says:

    Just wanted to say I made some comments regarding the flyte pens being dis-continued. I was a little miffed and said so, didn’t really bother checking to realize they are all completely interchangeable. The staff responded quickly, calmly, and assured me the new products would be great – and hey! Guess what?! They are!

    Ive been a regular customer for almost 2 year now, always happy, and the couple times there has been an incident its been minor and dealt with quickly and effectively by the Ganja Express Team. Many thanks to Jay, Irina, Tom, hehe well all the names. Great quality, Awesome service – but most of all… you get the feeling there is an actual strong measure of pride being taken in the management of this business! One that is lacking from many of the industries that have been in business for a long time. Keep it up guys, dont let it go stale! You rock


  47. Terry Saulnier says:

    Great customer service, weed always shows up within 3 days, lots of options to buy, always very happy with the quality and condition!
    Answer any questions I have by next day!
    Also love the extra’s added to some of the orders………GREAT COMPANY!
    Customer for one year now,looking forward to another year of great weed!

  48. Josh Sorensen says:

    I just received my first order, couldnt behappier.
    Not a fan of the minimum purchase to ship.
    Quality and weight all on point.
    I was very impressed with the promptness in regards to the time in which my order was placed, filled, and shipped.
    Definitely will be a repeat customer.
    Cheers and merry christmas.

  49. kyater15 says:

    10/10 service 10/10 product

  50. Brandon Cormier says:

    GE is the best site ive ever orderd from !! Good qualities fast service and always treated me good !!

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