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For anyone looking for an alternative way to consume cannabis, Seven Star Shatter has the products for you. Customers can choose from a wide range of premium shatter in a range of strains. Seven Star Shatter and are strictly lab-tested to ensure customers always receive the highest quality consistent product.  Seven Star’s Shatter is available to order from online dispensary and Mail Order Marijuana shop, GanjaExpress.
Toronto, April 21, 2020
Cannabis concentrates, specifically shatter have become a popular choice for cannabis consumers. Known for its potency, shatter in its purest form, it can offer over 80% THC content. 
There are a few significant reasons for the increasing popularity of shatter.  Firstly, cannabis consumers are fans of shatter because of its minimalist appeal. Grinding cannabis, rolling it or packing a bowl isn’t something that all consumers enjoy. The clean consumption of shatter is a healthy alternative. Due to the increased potency of cannabis extracts like shatter, users are also able to take on a “less is more” approach in using their cannabis. Shatter also portions out easily if you heat up your tool and use it to slice through your sample, which makes it easier to accurately regulate your doses.
Another benefit of shatter is that it’s a fast method for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream, many cannabis consumers find the effects near instantaneous. This is an added bonus if you’re using it medicinally. 
Thirdly, shatter offers a more discreet way to consume cannabis. For those who don’t enjoy the smell from smoking and prefer to save their lungs from the combustion of plant matter, shatter is a cleaner, safer inhalation alternative.
Not only does shatter offer an extremely potent alternative to smoking traditional bud, there’s also a growing variety of shatter available.  Brands such as Seven Star shatter offer a diverse range of different shatter types to suit the preferences of a wide range of users.
Shatter producer, Seven Star hails from British Columbia, home of world famous BC BUD.  The Seven Star team is working day and night to cultivate and extract top shelf marijuana strains transforming them into your favorite Shatters, Budders, Oils and Distillates. Seven Star and Ganja Express aim to provide Canadians with an affordable and natural alternative to mainstream pharmaceutical medicine. 
Online dispensary, GanjaExpress’s most popular shatter flavors include Seven Star’s THC Snow (Sativa 40%, Indica 60%), K Star (Sativa 80%, Indica 20%), Alien Irene (Sativa 75%, Indica 35%), and Supernova (Sativa 25%, Indica 75%). A range of Sativa and Indica combinations so you can find the perfect high for your mood and medical requirements.
Online dispensary and Mail Order Marjuana shop, GanjaExpress has worked closely with patients to help provide them with the highest-quality shatter and other cannabis concentrate options to ensure they are effective in reducing symptoms and improving quality of life. Check out all the shatter options that GanjaExpress has to offer today.

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