GanjaExpress Cannabis and Games: four Cannabis strains great for gamers

The new trends are all in virtual reality now. Gaming has become an alternative reality for many, with different quests, different characters, and a world where they feel like they belong. Gaming has become a new way for interaction and, for many, even earning a living. GanjaExpress provides many strains that you may enjoy while playing the game.


The strains for Gaming

The gamers use mind-boosting and energizing strains known as Sativa strain. The strain holds the power to keep you focused on the activity you have taken on; it keeps your mind sharp and makes you more creative than before. The strain has euphoric effects on the mood that makes you happy by the release of serotonin in the brain and makes you less sensitive to negative stimuli.

The Sativa dominant strains are also being used for alleviation of depression, anxiety, and pain. The world of gaming also serves as a relief for such conditions.

For Gamers

When it comes to gaming, GanjaExpress offers a few strains that keep the gamer interested for longer;

  1. Creamsicle

Having a content of 19% THC, this Sativa dominant hybrid strain offers nausea and anxiety alleviation as well as delivers the focus to the game undividedly. It makes the game more enjoyable.

  1. White Widow

A balanced strain is used for many purposes, but one of them is being able to give more focus to your gaming. It helps the body to relax and maintains a happy mood throughout its effects.

  1. Duke Nukem

Having 1% CBD in the strain makes it more medicinal as well. The strain is more inclined towards indica but has 20% of Sativa. While you get to enjoy the mellow effects of Indica and the cerebral sharpened effects of Sativa

  1. Frostbite

This heavy hitter strain from GanjaExpress is a very Sativa dominant strain. It makes the user very euphoric and focused on the game. Many people use this strain and claim to win.


Gamers may use as much focus as they need; they use cannabis for fun and to feel happier and more focused while playing. If you want to buy some excellent strains for your gaming passion, go to GanjaExpress and get your preferred strain.

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