Budget Buds LSD cannabis Strain is not a funny thing, and it gives users a high degree of sedation and brain performance. It can help you with all sorts of pain and provide relaxation, making it the best option for medical cannabis users. The taste of Budget Buds LSD cannabis Strain is excellent, offering you a sensation of bubble gum and pine forest that is very amazing.


Budget Buds LSD cannabis Strain is an Indica-dominant combination with loads of THC but having sufficient CBD, which gives you guarantee that the high of Budget Buds LSD cannabis Strain does not get out of control. It’s a hybrid between Skunk # 1 and Mazar I Sharif.” an exceptionally unusual combination from Afghanistan. In the 2008 High Times Cup, Budget Buds LSD cannabis Strain won third place, and it is not a good option for new users because of the quick, heavy-hitting impacts.

Aroma and Taste

You can quickly detect the strong pine fragrance together with the skunky notes that overpower the senses. But if you’re going to increase the potency, you will be treated to a lovely sweetness. LSD tastes as it smells. You have a strong taste of pine with some notes of berry linger with a slight feeling of bubble gum on the backend.


The strain starts with a vivid feeling of joy that can fog the mind and leave users utterly overwhelmed and trapped “mentally.” Given intense cognitive excitement, certain users tend to feel more imaginative or interactive by using LSD.

LSD is an extremely strong strain, so don’t consume a lot. Budget Buds LSD cannabis Strain Highs ends with a healthy brain that helps you relax. It then turns into a strong Indica rapid, which reduces stability and gives you high body and mind relaxation, which causes you to lock the sofa for many hours.


Dominant restful characteristics make it ideal when you are stressed, anxious or depressed. Budget Buds LSD cannabis Strain Highs allows you to stay in the moment and prevents the mind from moving into nervous regions.

LSD can also reduce chronic discomfort and maybe recommended with knee pain, muscle spasms and migraines. If you have a problem with sleeplessness, take a few hits that will improve the quality and amount of your sleep.


LSD marijuana must be considered a potent variety. If you’re a new marijuana user, the high LSD can quickly overtake you. The excellent Indica is perfect for someone who needs to use it at night because it relaxes your mind and body and allows you to sleep. If you’re interested in trying this body buzz, why are you waiting now? Visit buymyweedonline and order LSD and start experiencing Strong, long-lasting, 100% positive effects with sweet flavours of bubble gum and pine forest.

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