Peach Kush

Peach Kush is a highly powerful rare Indica dominant hybrid 85% indica/15% Sativa cannabis strain with relatively unknown genetics. At the same time, many cannabis users agreed that it is a great combination of OG kush and another unknown cannabis strain.


Many people tend to use cannabis for a number of reasons, whether medically or productively, it is not unusual that there are so many different kinds of cannabis available in the market. Still, cannabis consumers are looking for a marijuana weed that is suited to the particular condition or form of treatment they require. Peach Kush is one of the better choices for those who need the perfect solution for their everyday problems. Doob Dasher Peach Kush has a modest THC rating that has never been checked, but it is estimated to be about 15-20 percent based on, the leading online dispensary, consumer estimates, and feedback.

Aroma and Taste

Doob Dasher Peach Kush is popular between cannabis customers for its excellent flavor of spicy peach and smell of peach cobbler.

Peach Kush buds have thick, pepper-shaped, olive green nugs with bright, minty green spots and a splash of vibrant, orange hair and small, trichomes.


Doob Dasher Peach Kush high provides an uplifting euphoria that leaves you energized with a sense of concentration and inspiration. Doob Dasher Peach Kush high head starts with a relaxing body buzz that slowly spreads all over your body, leaving you slightly sedated yet relaxed and happy.


Doob Dasher Peach Kush has a wonderful set of qualities that gives this strain such a precious status, among other cannabis.

This strain is very quick and effective, and not to be missed by any medical marijuana patient, it will never disappoint you. Peach Kush is a muscle relaxant with anti-inflammatory compounds that is very responsive to severe pain. Peach Kush ideal strain for suffering conditions such as chronic pain, nerve damage, mild depression, and muscle spasms.


If you want a healthy strain that you can use for therapeutic and leisure purposes, Peach Kush is the perfect choice for you. Peach Kush is the best pick for users, both beginners and experienced, with an incredibly tasty aroma and a range of long-lasting effects. Then why are you waiting now? Go and order Peach Kush now and start feeling the soothing body sensation that gradually spreads all over your body. Doob Dasher is the best online dispensary platform where you can quickly fix all your cannabis issues. Let us know if you have any questions about any marijuana cannabis. We’re glad to help you out. Welcome to our family!!

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