Pine Tar Kush

Pine Tar Kush, from Green Society,  is a 100 % pure Indica combination variety, specifically inherited from the renowned Kush variety. The popular weed is known for its crazy woody taste and incredibly elastic feeling. Pine Tar Kush tastes like pungent earthy pines with a hint of woody citrus that becomes aromatic upon exhaling.


Pine Tar Kush variety of weed is a mere Indica of Old Dreams, comprising Pakistani genetics. This potent Indica with an 18-22 percent THC variety contains tiny, bright green buds, with short orange hair and awesome frosted trichomes. The fragrance of earthy pine, blended with skunky and sweet citrus flavor. Chronic pain, cramps, depression, inflammation, and PTSD can be treated.


It takes several puffs before the results of Pine Tar Kush appear to unfold. But it starts with a slight but overwhelming feeling of euphoria, which ends in a pleasant attitude change. The Pine Tar Kush weed strain has a euphoric feeling. It is renowned for its uplifting impact, but also for its robust body vibration, which gradually relaxes with its fast development. The sedative properties render it a beautiful smoke at night.


Pine Tar Kush is an excellent treat for the sensations. The pleasant pine is inspiring with delicate hints of light citrus. When broken up or combusted, though, the skunk overtones flood the air with undertones of the planet.

Pine Tar Kush invites cannabis users with freshly selected citrus notes and delicate tastes of damp earth. The fragrance is complemented by a woody pine that creates a skunky aftertaste on the exhale.


Its strong THC levels create a pleasant high that works well for people who are continually blasted by tension. Around the same moment, signs of stress, such as excessive fear and thoughts of hopelessness, are progressively eased.

The slight cognitive stimulus improves the appetite, too. For this purpose, Pine Tar Kush is best used one hour or two before a meal. It soothes the digestive tract so that food moves quickly. This is especially helpful for people of eating disorders or for patients who are receiving chemotherapy.

Due to the high THC level, it is also a powerful pain reliever and a very effective remedy for a mood enhancer. It calms the body’s stresses, cramps, or unexpected muscle pains.


Such results and its high average THC level of 18-22 percent render Pine Tar Kush ideal for managing disorders such as mild to severe depression, insomnia, muscle spasms or cramps, and loss of appetite. So why are you waiting now? Visit, the premier online dispensary, and order now Pine Tar Kush and start enjoying the uplifting impact, which ends in a pleasant attitude change.

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