Pot of Gold (Pog)


CheapWeed.ca Pot of Gold is an indica-dominant 90/10 strain, first developed in the Netherlands by breeding two famous marijuana strains – Hund Kush and Skunk #1. Over recent years, Pot Of Gold has earned an equally impressive reputation. In 2003 it was named as the third best indica strain by High Times and has become a connoisseur’s choice. As a popular strain it is typically available in most cannabis outlets and online dispensaries.

Pot of Gold is a visually striking strain with dark-green leaves and buds that are typically sticky with thick silver trichomes. The aroma of Kush is unmistakable, but there is also a clear, sweet scent. Likewise, the flavor profile combines the earthiness of Kush with fruity notes.

Pot of Gold gives a fast-acting high that gives users the classic body-relaxation typical of an indica. However Pot of Gold is more complex. While the body will certainly feel at ease, the effects of Pot of Gold are also sometimes described as ‘soaring’. This is the influence of the 10% sativa, producing a cerebral buzz and an invigorated mindset that leaves users feeling upbeat. The THC content, 18% to 20% is high enough for Pot of Gold to be noticeably potent. As more is consumed the sedative effects become more pronounced and the hours will happily drift away.

Medical users appreciate Pot of Gold’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Pain-management can be greatly helped by using Pot of Gold. It also helps sharpen the appetite and produces clear-headed thoughts which can be greatly beneficial.

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