Purple Monkey Balls

It may seem like a crazy name, but it’s a cool appearance from Ganja Express. The Purple Monkey Balls were taken out of the Afghani, and Mendocino Purps crosses. This strain is a 50/50 mix, which makes the outcome very appealing. With its good THC levels, there may be instances where new ones in the cannabis world must not consume this one quickly.


It’s a strain that has been known and loved to stimulate someone’s creativity. His history is so vague that a number of theories have grown. A few have said that this dominant Indica hybrid strain is either a purple strain of Northern California or a Mendo Purps strain. Others believe this is Granddad Purple or the Indica of Afghanistan. But its appearance suits its name because it has large, purple, spherical buds.

This perfect blended beauty looks like a granddaddy, but it has a distinct taste and aroma. This ensures peace of mind and body and is a very popular strain among users of medical cannabis. If you want maximum health benefits, It is recommended that you can use this strain at night.


Ganja Express Purple Monkey Balls have a dynamic taste because it is a combination of special grapes and grace. The inhalation of taleoftwostrains.ca Purple Monkey Balls would cause you to detect sweet berries while the exhalation leaves a woody aftertaste.


The first effect of Ganja Express Purple Monkey Balls is to put users on sedation so that they can easily relax without feeling that bad. Then you’re going to get dizzy all around. You will be in a euphoric state, and you will be enriched by the high, and your Communication abilities and imagination are also improved.


It’s an excellent treatment for people who loved medical marijuana cannabis. Ganja Express Purple Monkey Balls are the ideal choice for those suffering from cancer because it helps reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

Those who have diarrhea and weight issues will use this cannabis herb as it is really powerful to raise more kilos.

Ganja Express Purple Monkey Balls provide relaxation to those who have pain and discomfort. Purple Monkey Balls can manage both inflammation and chronic pain.

Purple Monkey Balls

It’s very useful to get rid of depression as it offers warm, healthy sleep. This may also reduce pain rates and reduce certain emotional disorders.


Taleoftwostrains.ca Purple Monkey Balls are very popular for strong flexibility, boosts attitude, and promote socialization. If you are interested in trying Purple Monkey, then why are you waiting now? Visit Taleoftwostrains.ca, the leading online dispensary, order Purple Monkey and start enjoying the strong flexibility, which gives you a wonderful social day!!

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