UPDATE [Jan. 23] Undeliverable Mail Office
January 23, 2017
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We are just learning that all packages with the sender information THOMAS DUGGAN has been flagged and will be or is already at the Undeliverable Mail Office at Canada Post. As a result of this, we will be replacing all orders that have been affected.

Please submit a ticket to our support department and include in the subject line “UMO #orderNumber”. We apologize for the inconvenience and will try our best to replace everyones package as soon as possible.

Please refer to the following schedule to see when you can expect to receive your replacement package.

Orders shipped,

Before Dec. 31, We will send out your replacement package on Jan. 14 with a new tracking number.

Jan. 3 – Jan. 5, We will send out your replacement package on Jan. 21 with a new tracking number.

Thank you for your patience.



  1. ryan halliday says:

    Ordered jan 1st and got my replacement package today. Overall they got the job done and it’s not a scam just Canada post being dick heads. Lack of support at the start was horrible but tom turned it around in the end for me.

    • lemieuxmustang says:

      Thanks to all the team of ganja express, you have done a great job after the big problem of UMO. my only reserve is about customer service during the crisis, but i can understand, they was on a really shitty situation. I keep a full confidence in ganja express.

  2. grissle23 says:

    Quick question, anybody here live in an apartment building and received a replacement package?

  3. devils16 says:

    Took a while and a few emails, but finally received my new tracking # for my replacement package. Appreciate the resend of my order, only issue I have is with the long wait and lack of acknowledgement of my order. Patience does pay off. Thank you for making it right GE. Looking forward to doing business again soon.

  4. Paul Labonte says:

    Thanks GE! For those of us who are in the boonies and are without access to empathetic doctors, your service is a godsend. Yes, I was affected by CP’s dragnet too. Yes, waiting is frustrating. No, GE is not a scam. Just consider the logistics and risks they’ve had to deal with. My replacement has been issued, and as far as I’m concerned, GE deserves our support rather than the misplaced, misleading and petulant accusations some have been slinging. Thank you GE, thank you Tom, keep fighting the good fight, you have my trust and future business.

  5. tigeride says:

    Just heard from GE today via email regarding my Dec. 27 order. Apologies and the gift of a new tracking number were included with the assurance that what was being sent were the items ordered. Yay me! To those still waiting…patience seems to work; and GE is still legit. I think they are going to get around to everyone very soon.

  6. dilldoh6969 says:

    I just received my package as promised. I closed my support ticket. Thanks GE, you did what you said you would do. You have my gratitude and my business.

  7. herbeckness says:

    got a full refund on my dec 5 order Thank you GE , made a new order last week says it should be here by wed… can’t wait Its been a long time with out anything!!!

  8. rogerplafontaine says:

    Got the package today.great stuff. Thank you.

  9. danielghoubrial says:

    I ordered on November 20th and have yet to receive anything

  10. mcdude says:

    Got my replacement order, guys delivered, will continue to do business with them.

  11. jean-philippefournier says:

    Order on January 6 and the package sent on january 20. I will receive it this week. All good except the assistance. When i asked when they’ll send the package..Tom replied me :We are going to send this order out when we can.

    I consider this answer a little bit stupid, but i know guys they’re making efforts, they receive tons of emails, complaints, ticket. All i can say: Good job G.E, but try being a little bit friendly with your answer! 🙂

    • grissle23 says:

      man be grateful you got a response, everybody keeps emailing them, calling and opening support tickets and they just ignore most of us!

  12. pickett710 says:

    My Package will be coming soon. I have three friends who I recommended this service to and they never had an issue with ordering. They are legit, companys will have growing pains. They seem to be handling them well. Cheers!

  13. Michael R says:

    After waiting since december 12, my package is finally in the mail 😉

    I will keep you update


  14. tom ganja says:

    Hi everyone,

    We are a little behind on the replacement package send out dates as per notice.
    I want to let everyone know that we are working as fast as we can to get your replacement packages out.

    We ask you remain patient as once we are finished packaging, your new tracking number will be notified to you via email

    Kind Regards,

    • ryan halliday says:

      thanks for the heads up

    • dilldoh6969 says:

      Thanks for the update Tom. Much appreciated.

    • Justin Taylor says:

      Please check order 26168, i open tickets no response. I just want to make sure I am on the list for replacement orders. Thanks.

      Also, got two orders since spot on perfect.

    • bsmithwinnipeg says:

      Thanks for the info.

    • Regis vivier says:

      Thank you :'(

    • grissle23 says:

      Hey Tom did you guys send out the remaining packages on saturday??? I have yet to receive my new tracking information! Still waiting on a package from Dec., so hopefully you guys got everything out!!

    • Robert says:

      Jeez, to all the people here complaining that it took a long time for a response or ‘they weren’t friendly to me”…Stop your complaining for the love of Pete. I live in the US, in a state that is ILLEGAL, and is still FEDERALLY illegal. Canada is far ahead of the entire world on this issue and you people should thank the ganja god that it is..not complaining how long it takes your weed to COME BY MAIL! This company is doing the lord’s work and will only get busier once it goes totally recreationally legal. I commend you guys for what you are doing, I’m sure there will be hiccups along the way..there usually is. Congrats! Enjoy and feel great full for the freedoms that you have. I’m originally from New Brunswick and can’t wait to go back for a visit. Take care.

  15. brandonluco says:

    Got my order, they never warned me about shipping out my replacement but I luckily kept checking the green truck next to my order and I saw it had a new tracking number and was out for delivery. I never thought I wouldn’t get my package and honestly patience is something I have but in this case it was the lack of support. I have no clue how much work you guys have so maybe it was very difficult to reply to all the e-mails in a timely manner. Happy I got my product, happy with the service, happy that you guys now use a box for the product and happy you guys are back to business! Thank you.

  16. John sexton says:

    woot woot got my replacement ganja today – so what happened is , i find this site on the web and i decide to make my first online order for med’s ever ,tried the moroccan hash here – nice just like in the 80’s during high school – old school hash has always been great for me – very good for anxiety and because i can relax ,i sleep better at night too -so anyway i made an order right at xmas to get more hash – they were out so i got kief – then canada post takes our packages and now i have my kief – thanks ganja guys – will order soon

  17. grissle23 says:

    Come on, this is ridiculous! I have emailed and open support tickets nothing! All I want is to know if they are making wait til next week for a tracking #, because I am not waiting 30 days for a $ 300 order, I ordered in December. If this is how your guys run your business, I would like my money back!!!! No response to 99% of people who’s packages were taken and you call your a business!!

    • MELISSA says:

      I just received a new tracking number for my UMO order from December 22nd. Be patient everyone, I know it’s difficult!

      • pickett710 says:

        It just makes me angry that I voted for our prime minister and we still have to do this shady online stuff instead of walking to the store…sigh

  18. Michael R says:

    I’m still waiting Jay!!! UMO 22665

  19. michael wran says:

    i just received my refund in the full amount by etransfer. so if anyone thinks scam they would be wrong.
    my order was dec. 5 and replacement order dec 21 were both confiscated. would order again without thinking twice.
    thanks again guys.

  20. tufflenuffle says:

    anybody get their number yet??

    • grissle23 says:

      not yet, still waiting for a reply to my support tickets!

    • adam_botelho says:

      Still nothing, no correspondence either.

    • John sexton says:

      look up the order that was missing and click on the speeding delivery truck – new track numbers

    • dilldoh6969 says:

      Not yet no.
      My order doesn’t have a truck icon. My previous orders do.
      This order never was issued a tracking number to begin with. I opened a ticket on Jan 3 and it was deleted on Jan 7th (the weekend they closed the store to sort things out). I emailed to inquire as to why but did not receive a reply. I opened a second support ticket referencing the previous ticket and order #, which is still open, but have yet to hear anything.
      I’m trying to remain optimistic and hope that it will arrive, as John Browns did (see comment below) but he was issued a tracking # upon initial order, I was not.
      I really don’t know what happened to mine. I’m willing to accept that it is gone, as is the cash, but I’m willing to place a new order. I would love to hear from someone at GE just to put my mind at ease first.
      Thanks again

      • dilldoh6969 says:

        Now in all fairness they were out of stock on the Chocolate bars I ordered but I did email them saying I was open to receiving $30 worth of any of the “flowers” that they had plenty of but didn’t hear back. One of the chocolate bars in now in stock so I remain hopeful.

        • tufflenuffle says:

          I just got my tracking stuff its says its been picked up by canada post and has an estimated delivery of 1 too 11 days! best of luck to the rest of you!

          • Dino D says:

            Package arrived today. Received everything I ordered. Everything was as advertised. Thank You GE.

      • dilldoh6969 says:

        I just received an email from Tom about this and he said they are working on this. I’m encouraged by this.

        Politeness, patience and optimism are always the safe path.

        Thanks much Tom and Jay and team.

    • herbeckness says:

      anyone else still waiting on dec

      • tigeride says:

        Yes. Order made Dec. 27, noted at PO and tracking number issued on Dec. 28. Left the requested ticket with the right subject line on the Jan. 12 but no response to ticket or left phone message and no tracking number for the replacement that was suggested to have been sent out on Jan. 14.

        Still hopeful.

        • tigeride says:

          Just heard from GE today via email. Apologies and the gift of a new tracking number were included with the assurance that what was being sent were the items ordered. Yay me! To those still waiting…patience seems to work; and GE is still legit. I think they are going to get around to everyone very soon.

    • Jeff Barnum says:


      • Jeff Barnum says:

        Got a new tracking number today..Things are looking up folks…package is in transit!(for now..LOL) Delivery should be on the 25th.
        Stay Positive..believe me…. It was very frustrating for me too..

    • otacon29 says:

      nope. and my order was before the 31st.

      still no word.

  21. dilldoh6969 says:

    Thant’s a bit harsh. Like all expanding businesses there are growing pains and there are going to be hiccups along the way. Respect breads respect. It will all work out in the end.

    • grissle23 says:

      This is all true, but I have opened 3 support tickets, sent at least 5 emails and called like 20 times and I have not received a single response. If Jay would like to continue doing business, he should act like a business and respond when people have issues and complaints. Instead of just ignoring most people and answering a few here and there!

  22. herbeckness says:

    its not GE , its canada post.. and if i was jay , i would not even send you out another order … clearly you are under 19 , no need to name call…everyone is in the same boat as you!!!

  23. NL says:

    Second order yesterday. Did one a month ago and it worked as stated.
    Real game changer to be able to get what you want.

  24. Julien Cote says:

    So happy about this message I hope they do as they say and I get my tracking # tomorrow!

  25. John Brown says:

    Just to add my thoughts… Patience will win out. I ordered Dec 20 (probably a mistake to make my first order at Christmastime). I immediately got a tracking number, which seemed to be stuck at “Accepted by Post Office” until it showed as “undeliverable”. However, the package itself was delivered to my address today (Jan 13). As far as I can see, GE were “overwhelmed” over the Christmas rush, and were doing all they could – the problem was with the Post Office.

    • John sexton says:

      you lucky bastard – the ones that got stuck on accepted ,including my pack ended up in ontario at the “undeliverable mail office ” just the other day -i even got an email cause i sign up for delivery and exception notices – the exception notice is for when something goes wrong

  26. Andrew says:

    Thanks jay for the update will submit my ticket

  27. Michael R says:

    What happens when its seizes??? Will they go for us ???

  28. ryan halliday says:

    Thanks Jay! my ticket is in hopefully this gets all sorted out and we can go back to normal.

    • pickett710 says:

      My package should ship tomorrow (saturday) January 14th. I will keep you guys updated, seems like it was a legit mistake being resolved. Peace!

      • ryan halliday says:

        let’s hope my ticket hasn’t been answered yet but i have faith

      • Jeff Barnum says:

        my ticket is in!
        I ordered on December 28 and haven’t heard anything back from Ganja express since then! (of course this would happen on my first
        Fingers crossed this works out

        • the_big_man_tim says:

          I ordered on the same day (Dec. 28th) and have put in a “UMO” support ticket. I’ve never had an issue ordering before. I am pleased to hear they will send a replacement package. When that will be I have no idea…still awaiting a response. I hope to continue business with GE, they have never failed me before!

        • Julien Cote says:

          I also ordered on December 28 and also have my UMO support ticket open. Hopefully I get my tracking number soon was suppose to get it today… :/

        • Jeff Barnum says:

          I finally received a reply minutes after I posted here. Tom told me it would ship on the tracking number yet…. but i dont think CP would work on Saturday anyway!?lol
          I’ll keep everyone updated when i hear something.
          Fingers still crossed!

      • ryan halliday says:

        did it go out?

        • dilldoh6969 says:

          Patience young Jedi. Monday you must wait for Canada Post and magic herb.

          • ryan halliday says:

            I have patience. My order shouldn’t be shipping till next week i was just wondering lol and also what pickett said.

        • pickett710 says:

          It was supposed to go out today, nothing yet. Will let you know if I get anything (or money back)

          • dilldoh6969 says:

            Ryan I was just trying to lighten the mood. I’m not sure if CP issues tracking #s on Saturday or not. Even if the packages were dropped off at the post office today it may be Monday before you get a #. In my case, I placed an order on the 20th and payment was accepted on the 21st but never was issued a tracking # so I have no clue what happened to mine. Maybe I’m an optimist but I do believe Jay and team are honest and will do their best to deliver on their promises.

            Picket: I’ve placed 3 orders and they came fast an without issues.

          • micbois says:

            Same here, but I’m waiting this shit to be over to buy more …

          • pickett710 says:

            yeah I would almost like to order more but I am not sure if I should if I have not even gotten my first order yet. lolz

  29. herbeckness says:

    Thank you for the update!

  30. otacon29 says:

    not worried at all.

    these things happen.

    thanks for doing all you can.

    we appreciate it.

  31. tigeride says:

    I just found out today from Can post that my package is in the UMO and was seized. My order was sent on Dec. 28 but in the hectic hassle all tickets and phone calls went unanswered so I’m glad to see something on the site clarifying the situation as it is calming. Hopefully my new ticket will receive a reply. Thanks for the update.

    • Andrew says:

      I have been going thru the same thing with no calls or emails back , I hope they answer our tickets , good luck , my order was sent UMO too

      Happy to see they plan to replace all orders and have put this notice on the page tho ?

  32. acousticstage says:

    Still waiting on a solution to my problem. While my order was sent out on Jan 3rd, it made it to a destination not even in my province and was delivered to a PO box. Made a support ticket anyways, but somehow I got hit with a completely different stupid problem. =/

  33. desiree says:

    awesome work guys! You survived this canada post messup, I’m glad i think your out the the woods and able to sell premium product, Cheers!

  34. dilldoh6969 says:

    Hey Jay, sorry to hear about the stress you’ve been under. I hope it’s smooth sailing from here on for you guys.

    I have an outstanding order but no idea if is is UMO or not. I never received a tracking #. I do have an open ticket but it’s not titled “UMO #orderNumber”. Should I open a new one?

    I’m so very appreciative of your service, thanks.


  35. Michael R says:

    Can you give us more details Jay???

    How can i know if my packages is UMO???

    • grissle23 says:

      Your Canada Post tracker will update and say ” Item has been delivered to Undeliverable Mail Office”! I looked at my order from the 2nd and that’s what it says!

  36. pickett710 says:

    wow, yeah it was my first order with these guys I hope they end up sending me my package or something. I am making a support ticket now <3

  37. John sexton says:

    right on man , what a shitty ordeal to go thru and at xmas of all times FFS –

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