Ganja express Romulan is a traditional Indica cannabis strain. The goofy, nearly sedative impact of this weed can make cannabis lovers feel sleepy, drowsy, and starving.


Ganja express Romulan is a charismatic, powerful hybrid with a lot of brain-warping impacts. Although this strain is psychoactive and woozy, Romulan isn’t going to pull you out like other cannabis strains. Users might not have a lot of work done when the high kicks come in, but the general experience is not pungent. Pick up Romulan whenever you’re searching for a soulful night and something to do on a cloudy day.


Thanks to the powerful brain effects of this strain, breeders called Romulan after the humanoid Star Trek species. Although the herb is considered an indica, it generates a hazy head that makes it difficult to do things. Surely Romulan won’t help much if you need to focus on something serious.

The herb, however, creates a strong complete experience that relaxes muscles and facilitates tension. These physical characteristics make Romulan a great choice for a long day to wind down. Romulan can facilitate the process if you feel that you need some serious rest and relaxation.

Romulan is, however, considered to be 75% indica and 25% Sativa. This ensures that although some serious dizzy impacts are going to be happening, it will not disable you any more than a perfect edibles stain such as Afghan Kush. Rather, Romulan offers a very soothing and relaxing experience.

Overall, Romulan is a good indica that won’t knock you out completely. However, it offers significant sedative and pain relief effects. If you are looking for an effective indica, Romulan is perfect.




Romulan is an unknown indica cross between the White Rhino. White Rhino is a powerful strain best known for its high strength.

Although Romulan’s optimal genetics are unclear, it probably includes an Afghan landrace strain. The presumed Afghan heritage, a mere indica, improves Romulan’s mentally painkiller qualities. Romulan indica is not the most effective but can pack a punch. Some tests have shown Romulan to be up to 22% THC, with an estimate of 18 to 22%. Romulan rarely develops CBD, and this strain is not indicated for medical conditions where cannabinoid response well.

In terms of aroma, Romulan is a very flavourful strain. It has some pungency, which can be found as alkaline. In addition to a crisp pine and ample terrestriality, Romulan has a forest-like ambience.

Marijuana enthusiasts will recognize this plant’s Indica heritage in its structures. Stout, thick buds have coiled leaves that curl to the roots. A layer of white crystal trichomes lends them a frosty look, hinting at the heavy THC wait for cannabis users.


The powerful pain and appetite-stimulating qualities of Romulan make it a popular choice among those who suffer from serious health conditions such as muscle spasms, AIDS/HIV and cancer

The strongly sedative effects of this weed make it a great way to fight insomnia, but it is surely not suggested during the day.

This Romulan may also relieve pain, anxiety, and depression. However, any cannabis users who are prone to THC may need to be vigilant.


Thanks to the Romulan above-average THC level and traditional Indica impacts, patients with medical cannabis may discover this strain to be an excellent solution for a wide range of diseases, side effects, and conditions.

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