These Shyhighexotics Cannabis Strains Are Awesome for Migraines

Migraines are a subcategory of cluster headaches that can be with or without aura. Either type can take days to weeks to the sideline. It is one of the common crippling conditions that inhibit a person from their normal life. The online dispensary, Skyhighexotics, has the cure for alleviating migraine pains and helping you get back on your feet.


Take On Science

Though the specific mechanism of how cannabis strains can alleviate pain and reduce inflammation is still not completely understood, it has proven to limit neuronal damage, decrease stroke prevalence, and even help in seizures.

Cannabis from Skyhighexotics has CBD in it along with THC; these components have different terpenes in them that allow the alleviation of migraine and its symptoms. The known terpentenes that are powerful painkillers are;

  1. Myrcene
  2. Caryophyllene
  3. Linalool
  4. Pinene

Strains for migraine relief

When it comes to practical use, Skyhighexotics offers medical marijuana that is grown for medicinal benefits for patients dealing with different conditions. Many people prefer the Sativa strain over other strains due to their more active CBD and balanced THC. Here are a few migraine alleviating strains;


This Indica dominant strain with a 10% Sativa profile has high peaks of terpenes which help in removing painful stimulations. The low level of Sativa helps in uplifting the mood.


Having almost all the essential terpenes and 15% Sativa maintains the cerebral buzz; this strain is more Indica leaning and helps in chronic migraine with aura. It helps in relaxing the body with its 85% indica effect.


This hybrid marijuana strain leans more towards indica. The aroma and taste helps in making this strain appetizing, and its high terpenes profile makes it effective in migraine pain.


A short-lived effect of this Sativa dominant strain helps to boost the mood and alleviate migraine pains effectively. This strain also provides short-term energy boosts.


At Skyhighexotics, you will find the best migraine alleviating strains that will help you fight the condition and boost your energy back to normal. These strains are selected for migraine ranging from mild to chronic.

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