Sugar Cookie

Most cannabis names reflect what users can expect from the strain, but many other strains surprise users with their incredible strength, which undermining their nice and innocent titles. Perhaps the saying that says “a book by its cover does not judge,” also applies to this strong, powerful cannabis strain called Sugar Cookie. Green Society Sugar Cookie is a powerful Indica combination that hits fans with a strong sedative high, which produces a gentle state of mind.


Green Society Sugar Cookie has a pretty name, which confused many new cannabis lovers in order to minimize its power. But if you are not a new user of cannabis, then you know that this Sugar Cookie is one of the most powerful and not as innocent as a cookie. However, the exact ratio of the amount of Sativa to Indica is not clear. But, the Sugar Cookie is known to be one of the strongest strains in the field of cannabis. With the THC values that can hit 26%, it is also one of the best varieties on the cannabis market.


Green Society Sugar Cookie provides a quick mind start, which can be defined as a profound and euphoric feeling more accurately. After a couple of puffs, Green Society users will feel happier without having to be overwhelmed by increased energy.

Sugar Cookie high gives you a state of intense relaxation and full-body control, which sometimes contributing to sleeping locks.

Green Society, the premier online dispensary clients, said, if anyone wants to benefit from the sedative impact of sugar candy, then they must consume this strain in the evening.

Aroma and Flavor

When burned, Green Society Sugar Cookie strain offers a pleasant scent that can be precisely identified as a combination of citrus and tropical fruit with hints of butter and vanilla. All in all, the aroma would have been enjoyed by any cannabis customer.

Green Society Sugar Cookie tastes just as sweet as its name. It flavors like smooth berries and tropical fruit mixed with some espresso results.


Green Society Sugar Cookie is the perfect option for those who find it hard to sleep after a long day.

Green Society Sugar Cookie is the ideal choice for relieving body stress and discomfort.

Green Society Sugar Cookie is also used to treat migraine headaches and to relieve back discomfort. The impact of this strain is more evident and can linger in mind, but they can also have a calming body, making it a nice bud for many peoples.


Sugar Cookie helps patients and giving smiles by alleviating a variety of issues. The nature of Green Society Sugar Cookie allows users to explore positive ideas without the use of built-in tensions. So why are you waiting now? Go Green Society, one of the best online dispensary, and order this powerful cannabis strain Sugar Cookie and start enjoying the intense relaxation with full-body control.

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