Edibles Candy – Must try this tale of two strains of edibles

Young or old, everyone loves candies. But wait, have you heard of cannabis-infused edible candies? If you are both a candy lover and a cannabis lover, you need to head over to the tale of two strains right now because they have got the most delicious mouthwatering candy edibles that are worth a try. If you are unable to pick amongst them, here are the four most recommended ones.

Edibles Candy - Must try this tale of two strains of edibles.


Beginning with the wobbly watermelon gunnies from the tale of two strains, these gummy candies are just as scrumptious as their name. These gummies possess a very sweet fruity taste of watermelon and are coated in sugar. They possess a 50mg per gummy dosage of THC and are well known for giving you a strong head high. They also help with pain, stress, and overall mood.


Cherries are everyone’s favorites. To satisfy your love for cherries in a different way, the tale of two strains has some yummy cherry bomb gummies. These gummies are THC-infused edibles candies with 30mg THC per piece. These fruity cherry-flavored candies are ideal for treating conditions like stress, fatigue as well as stress. As per the consumer reviews, these gummies are known to leave a body-warming relaxation effect.


These candies from the tale of two strains are for all you cola lovers out there, oh, of course, with a mix of THC. Possessing 30mg of THC infusion per piece, these gummies are just the right treat to satisfy your craving for sweets. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes for these gummies to start showing their effects. If you are a newbie, start with 5 to 10 mg doses. You can increase the dosage with time.


The tale of two strains online dispensary has always served its consumers with the best. These yummy edible candies are a complete treat that is something you will regret missing out on. Before it’s too late, go grab your candies.


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