Tale of Two strains – Must try strains on sale

Tale of two strains has a sale going on with amazingly discounted rates. What are you waiting for? Go grab your chance to purchase and stock on some bulks of strain at lowered rates before time runs out. What more do you need?

Tale of Two strains - Must try strains on sale.

Here are the MUST TRY strains from this big sale.


This amazing strain which is on sale right at the Tale of two strains has an appealing appearance with dense buds coated in resin. It has a subtle sweet grape flavor with a combination of citrus lime. As you smoke it, it will relax your mind and body, making you feels very relieved. The effects of the 9 pounds hammer can last through a long time. It is ideal for treating pain and stress.


This purple headband has a 50: 50 ratio of Indica and Sativa. As the name tells, this strain has pinkish-purple flowers covered in green trichomes. This beauty from the Tale of two strains has a fruity aroma with a flavor similar to pine. It gives you up-boosting energy with relaxation that creeps in from your temples, leaving a warm and fuzzy feeling making your mind float.


Tale of two strains has in store for you this hybrid marijuana strain. Just like it should, the Mandarin cookies marijuana strain will give you a tranquilizing high along with a feeling of deep relaxation, exactly how you crave it. The soothing effect also has hints of cheered-up energy levels. It has a sweet citrus flavor with a combination of some diesel aroma. It is best to try after an appetizing dinner dessert.


This one right here is an Indica dominant strain. Its appearance with vibrant purple and green calyxes covered in red-orange hair and frosty resin makes it a feast for the eyes. As for the flavor, this strain has a very nice sweet yet sour earthy flavor that blends very well onto your taste buds. As you smoke the four-star general, a dreamy euphoric high enters your mind relaxing you completely just as you want.


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