THC gummies are catching on these days.  Ranging from the power-packed ones blasting you off the clouds to the mild ones giving you a high without altering your mental state, THC gummies come in a wide variety of potency, textures, shapes, and flavors. Readily available and portable, these chewy gelatin morsels are a convenient, fun, and discreet way of getting lost in golden hours from the comfort of your couch or while on the go.

Infused with the marijuana’s active ingredient, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabis-based gummies are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because of the longer-lasting, more intense “high” you get from these edibles than what you get from pulling up a joint, vaping, or smoking.

How Are THC Gummies Made

THC gummies can be made from two main types of extract, tincture, and hash oil. Hash oil is preferred as it increases the potency and subsidizes the strong weed flavor, giving a more enjoyable experience in strength and taste. A touch of different natural ingredients like watermelon, orange, chamomile, lavender is given to the gelatin to enhance the flavor with a fruity sweet or sour taste.

How To Pick The Right Gummy?

  • Are you looking to relax with euphoric, uplifting, and happy feelings without going through the next-day dizzy feeling, or do you want to have a blast?
  • Can you afford a sharpened head buzz, or do you have a low tolerance and want to micro-dose?

Depending on your tolerance level and the kind of experience you want to have, you should look for the ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and full-spectrum cannabis oil to suit your need and taste. The gummies that are THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, or have balanced THC-CBD products can get you on a high or simply uplift your mood or produce a balanced mild psychoactive effect, respectively. Terpenes, the organic compounds, on the other hand give the smell and taste to the cannabis while influencing your high by helping to expedite the absorption of cannabinoids into your bloodstream. However, the edibles including the THC gummies take a longer time to kick in. After entering the bloodstream, the active ingredients travel to the liver where they are metabolized, released back to the bloodstream and finally enter the brain to produce the “high”. Smoking or pulling up a joint, on the other hand, has a quicker onset time.

What Are The Plus Points of Consuming THC Gummies?

  • Calms your overburdened mind
  • Puts you to sleep
  • Hits your head with energizing and calming effects
  • Serves as tasty delight with a variety of flavors
  • Boosts your creativity, appetite, and energy

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