The Ultimate Guide to Weed Measurements

First chance to buy Ganja Express weed? It sounds simple, but especially if you don’t know the different measurements of weeds, and the terminology is complicated. You need to know the different terms used to measure weed to make your purchase correctly and take up your dose.

Even if you’re a beginner, it’s best to know all about measuring cannabis. Learn the following terms before you go to the nearest cannabis store.

Why are these measurements of weeds significant?

These concepts need to be understood to know if you are overspending on marijuana or other cannabis products because you need them, of course, whether you intend to use cannabis as medication or for medicinal purposes.

How much weed you will receive for each dollar, so you can search for a better price. There are so many legal clinics and weed stores online, so take your time!

Measurements of cannabis, mainly where edibles and cannabis concentrate are used, are quite essential. Knowing the various measurements of weed can further standardize legislation in Canada, where it is legal to consume cannabis.

You will hold 30 grammes of dried weed at one point, according to Canadian rules. This means 150 grams of fresh weed, 5 grams of concentrated marijuana, 450 grams of cannabis edibles, and 2250 grams of liquid. These measures are always in grams, but the measurements of the cannabis are in ounces.

General use of weed measurement

Quite apart from the measuring system, the most popular marijuana measures are certain specific words and phrases focused on purchasing weed. It is necessary to understand these words, as you can find them in stores, on the street, and even on websites.


The dime is a word that applies to packs of $10. This is a calculation focused on the sum of money that you are paying for marijuana. Remember that the quantity of marijuana you get from a dime depends on where you are and the standard of your supplier’s goods.


Dub is another metric that’s based on how much you pay for weed. Dubs refer to packs of $20. The dub and dime are not used by reliable online cannabis dispensaries and stick to using weight measurements, whether imperial or metric.


The eight is 3.5 grams of weed and refer  an eight of an ounce.  For first-time users and casual smokers, the eighth is a good amount of weed; they can use this amount for a week on a moderate basis. If you are trying out a new marijuana strain, the eighth is also just the correct amount of weed. Take note that an eighth will not satisfy experienced smokers, and they may immediately consume this small amount.


This is about 7 grams, and it is the quantity most cannabis users prefer. For an experienced user, a quarter of an ounce can last for a long while. With this amount, for every gram of weed in bulk, you save.


Half is about half an ounce or about 14 grams. Half an ounce is for average smokers who sometimes want to buy cannabis. You can save half a gram in bulk. You’re going to get a lot more out of your money. Buying half an ounce is a good start if you want to have enough weed or weed to share with your friends for the weekend.


An ounce of Ganja Express bud is about 28 grams and is one of the strongest cannabis concentrations. Typically, you don’t have to buy more than 28 grams, so buying more would create a stale stash if you don’t want to use an ounce of marijuana right away.