Top four Foods to Add Cannabis Distillate Into

For one, this TogoWeed is known best for is it’s Distillates; you need to try for yourself in order to know why. It requires a higher skill and a set of expertise that only professionals can have. With ten years of experience in the industry, this TogoWeed online dispensary offers the best medicinal cannabis products all around Canada.
Characteristics of Distillates
The major off-putting characteristic is that it is highly bitter. Though the oily liquid is a pure form of either THC or CBD, it has the highest potency and therapeutic effects. Distillates are amber/ golden liquids with the highest potency. They can be used in plenty of ways, but for many users adding them to edibles has always made it easy to consume.
Food and Distillates
Usually, the Distillates offered by online dispensaries like TogoWeed are very bitter and have activated cannabinoids, such as CBD or THC. The trick is to not cook it over the flame, so the cannabinoids deactivate or denature, rather to drizzle or mix it in different foods. Here are a few favorites enjoyed;
1. Yogurt
A healthy and light snack or breakfast. Easily available. Just drizzle some of it on the yogurt and top it off with some berries or fruit. A yogurt smoothie will do, too, as the terpenes of the oil bind well with that of the fruits.
2. Pancakes
Who can say no to a stack of golden pancakes, add a little cannabis juice to the syrup that you pour on top and enjoy sweet therapeutics as you enjoy your breakfast and heal internally.
3. Pizza
Drizzle it or add it to the sauce, depending on how you like it. The flavor will still be amazing, and the effect will still be efficiently high.
4. Nacho cheese
The creaminess of the cheese is well blended with the oil; it makes it more mouthful and also eliminates any after tastes, a bowl of heavenly nachos.
The amount of THC or CBD in any concoction defines its effect. While Distillates are usually CBD, the addition of these oils in foods only makes it better and easier to consume. TogoWeed is a proud online dispensary, don’t wait; just get your syringe today!