How to Store Togo Weed Cannabis and Keep It Fresh

Storing your cannabis sold by Togoweed  the right way will ensure that it lasts long and stays fresh even if you don’t plan to use it often. A few factors can help ensure that, such as keeping it in an air-tight container, in the dark, and at a consistently cool temperature.

Storing weed.

The feeling of dissatisfaction when smoking stale weed is palpable. You won’t feel the hit as strongly as you’re used to, and there won’t be much flavor. Well, it’s easy to avoid your cannabis from getting stale if you store it properly.

All you have to do is limit its exposure to moisture, light, and heat. Thus, even after smoking it much after purchasing it, it’ll feel fresh and flavorful to you. So, here’s how to store Togo Weed cannabis and keep it fresh.

Cure the Cannabis Properly

Before storage, you must cure your Togoweed cannabis properly to ensure it lasts. Begin in the curing process in a dry, dark, and cool part of your home. You will need to separate your cannabis buds and trim the sugar leaves off before placing your cannabis in one or more containers.

Place Your Cannabis in Air-Tight Glass or Ceramic Mason Jars

Air-tight glass or ceramic containers, such as mason jars, ensure that there is no moisture present in the container. Make sure to fill the containers only three quarters. Avoid plastic containers because they can make weed age quicker.

Keep the Cannabis in a Cool Environment

Keeping the Togoweed cannabis in a consistently cool environment will prevent mold from developing. The ideal temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit (or 21 degrees Centigrade).

Store the Cannabis in a Dark Environment

You must store the cannabis in a dark environment because light can damage the cannabis. Therefore, you must keep the lights in the storage room off at all times. An additional measure includes using opaque jars that don’t allow light to enter. That way, the Togoweed cannabis will stay in a dark environment even when you turn the lights on of the room.

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