Togoweed Mix and Match Deals

Togoweed is one of the best online cannabis stores that sell all types of cannabis. Togoweed has amazing mix and match deals that can allow you to save money and buy different strains collectively.

HP (1/2lb) Mix and Match

In this deal, you can build your own HP and choose any four strains to create a personalized HP package. It is affordable and effective to find what you desire. It saves your money and provides you with quality strains at a low price. The strains that are included in this deal are:

  • Cali Ghost Bubba
  • Death Bubba
  • Nuken
  • Pink Kush OZ special
  • Triangle Kush
  • Violator kush
  • White diamond
  • Blue dream and many more

QP (1/4) Mix and match

Togoweed  deal is an excellent option to make your QP. You can choose any four strains to make your package. This package was of $480, but you are getting a discount of $30 in the mix and match offer. It allows you to save money for other strains. You don’t have any limitations; you can choose any of the four strains without any restriction. Almost all strains are included in the list.

28 (1oz) Premium AAAA Mix and Match

In this offer, you can get any four premium strains to make a package of your choice. Order this package now and save money on a variety of strains. Each strain comes in 7g, and the total 28g is in the 1oz package. It includes Apple Pie, Donato, Sundae Float, Fatso, chocolate kush, Gelatti, Donkey Butter, Black gas, and many more. You can get all these from the Togoweed .

Save money by buying your favorite strains and stays on your couch to enjoy them. Togoweed will deliver it to your doorstep without any hurdles. Go to the site and order the best mix and match deals.

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