Togoweed- The Top Cannabis Strains That Encourage Weight Loss

Cannabis has a much known effect that is it increases appetite, but have you seen an obese marijuana user? The answer will always be no. Though the herb regulates calorie intake, it also increases metabolism and highly quickens cell healing, which shows that cannabis reduces weight. The online dispensary togoweed  offers strains that encourage weight loss and aid the weight loss process.


Mechanism of weight loss

Depending on calorie intake and metabolism, cannabis has made its use in the weight loss world by regulating insulin that decreases unwanted cravings and regulates calorie intake accordingly. The appetite increases because the cells work at an accelerated sleep and are invested in health, cellular reaction, and metabolism. Apart from this, those who work out to reduce weight are also helped in the process.

Cannabis use before a workout enhances the workout by increasing workout time and lesser fatigue. The strain keeps you focused in the workout and maintain the tempo for longer, making you reduce more pounds than normal.

Strains to Trust

Togoweed is a well-known online dispensary recognized for its great service and products. It provides the greatest marijuana strains that are good for different conditions and help the user with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The strains that offer weight loss is;

  1. Church OG

This citrusy and earthy aromatic strain is Indica dominant; it provides a deep body high. It helps the person to lower calorie take and very helpful for those who want to maintain their weight.

  1. Ice Cream Cake

A very fruity and aromatic strain that is Indica dominant helps alleviate pain, lower anxiety, and helps with depression. This strain from togoweed is highly soothing and keeps the Person locked as a couch potato. The effect lasts a few hours.

  1. London Pound Cake

An indica heavy strain, this strain is very effective for anxiety and depression due to its amazing effects and best option for those who need something best for their weight loss journey.


The togoweed offers many more best Indica strains that have been proven to aid weight loss and enhance workout that aids in weight loss.

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