UPDATE [Jan. 23] Undeliverable Mail Office

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January 7, 2018
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UPDATE [Jan. 23] Undeliverable Mail Office

Thank you all for your patience and support while we worked through our postal problems. We have replaced/refunded most packages that were sent to the Undeliverable Mail Office at Canada Post.

If we missed your order or you have an order that needs to be replaced, please email Tom, tom@ganjaexpress.ca.

We’ve learned a few things over this holiday season about mail order and we will not make the same mistakes in the future. To all that we’ve pissed off, we are sorry and will make it up to you, just leave us a note in your next order 🙂




  1. rtborrink says:

    Hey Guys, just got the orders from December. Everything was great quality. Thanks for being a good biz. Wlll order again

  2. rvaughan says:

    I connected with Tom last Wednesday January 25th. My order was here in my mailbox yesterday (Monday) afternoon.

    Thanks very much for your help Tom. Much appreciated.

  3. tom ganja says:

    Hi everybody!

    I just wanted to give you all an update in regards to replacement packages due to UMO..
    We have worked day in and day out the past 3 weeks to rectify the Canada Post mayhem we had experienced in December.

    I am starting to feel confident in saying that majority who were affected should be getting a new tracking number over the weekend.

    For anyone who still needs assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at ganjatom228@gmail.com <-- PLEASE NOTE I WILL BE ABLE TO ASSIST YOU ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS, however I will do my best to give you a response within 24hours. Thank you for all your on-going patience! I hope you all have a great weekend Regards, Tom

  4. Michael R says:

    I receive my replscement package, it took 4 days.

    Thanks GE

    Keep up the good work

  5. cory.close says:

    Got mine today well worth the wait thank you

  6. cmck says:

    My replacement package arrived today and it contained what was ordered in December. Thank you GE.

  7. rtborrink says:

    Hey Jay
    Just a reminder UMO #25198 and #28184 from December 18th and 31st still not received. You might mention in a post what number you are up to. This may quell some of the customers. Thanks again.

  8. danielghoubrial says:

    I ordered on November 20th and still haven’t received anything… I’m sorry to say, this is just ridiculous.

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