Zombie Kush

TaleOfTwoStrains In 2017, it was rated the First Prize at the Napoli Secret Cup for the Best extract while in 2016, it was still ranked the first prize Indica at the UCLA Cup. Various laboratories show that the strain comprises of 18-21% of the THC and the CBD levels of about 0.3 %. Zombie Kush is a blend between the OG Kush and the Blackberry. Just like the name suggests, the strain is commonly used by consumers who want to relax their minds, especially in recreational places or in any other site, as long as they want to have settled accounts. Recreational consumers like to use it because it sends their brains off and into a deep sleep. It is commonly used in California among other countries, although it is one of the rare strains to find unless when a consumer is looking for a relative seed like the Zombie OG. It takes a gestation period of around nine weeks, which a longer time compared to the other types of cannabis, and the plant naturally yields a greater harvest. It has various aromas, which include the lavender flavor and the pine earth. To summarise it all, the strain has its typical effects of making the user relaxed and sleepy, while its common usage is for people who are depressed, loss of appetite, and anxiety syndromes.

TaleOfTwoStrains In the medical institution, Zombie Kush is of great importance because it acts as a medicine to some symptoms. Because of the strain’s ability to send consumers into a deep sleep, medical doctors would prefer to use it to particular patients and especially those undergoing pain as they get into a deep sleep when adverse treatments are taking place in their bodies. However, when it is used for a medical reason, medics should administer it with a lot of caution.

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